Add a Little Calaverita Luv to your Look

Recently Pin Up Persuasion was on the look out for fabulous independent businesses who specialize in handmade pin up inspired accessories. The response was quite overwhelming and it was quite a challenge to only select a few to feature here for all of you. When Yvette from Calaverita Luv contacted us, I knew instantly that her affordable handmade confetti lucite jewelry would be a perfect fit for the PP readers. Maybe I was living under a rock for some time, but I surprisingly just discovered these eye catching confetti earrings at Viva in April and it has quickly turned into a new obsession. Yvette was kind enough to send a few samples of her artwork to showcase here for all of you.

First up, the medium rectangular silver confetti earrings that are a wonderful compliment to several pieces in my wardrobe. Shown here paired with my cherished Stop Staring Winter Floral Water Color Dress. These silver earrings are a fabulous staple to any pinup collection as the fine glitter is subtle and adds just the right amount of sparkle to your look.

IMG_3353 IMG_3350 IMG_3356Next up are the medium teardrop orange confetti earrings that are a personal favorite since orange is my all time beloved colour of choice. Instantly I knew these would pair wonderfully with this vintage one shoulder dress along with many others in my collection. They are ideal in size as I find the larger styles to be less versatile for every day wear.

IMG_3414 IMG_3399 IMG_3415Last but not least, the x-small round blue confetti earrings that actually convinced me to hold onto the PUG Amelia dress after all (as I had it listed for sale). These little earrings are fabulous to wear to work or just add a little pop to your look when you can’t get all dolled up.

IMG_3364 IMG_3365 IMG_3370Yes, there are a lot of handmade confetti jewelry hitting the mainstream but several are not as affordable as Calaverita Luv. If you are looking for budget friendly pieces, these are a fabulous bang for your buck. Yvette was kind enough to share how she started her small business:

“I’m a mommy to 3 kids, my daughter & 2 step sons. Married to my best friend, father to my children. Love the life we have built together.
I have always loved the arts. I started painting clay figurines & on canvas for my own personal enjoyment. I was encouraged by my husband, family members & friends to show my work to others. I was a little hesitant, at first due to fear of people not liking my work.  I put a lot of heart into every piece of art I do. To my surprise I was greeted with positive response from those that viewed my art. This gave me the added confidence I needed to explore other avenues to express my art. Which now include jewelry making.
I love vintage jewelry but can not always afford to buy every piece I encounter. So I decided to teach myself how to make pieces I would wear. With that I began this venture & have been able to see my collection grow. Also share with other beautiful ladies & have it be at a reasonable price.  Which is why I have a large selection to choose from.”
Make sure to check out Calaverita Luv on Facebook and Instagram @calaverita_luv to see all her latest creations and get your hands on your very own confetti jewelry at very affordable prices.

2 thoughts on “Add a Little Calaverita Luv to your Look

  1. Another great post, am loving finding out about new sources of gorgeous, affordable and unique accessories to complete my vintage outfits! And I like knowing I am supporting a fellow vintage lover 🙂 love the orange ones I need these!!

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