Bringout Out Your Inner Joan

It’s no secret that many of us absolutely adore the curvacious Joan from Mad Men, with her sexy yet classy secretary style. She flaunts her curves but without revealing much at all, this is what I truly admire of her character. As many of you already know, I work in an office and fortunate to be able to wear the vast majority of my pin up clothes every day. Finding styles that are a la Joan’esque does not always prove to be easy but so rewarding when you do. The Trudy Pinup Dress from Glamour Bunny is a splendid choice that achieves the quintessential sexy, yet classy secretary look.

Available in sizes XS-3x ~ MSRP £96

IMG_3659 Based on all the Glamour Bunny reviews to date, you may have noticed that they run very consistent and I strongly recommend following their size charts accordingly. I went with a size Medium based on my current measurements (36-27-39). The Trudy Dress fits like a dream and only slightly wide in the shoulders since mine are quite narrow but easily fixed simply moving it somewhat outward on the shoulders. The Trudy Dress features a collared faux button front in gingham, a solid burgundy high waist skirt and side zipper. The rounded scoop neckline has a fine balance, it’s not too revealing yet has a modest cleavage line. One point to note, make sure to get dressed before doing hair and makeup as the placement of the side zipper is a bit tricky to avoid those two areas carefully. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt falls a few inches below the knees.

IMG_3655 IMG_3660The Trudy Pinup Dress is bound to turn heads at the office, its classic design will have you emulating Joan instantaneously. When we were shooting the photos for the blog review, my husband said this was one of his favorites looks for me to date. That says a lot considering he sees the plethora of clothing in my wardrobe every day. The contrast of the gingham bodice with the burgundy skirt are a wonderful compliment to the overall composition. I can see the Trudy in many other possible colour combinations, it’s truly a timeless design. It is no secret, I am wearing my Rago 1294 girdle as I need a little extra help to create a sleek hourglass silhouette.

IMG_3664The luxury of this particular dress, there isn’t much need to accessorize a whole lot. I simply added a lighter shade burgundy slide belt and basic matte black leather pumps, with my hair pulled back. In hindsight, I should have worn my red cat eye glasses as they would have completed the secretary style perfectly.

IMG_3663Although not everyone works in an office, that is only one of the many places to wear the Trudy Pinup Dress. If you are looking for a sexy yet conservative dress, this is the ideal one for you. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Glamour Bunny 10% off loyalty coupon, applicable on all orders! Use code GBLOYALTY on your next purchase.


2 thoughts on “Bringout Out Your Inner Joan

  1. Wow! I want this dress. It’s gorgeous. A quick question. Do you wear your Rago to work? Or do you have other shapewear for work? I can’t imagine sitting in mine all day lol

    • I do wear my rago to work & sit all day at a desk. I don’t find it uncomfortable like Spanx or other shapewear. I’d recommend the high waist shorts instead of the 1294 girdle so then you’re legs won’t rub too much 🙂

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