Introducing the CS-201 Mesh Corset!

I can still remember the moment when I tried a corset for the very first time; it was filled with fear, uncertainty, and thinking “what on earth am I getting myself into?” Being a complete novice and clearly not doing any research, I made all the most common corset mistakes: cinching it so tight I almost passed out, not properly seasoning it and lacing it uneven from top to bottom…just to name a few. These are obvious corset 101 basics but you must take the time to familiarize yourself with them before commencing any type of corset training. Now when I review corsets, it take me weeks and/or sometimes months before you will see them on the blog because I ensure they are properly seasoned and tested to provide the most accurate feedback. Recently, Orchard Corset introduced some of their most popular styles in a brand new unfamiliar fabric in corsets…MESH! The very first was the CS-201 Underbust Waspie Corset.

Available in sizes 18-40 in black, tan, & red/black ~ MSRP $75

IMG_4100When it comes to properly sizing your corset, you should always rely on the experienced staff at Orchard Corset to guide you. Based on my waist measurement (27”), I usually wear a size 22 corset to allow for 4-5” of cinching. In the case of the new mesh styles, there is a lot more elasticity to the fabric and it was suggested that I size down to a 20. When I received the CS-201 and compared it to my other corsets, I thought there was absolutely no way that it was going to fit…it was TINY! Once I got over the initial shock, it was time to give it a try. Low and behold, it fit like a glove and I was able to cinch my waist down to a comfortable 24”. This is a much superior amount of waist reduction in comparison to any of my other corsets to date. The mesh panels are ultra-stretchy and molds to your figure while the metal steel boning goes to work cinching your waist. The CS-201 features 16 flat & spiral steel bones, waist tape reinforcement, 4” back modesty panel, and recommended for all torso types. The waspie is designed as a shorter but practical every day corset, as the total length does not exceed 9.75”.

IMG_4092By far, I still consider myself a beginner with corsets and always learning with each new style that I sample from Orchard Corset. The CS-201 is definitely the most versatile to date, both easily worn under or over your pretty dresses to create an extreme cinched in effect without sacrificing comfort. The mesh is very breathable and lightweight in comparison to the cotton or satin alternatives but still beautifully constructed with the same quality steel boning. The CS-201 was the first corset that I didn’t fuss with any top spillage and only found it slightly so at the bottom. The mesh seems to more evenly distribute the excess flesh unlike the more rigid fabrics.

IMG_4094I chose to change the black lacing to red for a little extra pop of colour and it coordinates flawlessly with the Affinitas Parfait 6501 Leopard Print bra set. These, along with a wide variety of other colours can be purchased from Orchard Corset in varying length. Since I tend to close my corsets quite firmly, I went with the shortest length (4yds) so there wasn’t as much excess lacing when tied. If you are unsure what length to purchase, please make sure to consult directly with Orchard Corset as they can properly guide you according to each style. With my red laces in hand, I felt a slight pang of panic as I didn’t want to mess it up. I quickly remembered Cheri posted a step by step video (VIEW HERE) on how to correctly re-lace your corset…I was saved! It was super easy; don’t worry if you have to adjust them a few times to ensure they are just right before commencing the seasoning of your corset.

IMG_4105 IMG_4095With the quick success of the waspie mesh corset, Orchard Corset has now added the longer CS-411 in all three colourways. If you are a novice or veteran to corset training, I cannot recommend this style enough as it’s much less daunting and restrictive than its counterparts…ideal for daily wear.

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One thought on “Introducing the CS-201 Mesh Corset!

  1. Oh what a fabulous style and great review! I have yet to get my hands on a corset! I began losing weight not too long ago, once I get a few pounds off, I will definitely be looking in to Orchard Corsets for my first one! xx

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