It’s Cha Cha Time!

What seems like many moons ago now, I was introduced to Uptown Atomic when the lovely creator Ginger donated one of her spectacular handmade playsuits for a giveaway. Little did I know, I had some incredibly talented blog readers right under my nose. As I began following her work, I quickly saw that Ginger’s designs were coveted by fellow pinup lovers and is a total sweetheart too. For months I lusted after the 1950s Style Pinup Senorita Dress and I finally managed to scoop it up during a 50% Flash Sale event.

Available in custom sizes ~ MSRP $175

IMG_4190At the time I placed my order, the sizes were predetermined by the bust and waist measurements listed (ie: bust 36″, waist 26″). I placed a special request to adjust the waist from 26″ to 27″ since all Rockabillybettie’s designs were made to order. Now came the hard part, waiting patiently for my dress to fabricated and shipped. Several weeks later…that day finally came and it was more than worth the wait. The rich vibrant colours in the Mexican print fabric just screamed gorgeousness! All the attention to detail, especially the bottom pom-pom trim just made the dress such a statement piece. Once I was done drooling over the design, I was excited to finally try it on to see if I could pull off such a bold colourful look. Needless to say, I am so glad that I ventured outside of my comfort zone as this dress added some much needed spice to my wardrobe. The overall fit was very good, I do need to have the bust area taken in slightly as I prefer dresses to be snug around my bust and ribcage. The hemline is a bit on the longer side but I am only 5′-4″ and I would not want to remove any the magnificence of the pattern whatsoever.

IMG_4194 IMG_4191In my experience, all handmade clothing is definitely not created equal. There are many people who simply learn to sew and there are those who really have a talent for it. I can honestly say with pure confidence, Ginger is the real deal! Her attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship shows that she has a genuine gift for what she does. The Senorita Dress really stands out from the crowd; my favorite part is the pom-pom trim because it brings a new dimension to what we normally see in vintage reproduction designs.

IMG_4195The best part was accessorizing! I spent a massive amount of time choosing the right colour combination in bakelite bracelets, this was a tough task since there are so many gorgeous colours to work with in the spectacular print. Although I normally shy away from wearing a petticoat, one was essential with the Senorita dress to show off it’s brilliance. I finished it off with a pair of cherry red Madden Girl pumps to tie the ensemble together from head to toe.

IMG_4197The Senorita Dress is a limited edition print and will be re-released in limited run of sizes in the coming weeks. Make sure to keep an eye on Uptown Atomic’s Etsy shop to snag one up before they are gone forever! Stay tuned for more reviews featuring their incredible handmade creations…


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