A Hint of Lavender

Buying your first corset can be a very daunting experience but it certainly does not have to be. Orchard Corset has truly become a leading source for educational videos, impeccable customer service and really makes the whole experience so much fun! Since I began blogging almost 3 years ago now, I have watched them grow leaps and bounds to establish themselves as a household name in corsetry among people from all walks of life. Orchard Corset listens to their customers’ feedback and introduces exciting new products to the corset market that we never thought possible. A perfect example is the fabulous CS-411 Underbust Cotton Corsets!

Available in sizes 16-46 in tan & black cotton ~ MSRP $76

IMG_4084After some trial and error with sizing, I have found that the size 22 in the CS-411 is right for me. It is recommended that you order 5-7 inches below your natural waist measurements and for plus sizes (38″ or more) 7-10 inches to allow for cinching. If you are really unsure, please contact with the team at Orchard Corset and they will help guide you to select the right size. Once my new corset arrived, I switched out the black laces with satin ribbons in lavender before beginning the seasoning process. This was super easy to do after watching the instructional video by Cheri (VIEW HERE). The CS-411 is one of their medium length underbust corsets, ideal for a short to average torso. The primary features include 16 flat & spiral steel bones, a 5″ modesty panel, waist tape reinforcement and made from 100% premium cotton.

IMG_4090In my mind, I thought lacing with the satin ribbons would be easier to close than the nylon laces due to the silkiness of the ribbon but I was wrong. The ribbons seem to provide a slight friction since they are wider than the grommet holes and takes a little more effort to close snugly. I personally love the look of the satin ribbons and find them much less bulky. Make sure to keep the old laces in a safe place as you make want to switch them back at a later time. The CS-411 works wonderfully with my short torso, sadly I can’t wear the CS-426 as its much too long. There is minimal coverage over the hips but I don’t find it cuts in at all thankfully. If you want to avoid the dreaded flesh spillage make sure leave a slight gap at the top and bottom of the corset, enough to place two fingers while cinching close. This was a marvelous trick I learned recently by a corset designer and it works every time.

IMG_4086The cotton fabric makes this corset great for warmer climates and more comfortable when having to layer with other shapewear under your outfits. I have been asked if you can wear just a corset under a dress and the honest answer is no. Why? The busk closure hooks risk to damage your clothing and should be paired with a Spanx like shaper over-top to prevent this from occurring. There may be other options available but this method seems to be the most commonly recommended by fellow corset wearers.

IMG_4082 IMG_4087It has been a great pleasure to witness first hand how much Orchard Corset has grown these past few years, just as I have since I began my blogging journey. I look forward to seeing what the future holds with all of their new corset creations and continue showcasing them for my readers to discover as well.

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23 thoughts on “A Hint of Lavender

  1. kateydandelion

    To start with, I’d wear the corset just around the house. Why not? ;o)

  2. I would wear it everywhere πŸ™‚

  3. Lindsay P

    How generous! I think I would use this as my “under clothes” corset πŸ™‚

  4. Chrystal A

    Where would I wear it? Around my waist, where else?! πŸ™‚

  5. I’d wear it everywhere, I think they look super cute over wiggle dresses! X

  6. larysa t

    I would use it for waist training at home before my wedding – waiting for my custom corset to be done!

  7. msvoodookitten

    I would wear it as extra back support, plus it’s looks great!

  8. J. C.

    The colour is super neutral, I could wear this anywhere or under a shirt for the back support.

  9. Andrea

    I’d love to try it under the PUG monica dress!

  10. Victoria M.

    I’d wear it at home to season it, then under clothing going out!

  11. Alyssa Bianca Villasenor

    I seriously would love to wear my corset every where. Hopefully one day I can own one.

  12. Urla Hill

    This post has served as my gentle reminder. I will be online looking for a corset to wear throughout the winter to get myself ready for Viva Las Vegas next year. I’ll make it a Christmas gift to myself. Thanks!

  13. Ann

    This is lovely. I’ve been dying for a new corset (all my old ones are much too big), but with tuition and other life expenses, there’s just no money for such things. This looks great on you though, so maybe I’ll try to save up a bit for the future πŸ™‚

  14. Laura Miller

    I would wear it absolutely everywhere! But most of all, I’d wear it while gardening and while crafting. I could use all of the back support I can get!!

  15. Tiffany

    I’m waist training, so I wear a corset every day, but I think this one might be really cute with a dress for my Christmas party.

  16. Stacy

    I just got my first corset (waspie, cs-305) and have been wearing it under my clothes around the house for the last few weeks. I’m really starting to like the feeling of having it on and the gentle compression. I’ve been eyeballing the cs-411 becuase I have a short torso and I want something a little longer than the waspie. I would wear that corset every chance I got!! πŸ™‚

  17. Shelby Nass

    I would wear it wherever I wanted. ❀

  18. I would wear it everywhere with everything! I prefer to be in a corset than not in one. ❀

  19. Sarah Jane

    I would wear this at work, because I slouch like an old person and it is wrecking my back!

  20. Gabriela Aguilar

    I would wear my corset everywhere. I love waist training and my husband loves when I wear it.

  21. I would wear this to work undrr my clothes my 345 is a bit bulky to me.

  22. Deidre LeDoux

    I WOULD WEAR IT ANYWHERE. On a sexy date, to work, or even school. It is a plus to any outfit and ensures those curves.

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