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Recreating the Silhouettes of the 1950s by The Nylon Swish

As brands such as Pinup Girl Clothing, Trashy Diva and Bernie Dexter grow in popularity, more and more women around the world are embracing the elegant designs of the 1950s. One of the aspects of vintage fashion that sometimes gets overlooked is underwear, however without the right shapewear it is not always possible to make…


Let it Snow!

Last week we began our Collectif Winter Outerwear two part series to help you find the best wintertime essentials to keep you looking stylish and cozy warm. Of course, I couldn’t resist saving the pièce de résistance for the grand finally! This gem has California gals dreaming of snow and wishing they lived somewhere cold…


Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

There is no hiding from it…winter has arrived early and is sadly not going anywhere for the next 4-5 months. Now the question is how to stay warm and still look fashionable in the cold snowy weather? This season, Collectif has stepped out in the forefront of winter outerwear by designing stylish yet functional coats…