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The Dawn of a New Generation by Naomi

Hi! I’m Naomi, a self-proclaimed teenybopper. I love writing about 1950’s culture and fashion on my blog, Just Teeny Boppin’ Along. As a teen myself, the American teenage culture of the 50’s is especially relevant and interesting to me, and wonderful Mrs. Jessica has allowed me to share a bit about it with you!

In the early 1900’s, there was no such thing as the “teenager”. Young people, especially young women, were extremely limited as to what they could do independent from their families. Cars were still luxuries, so there was no driving around with your friends, or picking up your date to the movies. Things changed in the 20’s, when women gained the right to vote. Many girls emulated the popular flapper’s style, as well as their independent attitude. As you can imagine, this did not go over well with their conservative, 19th century parents! While teens were still not recognized as completely separate from both children and adults, the rebellious attitude teenagers are known so well for today came to be.

High School FormalDuring World War II, childhood was cut short for many. Some young teens dropped out of school and enlisted early, or got jobs in the factories. Dads were overseas, Moms were working full time to help the war effort and support their families. Older children had to take care of their younger siblings. Adolescents had more responsibilities than ever before. When the war ended, fathers came home, and mothers took their work trousers off and put their aprons back on. Teens, however, had come to love the freedom they had during the war, and didn’t want to give it up! They found new jobs, or got allowances from their parents, and spent their money on records, clothing, and movies. Businesses caught on and began marketing towards “teen-agers” and “Juniors”. The teenager was born!

Teen Boys and Their CarSo we’ve finally gotten to the 50’s. Though it doesn’t seem that way today, the 50’s were a boundary pushing time. Elvis came out with his Rock and Roll music, and obscene (for that period, anyway) dance moves. Teen drug use and sexual experimentation shot up, but so did high school attendance. The media influenced youth like never before. Movies like The Wild One and Rebel Without a Cause came out, and the news went wild, constantly warning of the rising rate in juvenile delinquency. Greasers and teenage gangs were often glorified, but so was the family unit, with wholesome, family oriented television shows like Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best being very popular.

Teen Girls at a Record PartyMusic was a huge part of 50’s teenager culture, and a great source of great conflict between teens and their parents. Before the late 40’s, parents had a lot more control over what sort of music came into their homes. The radio played safe, conservative music, and if a child wanted a record, they usually had to ask their parents for the money to pay for it. Once teens began getting their own jobs, they spent a significant portion of their paychecks on music, often the records of Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and the Comets, and Jerry Lee Lewis. The heavy, throbbing beats and slightly risque lyrics of these musicians were a far cry from the soft swing and pop that adults had grown up with, and most parents didn’t want their children listening to what many called “the devil’s music”.

Teenagers at an Elvis concertAs I mentioned earlier, businesses began to pay more attention to teenagers in the 1950’s than they had before. Advertisements targeted the “teen-ager”, with all sorts of products just for teens. Junior clothing sizes came out in the 50’s too, with styles exclusively for girls and boys. Magazines like ‘Teen and Seventeen were full of articles on how to be popular and more attractive.

Teens at the JukeboxCars made a huge difference in the lives of teenagers. By this time cars were no longer a luxury but a necessity, and many kids were able to save up enough to buy one. This new mobility enabled teens to go to dances, take dates to the drive-in, go parking (ooh lala!), or even drive to the local “juke-joint” and buy a drink.

Teens in AdvertisementsWithout the teenagers of the 50’s, so much of what we have today would be unavailable to us. The music we listen to, TV shows we watch, and the clothes we wear would probably never have existed. The teenagers of the fifties–our parents and grandparents–refused to conform to the standards of earlier generations, eventually resulting in the “generation gap” and the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s.

Typical Teen BoysI hope ya’ll enjoyed reading this, as I loved writing it. Thanks!

Please visit Naomi’s blog for more fabulous and informative history lessons at

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A Little Pinup Twist

One of my goals for Pin Up Persuasion this year is to bring more variety with reviews and features. It is always very exciting to showcase diverse brands and learn along the way with my readers. Now, what do we all hope to achieve in a pinup wardrobe? That would be to stretch our hard earned dollars farther by creating fun mix and match outfits by utilizing versatile separates and accessories! Basics like cardigans and handbags are both fabulous ways to maximizing various looks. Luckily for us, Sourpuss Clothing is an incredible brand that brings a funky pinup twist to our every day basics.

IMG_4459Seeing as this was my first experience with Sourpuss Clothing when it comes to sizing and fit, I relied on their measurement charts to determine what size to choose in the Sputnik Bella Cardigan. I fell in between their Small and Medium but opted to not size up since most knits are quite forgiving with stretch allowances. My instincts were right, the Small fit wonderfully and there was no pulling or gaping on the buttons despite being 2″ larger in the bust. The Sputnik Bella Cardigan is much more darling in person, I absolutely fell in love with the blue jeweled buttons and soft lace trim. Both in combination with the Sputnik embroidery make this cropped cardigan a true delight. The knit is made from a very soft viscose yarn, which will keep you cozy warm as well.

IMG_4432By adding wardrobe staples like a cropped black cardigan with a little twist, you will find they finish of your pinup ensembles wonderfully. The Sputnik Bella Cardigan is a fabulous stand alone separate as well as complimentary to many pieces in your closet. In the cold winter months, I tend to utilize these cute cardigans to add a little sparkle to my work attire as boring black pants just don’t do it for me. As soon as the brutal cold is gone, I will happily pair this lovely cardigan with tons of pretty skirts and dresses like the PUG Jenny in Harlequin print.

IMG_4427Now, let’s discuss the ultimate woman’s accessory…HANDBAGS! Yes, I too am obsessed with them and absolutely adore vintage inspired styles as they are truly a focal point to any look. When I came across the Sourpuss Houndstooth Deadly Deville Purse, I knew it would be a winner for it’s classic style and print. Little did I realize, the purse is rather large (18″x 10″x 5″) for my taste and feel it would make a fabulous overnight bag instead. It’s large enough to carry your tablet or laptop in addition to all your every day pinup essentials. The vinyl houndstooth exterior is quite durable and washable, featuring a rich faux red satin interior. This lovely print is also available in a barrel purse if you are seeking a smaller every day type handbag like myself.

IMG_4442 IMG_4434Sourpuss Clothing knows that the inner pinup in all of us needs a little pizazz to our wardrobe staples, we are not known to be the boring wallflowers types are we? By mixing fun separates with classic accessories, we can always find the right balance. Don’t forget that you can win the Sourpuss Anchor Betsey Purse in teal and $25 Giftcard in our 3rd Annivesary Giveaway Bash! Make sure to enter now!!!


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There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Cuteness

A new year marks a fresh start…and I’m very excited to introduce you all to some incredible brands never before featured here at Pin Up Persuasion. The leisure of internet shopping has granted us the luxury of going beyond any border to shop retailers around the globe. More and more unique independent retailers are springing up from down under; Australia is making huge waves in the vintage/pinup fashion market in recent years. If you have not already heard of Erstwilder, you will soon be seeing their adorable and quirky resin jewelry every where as they are a perfect statement piece to compliment any outfit.

It was a pure delight to pair my new charming friends from Erstwilder with looks pulled from my closet. First up is the gal that captured my heart with her polka dots, Alice the Elephant! The lovely Alice paired splendidly with the Fables by Barrie Scarlett Bustier and Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Harlequin skirt for a fun and flirty ensemble. The best thing about these precious little characters, is that they go with just about anything…including jazzing up basic sweaters in the cold winter months.

IMG_4331 IMG_4344 IMG_4355Then there is playful little Celicia Seal, a true ray of sunshine. I couldn’t help but choose the brightest yellows and oranges in my closet to capture her essence at heart. Celicia looks splendid with the Gold Bombshell Tank from Le Bomb Shop and Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Oranges skirt which I finished off with my B.A.I.T Dennise wedges in yellow. I felt like I should take a trip to the circus or carnival so she would fit right in.

IMG_4357 IMG_4376 IMG_4383Erstwilder not only designs enchanting brooches, they also offer their creations in earrings and necklaces as well. Last by certainly not least, Dot the Dozing Deer necklace. The cherry red with blue accents makes Dot versatile to wear with more than just one colour scheme. The extendable chain makes it perfectly adaptable to adjust based on the height of the neckline you may be wearing. The gracefulness of this darling fawn seemed to go wonderfully with the sweetheart bodice on the Pinup Girl Clothing Voodoo Vixen top and Audrey Skirt in red floral border print.

IMG_4393 IMG_4419 IMG_4411There is something truly special with each of the Esrtwilder characters that will capture your heart. I find these little creatures can’t help but bring a smile to my face and brighten whatever outfit they adorn. Brooches are making a huge comeback from the era we all treasure so fondly; these too will become pieces to collect and cherish for years to come. Lucky for all of you, Erstwilder is one of our dear sponsors for our 3rd Anniversary Bash…giving you the amazing chance to win 3 brooches of your choice! Make sure to enter before it’s too late!

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Pin Up Persuasion’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway Bash!

bannerwI still cannot believe it has been three years since this little venture into the unknown world of blogging began. All I knew was that I had a passion for vintage pinup clothing and I wanted to share that knowledge to help others discover this wondrous way of life. Unbeknownst to me, it would become something greater than I ever dreamed of and that is because of ALL OF YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this gal’s dedication to what she adores and changing her life forever. ❤ ❤ ❤

Without the support of some of the most incredible companies around, none of our fabulous giveaways would be possible. Please join me in thanking them for continuously providing exceptional customer service and generously donating all the phenomenal prizes up for grabs! In no particular order: Modern Pinup (aka JBR Clothing), Orchard Corset, Rowena/, Betty Le Bonbon, Uptown Atomic, Sourpuss Clothing, Ceci Punch, Fluff, Collectif, NicCoCo Creations, Luxulite, Erstwilder, The Nylon Swish, Vintage Pip, Heart of Haute, Le Bomb Shop and Miss Mae La Roux.

Now, who is ready to see all these incredible prizes???      

  ModernPinup Erstwilder OrchardCorset Rowena BLBB MaeLaRoux Sourpuss UptownAtomic VintagePip NylonSwish HeartofHaute Luxulite NicCoCo LeBombShop CeciPunch Fluff             Now here’s how to enter…visit Pin Up Persuasion on Tumblr & be sure to enter for each prize! There is no account required to enter, simply complete the various tasks to earn entries to win. Please note, the Rafflecopter app might not work on mobile devices.


Contest starts at midnight January 6th and ends at midnight January 31st.

Winners will be selected and announced right here on the blog…so make sure to check back to see if you’re a winner!


All prizes must be claimed within 7 days of contest end. Any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and redrawn on the 8th day from the existing pool of entrants.


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