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Cherry On Top

Sometimes I cannot help but revisit past product reviews as they are worth sharing all over again. This past Fall, we got a comprehensive look into the CS-411 underbust corset from Orchard Corset. A wonderful style for those with a shorter torso like myself and suitable for average torso lengths as well. The exciting part with these staple styles, Orchard Corset occasionally surprises us with fabulous limited edition prints and colours. The key is, snap them up quickly as once they are gone…they won’t be coming back!

Since I have already written a complete review of the CS-411 recently, make sure to check it out here before reading on –>

Cherry1This past Christmas, Orchard Corset released the CS-411 in a very limited edition Cherry print and I simply had to have it! Normally I shy away from ornate prints like these as my corsets tend to be either black or neutral shades for more wardrobe versatility. But in this case, I found the cherry print to actually be an accent piece that was well suited to be worn over your clothes as a lovely compliment to any ensemble.

cherry2The darling cherries are embroidered on a black sateen fabric and have a subtle pop of contrast that doesn’t scream too loudly to deter from the classic appeal. Red and green being two of my favorite colours to wear, it was quite easy to pair it with various items in my wardrobe. Less is more; using solids to showcase the delicious fruitiness is the way to go! With an obsession for vintage cherry style necklaces, I had more than a few to choose from to complete the outfit wonderfully.

cherry3Corsets have become mainstream in recent years and the selection among quality brands like Orchard Corset is flourishing. Whether you are a serious waist trainer or occasional corset wearer…there are a multitude of fabric, colours and prints to suit everyone’s taste. I am over the moon excited that the team over at OC heard the cries of us short torso customers and has recently released the CS-426 short! Stay tuned for a review in the near future…I shall be getting one of them very soon 🙂



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An Endless Search…

For as long as I can remember, the infamous classic high waist pencil skirt has been nothing short of a constant disappointment. Regardless of brand, fabric, or style…they never worked with my extreme waist to hip ratio. I have simply given up trying despite how much I adore this sexy silhouette. To my surprise, Ginger at Uptown Atomic sent a little surprise with my last order, a new pencil skirt with braces from her upcoming collection. My first instinct was, oh no…this is not going to work! But then I quickly remembered she had my measurements and custom made this piece accordingly. Would this be the answer to my endeavor to find a well fitting pencil skirt?

IMG_4205Most of Uptown Atomic’s designs have standard sizing charts like any other vintage reproduction brand but since her designs are made to order, there is a possibility of small sizing adjustments if you contact Ginger prior to making your purchase. The pencil skirt with braces was a sample design so I was fortunate enough to have it custom made to my exact measurements. Due to having a rather short torso, the braces were a little too long and had to be shortened. This is a very easy adjustment to make to fit your specific torso length, simply by moving the buttons accordingly. I tucked the excess straps into the skirt with no issue or bunching. The pencil skirt is made of a quality thick faux wool (an ultra-soft flannel actually), ideal for winter warmth. It features the classic high waist, braces that cross over in the back, rear zipper, and back slit for ease in movement. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt falls a few inches below the knees.

IMG_4214 IMG_4221For the first time ever, I finally own a high waist pencil skirt that fits me well despite my 11″ waist to hip ratio. Unfortunately with off the rack sizing, my waist (27″) is a small and my hips (38/39″) are a medium so there is little chance to find one that will fit without costly alterations. Who wants to invest that much money into an item that cost you only $40-60? Definitely not me! Initially, I was a little hesitant that the braces would not suit me well but was quite pleasantly surprised as I absolutely adore how it looks once I tried it. Ginger has an eye for detail and the quality in her craftsmanship is top notch. The thickness of the fabric is ideal as it does not require you to wear shapewear (I’m not wearing any in the photos) as it hides any little flaws meanwhile hugging your curves fabulously. I’m anxious for all the mountains of snow to melt so I can start wearing my fall/winter pieces without freezing like a Popsicle.

IMG_4207The wonderful thing about high waist pencil skirts, you can pair them with a wide variety of tops or cardigans in your closet. As soon as I tried the Uptown Atomic skirt, I knew this look was ideal for a chic secretary and paired it with the Laura Byrnes Harrison blouse in white, with black round toe pumps. The options are endless, dress it up or down depending on the setting.

IMG_4210Uptown Atomic has restored my belief that I too can wear high waist pencil skirts despite the struggle over the years to find a good fit. Whether you can wear off the rack sizing or struggle like I have, there are retailers out there to fulfill each of our needs. It is always a pleasure to support independent artists like Ginger as they have a true passion and talent for what they do.


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There is a Shade of Red for Every Woman

The single most common question that I get asked is…how do you get your hair so vibrant red? The answer usually surprises most when I respond that I do it myself and I don’t need to bleach it first. Most assume I must have blonde or light brown hair which couldn’t be anything further from the truth. It all boils down to finding the right products that work with your hair and establishing a healthy maintenance regime to keep it vibrant between colourings. First and foremost, I am NOT a hairdresser nor have ANY professional training on the matter; this is simply how I managed to find affordable alternatives to visiting the salon every 6-8 weeks due to financial limitations.

IMG_4194This is not the first time I am writing about my hair regime, but I wanted to provide an update on the products I currently use along with some tried & tested red hair upkeep tips. The original article is a great beginner’s guide on what you need to start dying your hair at home, read it here:

IMG_3799Now that you’ve read that, let’s discuss what colour mixture I found to be the most vibrant yet without having to pre-lighten first even if you have medium to dark brown hair like me. After all this time, I still love the L’Oreal HiColor red collection available at Sally’s and find it doesn’t leave my hair dry or damaged. Instead of mixing the HiColor red hot with the HiColor Red HiLights, I now use two boxes of the pure HiColor Red HiLights. Yes, this is meant to be for highlights only but it works great for all over colour if you are seeking a WOW vibrant red! This colour is not for the faint of heart…it is a really fiery red. The mixture recommends a 20 cream developer; this is where you should consult with a professional on what your hair needs specifically as not everyone can handle the same intensity. I currently use a 30 developer on my roots (to lighten) and 10 developer on my ends, as the colour just needs to be re-deposited…not lightened like the root. I leave this on for 45 minutes, although the instructions say 30 minutes. Again, I can’t emphasize enough to start off by following the product guidelines before causing any damage to your hair. I’ve been dying mine for several years now and I took my time before making any changes to the recommended process.

uXDMR2JL4ugpo7hRd2DAQAnyone that has had red hair will know, it fades the quickest out of all colours and goes down the drain every you wash your hair. The trick is, STOP WASHING YOUR HAIR!!! Yes, you heard me right…wash your hair as little as possible, once or twice a week tops! Believe it or not, I used to be that person who washed their hair daily and could not go a day without as it would get super oily. The thing is, the more you wash your hair, the more oils your scalp produces. Crazy right? When you do wash your hair, try to find a quality colour conserve shampoo with no sulfate like the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Hair Color Shampoo. This is what I use, it does take a double lather to remove the oily build up after a weeks’ time. I omit using any conditioner as I find it makes my hair get greasy that much quicker.

206678_357797_colorextend_magnetics_family_gl_2013After the first couple of washes (ie: weeks) from colouring, I always notice my ends start to fade first since they are the most processed. This is where I use the Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 600 Fire Red as filler in-between dying. Let me say, this product is not the cheapest but is worth every penny! This cream works as a stain and conditions as well. The longer you leave it on in the shower, the better it takes. Note, since this is a highly pigmented stain…you must wear gloves. It will mark any surface so be careful when applying. The Revlon Colour Ball is what carries me through until the next colour and keeps it looking vibrant week after week. But be sure to wash all the filler out before your next application otherwise the dyes won’t adhere nearly as well.

nutricolorcrem600_500x500These are the best care products that I found to be most beneficial in maintaining a vibrant red hair. I have tried many along the way and all the others have failed in comparison. There are surely many more great ones available and I’m always open to trying something different…what have you found to work best for colour treated red hair?

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The Quintessential Pinup Red

Over the last few years, I have been trying tirelessly to find the quintessential pinup red lipstick. In my eyes, the ideal red for my fair skin tone is definitely blue based, so I always to steer clear of the reds with orange hues. Let me caution you to be prepared to pick up the tab on a few misses before finding what works best for you, it is truly a case of trial and error. When the day finally comes and you find your Holy Grail…make sure to stock up as you’ll be devastated if it gets discontinued!

The very first red lipstick that I ever tried was Mac’s Matte Ruby Woo; which is actually THE best selling red lipstick on the market today. Ruby Woo came highly recommended by various pinups in the industry along with it being Dita Von Teese and Scarlett Johansson favorite as well. This was my go to red for some time but since it is an extra matte, I found it to be very drying on my lips. It would also smudge easily and end up on my teeth all the time, which we all know is quite embarrassing. This made me realize Ruby Woo wasn’t the right fit for me and I needed to find a lipstick with lasting stay on power and wouldn’t leave my lips in dire need of moisture.

red-lipstick-MAC-Ruby-Woo-vogue-28nov13-pr Testei-batom-ruby-woo-MAC-03When Kat Von D launched her own makeup line at Sephora, I knew she would create some killer red lipsticks as she is known to wear them religiously herself. Who better to design the ideal shades of lipstick than someone who has probably tried more than we can ever dream of. When she released her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, I went straight for the Outlaw Brick Red. It was my ideal opaque true pinup red in a long lasting lipstain. It goes on as a smooth liquid and quickly sets as a stain. A little goes a long way too. I love that it never accidentally ends up on my teeth and lasts throughout the day with only minor touch ups. I find stains like these are better for the warmer month as winter dry cracked lips just don’t pair well together.

Outlaw_8da661f1-3390-495a-a4b9-3f49f633b371_1024x1024 IMG_0292Luckily for all of us, Besame Cosmetics saw the need to bring back all those timeless shades from the 1920s-1950s and reformulate them for the modern day pinup. With several gorgeous reds to choose from, I decided upon the Besame Red and Red Velvet for my first purchase. Low and behold, I just discovered my Holy Grail in the quintessential pinup red lipstick. The Besame formula goes on super creamy, opaque and so rich in colour. I switch between both colours regularly; Besame Red is a more vibrant true red and the Red Velvet is a deeper red. These are the two lipsticks I wear faithfully, on the blog and every day as they are hands down the best I have ever found to date.

lipstickcolorsforweb_1500 95ac47dd358488798bec202b55f48776The search for your ideal pinup red lipstick might be like chasing a unicorn but I can assure you that one day you will capture it with a little perseverance. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try shades that you might think twice about, they may just surprise you yet.

Have you discovered your quintessential pinup red lipstick? Please share with us what it is….

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