An Endless Search…

For as long as I can remember, the infamous classic high waist pencil skirt has been nothing short of a constant disappointment. Regardless of brand, fabric, or style…they never worked with my extreme waist to hip ratio. I have simply given up trying despite how much I adore this sexy silhouette. To my surprise, Ginger at Uptown Atomic sent a little surprise with my last order, a new pencil skirt with braces from her upcoming collection. My first instinct was, oh no…this is not going to work! But then I quickly remembered she had my measurements and custom made this piece accordingly. Would this be the answer to my endeavor to find a well fitting pencil skirt?

IMG_4205Most of Uptown Atomic’s designs have standard sizing charts like any other vintage reproduction brand but since her designs are made to order, there is a possibility of small sizing adjustments if you contact Ginger prior to making your purchase. The pencil skirt with braces was a sample design so I was fortunate enough to have it custom made to my exact measurements. Due to having a rather short torso, the braces were a little too long and had to be shortened. This is a very easy adjustment to make to fit your specific torso length, simply by moving the buttons accordingly. I tucked the excess straps into the skirt with no issue or bunching. The pencil skirt is made of a quality thick faux wool (an ultra-soft flannel actually), ideal for winter warmth. It features the classic high waist, braces that cross over in the back, rear zipper, and back slit for ease in movement. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt falls a few inches below the knees.

IMG_4214 IMG_4221For the first time ever, I finally own a high waist pencil skirt that fits me well despite my 11″ waist to hip ratio. Unfortunately with off the rack sizing, my waist (27″) is a small and my hips (38/39″) are a medium so there is little chance to find one that will fit without costly alterations. Who wants to invest that much money into an item that cost you only $40-60? Definitely not me! Initially, I was a little hesitant that the braces would not suit me well but was quite pleasantly surprised as I absolutely adore how it looks once I tried it. Ginger has an eye for detail and the quality in her craftsmanship is top notch. The thickness of the fabric is ideal as it does not require you to wear shapewear (I’m not wearing any in the photos) as it hides any little flaws meanwhile hugging your curves fabulously. I’m anxious for all the mountains of snow to melt so I can start wearing my fall/winter pieces without freezing like a Popsicle.

IMG_4207The wonderful thing about high waist pencil skirts, you can pair them with a wide variety of tops or cardigans in your closet. As soon as I tried the Uptown Atomic skirt, I knew this look was ideal for a chic secretary and paired it with the Laura Byrnes Harrison blouse in white, with black round toe pumps. The options are endless, dress it up or down depending on the setting.

IMG_4210Uptown Atomic has restored my belief that I too can wear high waist pencil skirts despite the struggle over the years to find a good fit. Whether you can wear off the rack sizing or struggle like I have, there are retailers out there to fulfill each of our needs. It is always a pleasure to support independent artists like Ginger as they have a true passion and talent for what they do.


4 thoughts on “An Endless Search…

  1. Lovely! I’m in the same situation as you (same measurements, but I’m even shorter!) and I gave up on pencil skirts b/c of the sizing or costly alterations issue. Plus I just don’t think they’re flattering on me (swing and A-line skirts are my best friends). But that looks amazing on you. Maaaaybe I should rethink my position on pencil skirts.

  2. This is so great to know! I’m
    6ft and have the opposite.. Everything is usually too short and you can’t magica make things longer! Pair that with a small waist and curvy hips this is a dream skirt! Thank you for the great review can’t wait to check this out now! Xxx

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