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The Big News!!!

It is with GREAT EXCITEMENT that I finally get to share such incredible news!!! The fabulous team at Orchard Corset has graciously invited me to be a part of their very first Pin-Up Invitational April 29-30 in Wenatchee, Washington!!! They’ll be hosting several well-known names in the pinup industry; Jen Kaboom, Ruby Roxx, Betty Bleu and Madisun Avenue with Lance and Trixie from Old School Pinups. I’m fortunate to be there to document the whole event for all of the Orchard Corset fans!

Untitled-design-3To find out more about the models and what all is planned for the two day event, check out the Orchard Corset blog:

Now here’s what I need from all of you…I will be conducting interviews with each of the fabulous guests and we’re looking for fan question submissions. Here’s your chance to ask these lovely pinups for advice, get to know them a little better, or maybe just want to ask about their corset experiences…it’s up to you!

To submit questions, please –>CLICK HERE<–


Needless to say, I am truly honored to be included in such a spectacular event and we’ll be sharing all the event highlights with everyone. The team at Orchard Corset has been with Pin Up Persuasion from the very beginning and they have become like family. I can’t wait to meet each and every one of them along with such lovely pinups who share a passion for the lifestyle.

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Are You Ready for Viva 18???

10372784_10151817706722537_7402826345039422455_nWith nearly only two weeks to go until Viva, many of you are in full panic mode about being “ready”. This will be our third time attending and I can honestly say that incredibly stressful feeling is completely understandable but with the proper planning techniques, does not have to be the case. Some might think making a spreadsheet for what to wear each day is going overboard but it’s how my friend Amber and I prevent from over packing, ensures we have everything needed for each outfit and takes the guess work out of what to wear every morning. Besides the lengthy process of coordination outfits, there are many questions on what to do at Viva, how it works, and so on. Last year I wrote a four part series and would like to share them again for those attending for the very first time. To my surprise and excitement, the organizers of VLV Rockabilly Weekender have kindly showcased these on the website in the INFO Section, along with the Rockabilly Socialite who has been attending since day one.

For those of you haven’t read last years’ features, you check them out here:

Now some of you might still be saying…outfit spreadsheet…REALLY? Yes, I am 100% serious! We started ours a couple months ago and have been adding as we go. This helps you determine early on if you have enough looks depending on how often you wish to change and what little bits to pick up along the way. Bear in mind, this is by no means set in stone and you can decide to wear something else at any point in the weekend. Here is our schedule for last year’s VLV 17:



Some of you might be wondering why I combine it together with my friend Amber and the answer is, we share accessories and handbags on different nights. We have similar tastes in vintage but own very different pieces in our personal collections. For example, I have amassed a variety of lucite handbags where as Amber has a large array of vintage beaded handbags. She also has an extensive collection of vintage evening jewelry where I honestly have none. Attending the Weekender is already quite extravagant with flights, accommodations and tickets, the last thing everyone needs is to spend a ton of money on one time use clothing and accessories on top of it all!

PhotoGrid_1426427767539The Weekender is about having fun, seeing old friends and making new ones…wearing fabulous clothing is just the icing on the cake. No matter what you wear, no one will judge you as they are there to have a good time like everyone else. If you happen to see me, apparently I’m hard to miss with the bright red hair (so I’m told) PLEASE come to say hello! That would truly make me super happy to meet all of you 🙂

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We All Have a Story to Tell

Often times we tend to stick to the things we know best or are most comfortable with…as creatures of habit. But on the other hand, it can be very rewarding to take risks and venture outside of our comfort zone by trying new things. Since I first began dabbling in the world of corsets, I always chose the staple underbust styles and shied away from the overbust simply because I feared they wouldn’t work with my body type (large bust, short torso, & wide hips). When the team at Corset Story approached me to try one of their designs, I threw all reservations aside and decided it was time to give the Juliet Black Striped Waist Training Corset a shot!

Available in sizes 20-38 ~ MSRP $121USD

IMG_4504First things first, Corset Story offers three distinctive categories of corsets: Fashion Corsets, Steel Boned and Waist Training. The Fashion Corsets will not cinch you in since they don’t have metal boning; they are simply for looks and best suited for costumes. The Steel Boned can cinch in the waist by four to five inches and have 12 flat steel bones in the structure. Lastly, the Waist Training Corsets give the highest level of body reshaping, with a waist reduction of six or seven inches and 24 spiral steel bones. Since I am now more accustomed with corset wearing, I chose the Juliet from their Waist Training line for maximum reshaping with the helpful search option that narrowed down the styles suitable for a “petite torso”. Although these are intended to cinch your waist in 6-8”, I stayed with my usual size 22 due to my ample bust (36”) and hips (38”). As soon as the Juliet arrived, I began the seasoning process wearing it over my comfy clothes for about an hour at a time. The overbust was quite different as I had to keep a flawless posture while sitting and felt a more intense hold than ever before. The Juliet features a modest sweetheart neckline, 20 Spiral Steel Bones with 4 Flat Steel Bones, 5” modesty panel, heavy duty laces, 6 garter hooks (garter tabs sold separately), and measures 15” in length.

IMG_4491To my surprise, I was almost able to cinch the Juliet corset closed with only 1-2” remaining. That being said, this caused my bust to be extremely compressed and believe that the sweetheart neckline would be much improved if it were a more dramatic (heart shape) curve to allow for an ample bosom. Since this particular style is suited for a petite (short torso), there was no excess compression on the hips and was perfect in length. I found the heavy duty laces to be very handy and easy to tighten, preventing it from slipping as you do so. Overall, the steel boning really reshapes your body beautifully and creates a very defined hourglass silhouette for those seeking an extreme change.

IMG_4496 IMG_4500The soft monochrome black pinstripe lends itself well as a great wardrobe staple to be worn under your clothing. It would also double as a fabulous corset to wear for a sexy boudoir photoshoot paired with the garter clips (available in sets of 4 or 6 for $12-15 in various colours) and retro seamed stockings. There’s no need to worry about finding a bra to coordinate, the overbust corset has you covered!


I am definitely happy that I finally gave the overbust corset a chance as the Juliet (Waist Training) from Corset Story worked quite well overall for my body type. Corset designers are seeing the need to accommodate all shapes and sizes, as not everyone can afford to invest in a custom made piece. Hopefully we’ll see some deeper sweetheart necklines for us busty ladies in their corset training line up in the future.

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Matching Mother Daughter Outfits by Miss Betty Doll

Hi all you lovely ladies! I am so excited to have the opportunity to write a guest post for the lovely Jessica of Pin Up Persuasion. I have been following this blog for years and think the world of it and its writer.

I’m here today to cover a topic some of you retro lovers may or not be aware of – matching your outfit to your daughters! I match my little Selene every single day. It’s ridiculous. It’s kinda pathetic. But it makes me so happy! You see, my husbands family is chock-full of males, so I knew my chances of having a baby girl were slim. And then I had a dream I would have a baby girl with big, beautiful blue eyes. Nine months later, there she was 🙂 Months before she even arrived, my co-workers watched me receive package after package of goodies to dress her in. At first I just went after the outfits I had always thought would be cute- disney princess outfits, Pumpkin Patch dresses and the like. Girls really are so much fun! But then I came across this image of Sabina Kelly and her daughter and thought I should try purchasing her one or two outfits that match what I have in my wardrobe – perhaps for a special event.

image 1But then I had her, and within a few months I found myself matching with her every single day. I don’t know what her style will be as she gets older, and since she’s too little to tell me or dress herself, I figure I may as well take full advantage!

As you can see below, matching outfits were fairly common in the 1950’s and 60’s.

image 2 image 3 image 4There are oodles of images of us matching on my instagram account, and women often ask me how I do it, where to begin, etc. So, here’s how I got started.

First, I found that each of us having an outfit in every color helped. Being an avid collector of modern pinup clothing, I was already covered. So for Selene, I started at Pumpkin Patch (I find mysel wishing their dresses came in adult sizes, so they must be a little pinup, eh?) and then filled in any missing pieces with off brand clothing from Big W (Wal-mart in America, Big W here in Australia!) and Kmart. I don’t actually buy identical pieces, I just match our color palette and patterns to get a similar look.

Here’s some examples:

image 5 image 6 image 7 image 8 image 17 image 16Sometimes I may have a patterned dress for myself and a plain colored dress for Selene. In those cases, I like to accessorize her until we’re twinning it 😉

Here, I have a floral dress for myself and a plain yellow outfit for Selene. I popped a little red rose in her hair (just a hair clip from a costume jewelry store) and voila! We match.

9 10Selene’s outfit – Big W, red rose is a hair clip from local accessory shop. My outfit – Bernie Dexter dress, Lila Jo hair flower

In this outfit Selene’s dress was patterned and my dress was more plain, so I added matching colors with my belt and hair flower.

11Selene’s outfit – Pumpkin Patch dress and etsy hair bow. My outfit – Pinup Girl Clothing dress and seperate belt, Lila Jo hair flower

Then there’s days where I just have to match her Disney outfits, and feel like it’s such a shame I can’t go Disney bounding around Disneyland! Ah, how I miss living in America.

12 13Selene’s outfit – Minnie Mouse onesie from The Disney Store. My outfit – Pinup Girl Clothing Top and Skirt, Lila Jo hair bow

Finally, sometimes I run across dresses that match so well, I have to text one of my girlfriends and tell them I am having a match-gasm. Seriously. I have those.

14 15Selene’s outfit – Pumpkin Patch dress, etsy hair bow. My outfit – Le Bomb Shop dress, Lila Jo headband

I’m still on maternity leave, and of course when I do go back to work I won’t be doing this daily any more. But I find that matching my daughter is super fun, and makes even little errands an event. Motherhood is hard, and matching gives me a little purpose every day, and a routine. When she grows older, I can imagine us only doing this once in awhile. I’m soaking it in while I can.

So for all you beautiful ladies with little daughters (or neices!), try color-coordinating for your next outing and tell me you don’t love it 🙂

Miss Betty Doll


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