Are You Ready for Viva 18???

10372784_10151817706722537_7402826345039422455_nWith nearly only two weeks to go until Viva, many of you are in full panic mode about being “ready”. This will be our third time attending and I can honestly say that incredibly stressful feeling is completely understandable but with the proper planning techniques, does not have to be the case. Some might think making a spreadsheet for what to wear each day is going overboard but it’s how my friend Amber and I prevent from over packing, ensures we have everything needed for each outfit and takes the guess work out of what to wear every morning. Besides the lengthy process of coordination outfits, there are many questions on what to do at Viva, how it works, and so on. Last year I wrote a four part series and would like to share them again for those attending for the very first time. To my surprise and excitement, the organizers of VLV Rockabilly Weekender have kindly showcased these on the website in the INFO Section, along with the Rockabilly Socialite who has been attending since day one.

For those of you haven’t read last years’ features, you check them out here:

Now some of you might still be saying…outfit spreadsheet…REALLY? Yes, I am 100% serious! We started ours a couple months ago and have been adding as we go. This helps you determine early on if you have enough looks depending on how often you wish to change and what little bits to pick up along the way. Bear in mind, this is by no means set in stone and you can decide to wear something else at any point in the weekend. Here is our schedule for last year’s VLV 17:



Some of you might be wondering why I combine it together with my friend Amber and the answer is, we share accessories and handbags on different nights. We have similar tastes in vintage but own very different pieces in our personal collections. For example, I have amassed a variety of lucite handbags where as Amber has a large array of vintage beaded handbags. She also has an extensive collection of vintage evening jewelry where I honestly have none. Attending the Weekender is already quite extravagant with flights, accommodations and tickets, the last thing everyone needs is to spend a ton of money on one time use clothing and accessories on top of it all!

PhotoGrid_1426427767539The Weekender is about having fun, seeing old friends and making new ones…wearing fabulous clothing is just the icing on the cake. No matter what you wear, no one will judge you as they are there to have a good time like everyone else. If you happen to see me, apparently I’m hard to miss with the bright red hair (so I’m told) PLEASE come to say hello! That would truly make me super happy to meet all of you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Viva 18???

  1. One more sleep till viva! I cannot wait and I totally 100% get your spreadsheet. I too do a breakdown of every outfit, hair style, accessories etc. because just like you I don’t want to forget anything AND I don’t want to have to think when I’m there. So many things happening that if I spend 3 hours trying to figure out what to wear, I miss it all.

    Safe travels and possibly see you there!

    Liz 🙂

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