The Battle is On ~ Rago 6210 vs 6201

One of the closest topics to my heart surprisingly is shapewear…who would of thought? I have so much appreciation and admiration for what an undergarment can do to truly create as an essential foundation to vintage styling. Without a doubt my all time favorite brand is Rago Shapewear! In my humble opinion, they cannot be beat. With several styles of their collection now under my belt, I really wanted to test out their 6210 Extra Firm High Waist Panty Shaper from Orchard Corset. This is the big sister to the Rago 6201, currently one of my favorite styles to date and it was time to see how the two fared in comparison.

Available in sizes 28-48 in Black/White ~ MSRP $65USD

6210dAs a seasoned veteran with Rago sizing, I know it’s essential to follow their recommendation to not to size down when your waist to hip ratio exceeds 10″. Currently my waist is 26-27″ and my hips are 38″. Considering the 6210 Panty Shaper starts at a size 28, this was the size that would be best suited for me since there is oodles of stretch in the fabric. When I first tried the shaper on, I immediately felt the difference in firming action…there was no doubt about this being classified as “extra firm”. Once I got past that, I quickly came to realize the rise was much longer than the 6201 and no amount of pulling it up to my underbust was going to make the crotch area sit ideally where it should be. For a short torso gal like me, the 6210 Panty Shaper was sadly a bit too long. That being said, I can still wear this comfortably and make it work quite well as you can see in the photos. The 6210 Panty Shaper has several magical features; a side zipper to help safely shimmy into it without breaking a nail, a rigid nylon satin front/sides to hold and firm both your stomach & thighs, a satin elastic back panel for a perfectly smooth tush, and four removable concealed garter tabs to pair with your favorite stockings.

6210bWhen it comes to smoothing out all of your lumps and bump…the Rago 6210 Panty Shaper truly does wonders. If you are looking for a shaper that will give you some serious compression without sacrificing comfort and esthetics, this is it. Since there is much for firming action from the Powernet Spandex stretch knit, I did find the legs to cause a very slight indentation to my lower thighs at the band but nothing visible from under my dress. Even with the slight fit challenge of the longer torso, I would say without a doubt that this shaper works wonders for me and I am very pleased with the flawless hourglass silhouette it creates under my wiggle dresses.

6210Here’s a quick side by side point comparison of the 6210 and 6201 to help you choose which would suit you best…

Rago6210vs6201It’s a struggle to say one is better than the other simply because they are designed for two very different needs in mind. The Rago 6210 is for uncompromising shaping with it’s extreme firming power to mold and contour the body. Meanwhile the Rago 6201 reshapes your waist, hips and thighs but with a more subtleness using the contour bands to evenly redistribute the body. In my sincere opinion, I would choose the 6210 for datenights or photoshoots where I am seeking more compression and greater definition. Meanwhile I would definitely favor the 6201 for everyday all day wear at work as it is less restrictive for ease in movement.

6210cAfter having tried almost every key category in the Rago line up, I am most pleased with their high waist panty shapers since I wear my undergarments for more than just special occasions. The fact of not having to worry about thigh chaffing in comparison to an open bottom girdle from all day wear even in the hotter months makes them ideal for comfort and versatility.


10 thoughts on “The Battle is On ~ Rago 6210 vs 6201

  1. I am looking for control wear for my upcoming wedding and this looks amazing, but my concern is how easy or difficult is it to use the bathroom? I’ll be wearing a tea length dress with lots of tulle for about 12 hours. I need to know I’ll be able to pee without a struggle to shimmy in and out of it. The zipper sounds helpful, but is it worth it if I’m going to be in it for so long?

    • Hi Meghan. I think since you are wearing a circle skirt dress, this one wouldn’t be ideal. I would recommend their waist cinchers or open bottom girdles especially the 1294. That will be easiest to life up for washroom breaks and little fuss. OC carries it as well and there’s a 15%off coupon on my blog 😉

  2. Jessica,
    In response to Meghan’s question–most of Rago’s “closed bottom” panty shapers with legs that I own have convenience panels to solve that problem. (Practice first, or buy a stand-to-pee device– I love the one, myself.). This one doesn’t? How frustrating!

  3. Dear Jessica: I have been wearing the 6201 for years. Recently purchased a 6210 for those times when i want CONTROL. I really prefer the 6201 for most situations as it does a great job and is much more comfortable. Have you considered the 6207, which Rago says is also extra firm.
    As a guy who wears girdles regularly, it is pleasant to see there are still some women who realize the value of good real control garments. Thanks for your blog

    • I haven’t tried the 6207 since it doesn’t have the side zipper (more practical for me). The 6210 is also extra firm but with the zipper. Some prefer the pull on girdles to prevent the side puckering but it’s too much of a workout to get into. lol

  4. Hello Jessica! I’ve been enjoying your blog and am in need of some fashion advice. We seem to be the same size. I have a 26 waist with 38/39 hips. I am attending a black tie wedding and have a floor length body hugging silk gown. The gown is rather tight in the hip section. Do you have any recommendation on shapewear that will be slimming in the thigh area and seamless? I’m worried about contouring and thigh seams showing up under. Let me know, any advice will help!

    • Hi April. If you are wearing a silky form fitting dress, any Rago won’t be discreet due to the heavy construction. I would recommend checking out the review I did on the Scandale slip shaper as that would be your best bet for firm control with a seamless look.

  5. This webpage really does show how beneficial being everyday is a vintage girdle like Rago 6210 really shows both the before and after a girdle – it is quite obvious that being everyday in a vintage girdle really is beneficial. Women nowadays will wear a bra, but no girdle, when you can just look at the picture here and you can see the very obvious benefits that being daily in a vintage girdle will without question give you.

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