Novelty Prints! A view into the Plus Size Options by Cat Lady Couture

I have long loved quirky prints, purses and shoes. I have also long identified as plus size, which meant a lot of my options to own said quirky prints in clothing was quite difficult! In the last few years however it’s become a bit easier to acquire quirky novelty prints in vintage inspired clothing-thankfully places like Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG), Heart of Haute (HOH), Voodoo Vixen (VV), reviewed here have listened to the plus-size community and included us.

I wanted to review pieces that you as a plus-size shopper can find now or something similar, since nothing stinks more than absolutely loving something on reviewed or featured on a blog to find it labeled ‘Unicorn Status’ aka impossible, rare and won’t be found. The pieces here are current sold styles with the exception of the HOH items as they were custom made from available fabric (which if you email their sales team is entirely possibly they have it!)

Let’s get to reviewing! First up is the Jenny dress from PUG in their exclusive Neverland Print- exclusive because the art is drawn in-house by Micheline Pitt. The Jenny dress is a great dress that looks so good on every single size from XS-4XL. I am wearing the 3XL- I find myself sizing up in the Jenny dress because of the combination of boning and waist. The waist on this dress just doesn’t stretch, I think I am the non-produced size of 2.5X. I paired this Jenny dress with a wide patent leather belt also from PUG in size 3XL. This is a great print and dress to Disney-bound in! this dress can be found here: NeverlandJennyDress

NeverlandJennyNext up are two dresses from Heart of Haute in the Monique style. I love the Monique style because I can pair it with flats or wedges in the spring and summer, or with tights and boots in the fall and winter. I also like side-zippers as I find them easier to do up when on my own! In HOH items-specifically dresses I am a standard in-house 2XL. In 2014 HOH had a popular print pictured below of black cats with umbrellas and as a self-described Cat Lady I quickly jumped and emailed their sales department to see if they could produce this for me and sure enough they could! I will say the HOH sales department can take some-time to get back to you, but I think that has more to do with them being busy versus anything else.

I paired this Monique with the same patent leather wide-belt from PUG in 3XL. Monique dresses DO come with matching fabric belt, however I personally don’t use them.

HOHRainingKittiesThe next custom Monique from HOH pictured here was also produced in 2014 in this adorable Atomic Kitty print- I’ve seen this print around at a lot of places and I love it! Again my Cat-Lady persona went beeping and I had to see if this fabric could also be styled into a Monique. I just love the Monique! It fits each individual I’ve seen in it wonderfully. The only thing to keep in mind is with HOH Custom Pieces, they are 100 percent final sale and cannot be returned. You can find many Monique dresses here: Monique Dresses

atomickittiesLast up is a new player in the Plus Size Novelty Market! I have long wished Voodoo Vixen pieces included plus sizes, and was pining for their Katniss Dress to be in plus sizes when initially they had confirmed that nope it wouldn’t be- imagine my surprise, shock, and sad wallet when Yep! It’s out! It’s in plus sizes! I was SO SO SO SO happy to see this in plus sizes- I really like the quality of VV- granted I have only two dresses and a cardigan of theirs to go off of, each piece I’ve acquired I really do love. Based on VV’s size chart I am smack dab at the 2XL, which is what I ordered. I have an extra special place in my cat shaped heart for black cats, as we’ve got 2 (Finlay and Watson) who I have had since 2005 (Katrina Kitties).

I like pieces that when I buy them I don’t need to alter them- not because of the added expense (which can make an already expensive item more expensive) but because I’d be without the dress for a few weeks while my seamstress works her magic! This dress has NOT been altered yet- I need to get the shoulders taken in ever so slightly because I have T-rex Arms, otherwise out of the bag this dress fits very well! I paired the dress with again my trusty PUG patent leather wide belt in 3X. The Katniss Dress in Plus Size can be found here: Katniss Plus Size

voodoovixenkatnissWell that’s it! I have more and more and more pieces to feature and review on my fat-cat-lady blog

Cat Lady Couture which is my own little corner of the internet. None of these pieces were given to me to review, or was I compensated for reviewing them. They were all purchased by me, for me. 🙂 Also important to note my measurements are: 46-38-47, a standard 18 in most stores, and generally a 2-3X in Retro Inspired/Reproduction Clothing.

2 thoughts on “Novelty Prints! A view into the Plus Size Options by Cat Lady Couture

  1. I love the mermaid bowling bag purse! It will match my mermaid checks prefect ! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

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