Yes we can! Plus size friendly pin up brands by Candice Paige

For as long as I can remember I have loved the pin up look. However as a plus sized woman I was afraid that, as with most of fashion, the sizes it came in stopped before I started. Imagine my shock when I bought my first dress and found the exact opposite to be true.

picture1The Hell Bunny Eternity 50’s dress from Modcloth was my first real pin up purchase. I am 5’7” with a 48” bust, 40” waist, and 52” hips and this dress fit me as though it was tailored. It is made from a gorgeous stretch material with a sweetheart neckline and three quarter sleeves. This fabulous frock in a 2X comes right below my knees which at my height is unheard of.

While this was my first Hell Bunny purchase it was hardly my last. I soon after fell in love with the Cannes 50’s dress in a halter top cut with yet another lovely rose print also in a 2X.

picture2It was made with the same stretch material as my first dress but the halter top and unlined bust makes it light and perfect for summer. What’s especially wonderful about this is despite the white fabric the dress is not see through and doesn’t require a slip underneath I love to wear it with my red bolero from Lindy Bop.

Lindy Bop is a brand I wish I would have discovered sooner. Based in the UK their dresses are perfectly priced for a budget conscious pin up like myself.

picture3I own several Lindy Bop dresses but the’Vivi’ Vintage 1950’s English Rose Yellow Floral Print Dress in 3X (listed as a UK size 20) is my absolute favorite. The dress also comes with a belt in the same print not pictured. While the flowers may scream springtime I found that the thick material and long sleeves made this perfect for wintertime.

I try to challenge myself to wear bright colors but sometimes I just need to go back to black and Lindy Bop still has me covered.

picture4The ‘Vivi’ Stunningly Chic Vintage 40’s Film Noir Style black dress is the same exact cut as the yellow one I own. I also bought this in a 3X or UK size 20. The dress falls right above my knees and the sleeves balance out the low cut neckline. It is hard for me to find long sleeves that fit my arms comfortably but I’m happy to say I have with this brand. I love connecting with other pin ups! You can find me at:

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