Strawberry Fields Forever

Let’s just state the obvious…I am OBSESSED with all things strawberries! Yes, there’s no denying it…when I see clothing that has these adorable little fruits on them, I simply cannot resist. Some of you might be wondering, how can a person justify owning several things in such a specific print? Let me tell you, it’s not crazy at all because there are so many diverse designs that they are truly unique from one another. Strawberries have such a whimsical childlike feel, they instantly bring back fond memories of summertime. Luckily for all of us fruit lovers, Collectif has been inspired by this delightful little berry and designed some darling pieces in this season’s collection. The moment they released their Ginger Strawberry Print Wing Bust Dress, my compulsion kicked in and I had to have it!

Available in sizes 6-22UK ~ MSRP £65.00

IMG_5459 IMG_5477Seeing as I am no stranger to the Collectif brand of clothing, I know without a doubt my measurements (bust 36″/waist 27″) fit well in their size Small (UK10). If you are unsure on sizing, follow their size chart and whether or not the particular fabric has any stretch to determine if you should size up or not. In the case of the Ginger Dress, the elasticated back panel gives you some flexibility in the waist allowance. When mine arrived, I couldn’t help but be a little giddy because the adorable strawberry print was even more enchanting in person. Second to those, the petal bust design is what makes this dress truly spectacular. The wings can be worn folded up or folded down, creating a little versatility in your styling. The Ginger Dress also features multi-way straps, sweetheart neckline, nipped waist, full skirt and side zipper with contrasting cherry red belt. Initially I was a bit at odds with the elasticated back panel as I found it was puckering oddly but this seemed to adjust much better once I wore it for a few hours. The full skirt is created by numerous panels that flare out from the nipped in waist, this unique design element was quite different than I have ever seen before and worth mentioning. At 5′-4″, the hemline falls a couple inches below the knees.

IMG_5469 IMG_5483The Ginger Dress instantly became a permanent piece in my collection; its delectable strawberries and chic cherry red petal bust make it a fabulous combination. Personally, I much prefer wearing the wings folded down since the red contrast really makes the strawberries pop. With the back elastic rushing panel, I found pulling upwards on the fabric helped loosen the tension that caused the slight puckering. Made from a lightweight quality cotton, the fabric is quite thick and not transparent with the white background thankfully. The Ginger Dress is superb in comfort and I didn’t find the halter strap to cause any neck unpleasantness for a change. Although I wore a petticoat here, I much prefer the Ginger Dress without due to the tapered panels that start at the waist and gradually flare out more towards the bottom. The petticoat seemed to cause the skirt to not sit as nicely around the tapered area. When I wore it to work without, the skirt draped beautifully.

IMG_5478In addition to all the wonderful strawberry frock designs being released, there is a myriad of adorable accessories to match. Collectif has the perfect accents for their Ginger Dress with the Punky Pins Strawberry Plant Charm Bracelet and Necklace finished off by the Strawberry Stud Earrings. These lovely pieces are hand crafted and printed on lightweight Latvian birch plywood. They quality is quite superb and truly adorable to say the least. Shortly after my Ginger Dress arrived, Collectif surprised us all the with the most incredible Strawberry Bamboo Bag. The stock flew off the shelves, selling out in a matter of days but luckily I nabbed one the day they were released. Since mine didn’t arrive in time for our photoshoot, I paired the Ginger Dress with my vintage beaded strawberry clutch, my red Dennise wedges from B.A.I.T. and Hellbunny white petticoat.

IMG_5487 IMG_5489 IMG_5485This fascination with all things strawberry is nothing to be ashamed of by any means, especially since those close to me actually contribute to the addiction by alerting me when they spot something I might like. Collectif also released the adorable Milena Playsuit in the same strawberry print as the Ginger which can easily converted into a versatile 2 piece set with their Nani Plain Swing Skirt in red. Although the Ginger Dress is currently sold out with Collectif, there are a few online retailers (including Ebay) that still have a few left in stock. Make sure to snap one up if you find your size as they are likely not being restocked for the remainder of the season.


11 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. Ahhh!!! What a darling dress!! I love strawberries and feel strawberry print is so adorable. The love the red trim on the bust/straps, gives it a bit of sophistication. The color is great, too, it compliments your hair color. How sweet are the pieces of jewelry you picked for this outfit! LOVE!!

  2. That dress is absolutely perfect! I much prefer strawberries over cherries (which you see quite often) incorporated into clothing- and I just received that same Punky Pins necklace the other day- love their stuff!

  3. That dress looks great on you!!! You’re so pretty!!!
    Is your hair a brighter red than the color in the ‘red hair on a budget’ post?
    It’s gorgeous!

    • 💋 You’re so sweet, thank you Jenny! The answer is yes, I no longer mix colours and use the pure red from L’Oréal Hilights. It’s as bright as you see with no prelightening.

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