Pinup Summer Essentials

Every pinup fashionista must have versatile separates to keep them looking fabulous while staying cool on those hot summer days. That search if often a serious challenge for many of us who cannot buy off the rack sizing due to our non standard proportions. The struggle is real when it comes to finding great fitting shorts when you have an hourglass figure in addition to a short waist. Luckily for all of us, there are terrific boutiques like Ains & Elke StyleHaus that hand make all their garments to their clients’ measurements. The moment I spotted the Dorothy Jean Shorts in dark denim, I dreamed of finally finding a pair of high waist shorts that would fit my proportions. No summer wardrobe would be complete without versatile suntops like the Angie, Donna, and Tallulah.

Dorothy Jean Shorts in Dark Denim ~ MSRP $65USD

With all items being handmade to order, you simply have to provide your measurements which will include waist, hips, rise and length when ordering a pair of the Dorothy Jean Shorts. If you are unsure how to properly measure, it’s best to always triple check and speak with Alixis from Ains & Elke StyleHaus to ensure they are done correctly. As I mentioned earlier, it is nearly impossible for me to find shorts that fit due my extreme waist to hip ratio (11″+) in addition to having a very short waist. The rise on off the rack styles is always much too long (impossible to have altered after the fact) and I always have to size up for my hips but then the waist is swimming on me. When ordering the Dorothy Jean Shorts, I provided my measurements: waist 26.5″, hips 38″, rise 11 3/4″, and inseam 2.5″. As soon as they arrived, I anxiously went to try them on…literally holding my breath in anticipation. There was a moment of disbelief encompassed by pure joy when I saw how wonderfully they fit, they were seriously a dream come true. They are made from a quality stretch denim, featuring a high waist with large front pockets and contrasting red stitching, a side zipper and button closure. I am not one to be boastful but…DAMN! …the Dorothy Jean Shorts make my ASS LOOK KILLER! They are truly figure flattering to hug all your curves in the right places courtesy of the stretch denim.

IMG_5519 IMG_5502 IMG_5540Tallulah Suntop in Strawberry Print ~ MSRP $50USD

Now who is surprised to see that I chose the adorable strawberry print in the Tallulah Top? 😉 They looked so darling with the green ruffles, it was a match made in heaven. When I provided my measurements (bust 36″, waist 26.5″), I also included my underbust (29″) since it’s quite narrow and most times I find tops to run too wide in the ribcage. It’s best to provide all those extra details when placing a custom order, it will only help in creating the perfect fit for you. The Tallulah Suntop is by far my favorite by Ains & Elke StyleHaus, the ruffles are absolutely delightful. The ruffles really give the Tallulah so much character and style. Featuring a sweetheart neckline with halter strap, fully lined and closes with a back zipper. The cropped length is ideal to pair up with high waist shorts like the Dorothy Jean, or your favorite skinny jeans.

IMG_5505 IMG_5509 IMG_5508 Angie Suntop in Boat Print. ~ MSRP $50USD

The Angie Suntop is a true pinup staple with the classic front criss cross halter top design. I absolutely adore this style on everyone as it’s very elegant and sexy while still modest in the bust area. Due to the cross over design, this is where a great fit is essential otherwise the bustline will start gaping. The fit overall was spot on but mine did gape a small bit but it’s nothing I can’t fix by either moving the buttons in slightly or having my seamstress take in the side seams just a smidgen. This happens to me a lot with crop tops or bustiers, due to my very narrow rib cage and shoulders. The Angie Suntop is also fully lined, features a sweetheart neckline with cross over adjustable (button) straps and back button closure. The classic nautical sailboat print is so captivating and a great summer basic. The modest crop length is wonderful for those who are not completely comfortable to show their midsection but love wearing the vintage high waist style bottoms.

IMG_5530 IMG_5537 IMG_5538Donna Suntop in Animal Print ~ MSRP $45USD

Many of my readers know, I am not the biggest fan of animal prints only because I went overboard with my obsession for them as a teenager. That said, I can handle animal motifs in small doses like with the Donna Suntop. Since the Tallulah and Angie fit so well, I was quite surprised to find the band on the Donna Suntop to be considerably too wide. Although I am not a very skilled seamstress, I knew that moving the back buttons over would likely be all that was needed to fix the width of the band. With the help of a large mirror to see the back while I had the suntop on and using a straight pin, I marked how far the buttons had to be moved and then proceeded to measure it all out before relocating them. The whole process start to finish was super quick and easy to do, and the Donna Suntop fit beautifully afterwards. The only thing to note after the alteration, the back buttons are no longer centered but that does not take away from the design whatsoever. The Donna Suntop features a plunging V neckline with center bust pleats, button halter strap and back button closure. This suntop is definitely less modest in length and shows more of your midriff in comparison to the other two styles. The Donna Suntop design is the epitome of a classic pinup bombshell look.

IMG_5516 IMG_5520 IMG_5523The wonderful thing about these separates from Ains & Elke StyleHaus is that they can all be mixed and matched with one another along with your existing pinup wardrobe. Once you find staple pieces like these to add to your closet, you will have endless ways to style them to create fun new versatile looks. Now that I have found my dream pair of high waist shorts, I won’t ever let them go!

4 thoughts on “Pinup Summer Essentials

  1. Ahhh! Jessica, I love all your summer outfits! Adorable sun tops and perfectly fitted shorts. I’m on the lookout for shorts, even though I am absolutely apprehensive about wearing shorts in public…but these legs aren’t getting any younger so I need to learn to embrace them. The strawberry top is my favorite from the bunch.

  2. Wow! Absolutely love these outfits! So perfect for my trip to Hawaii! Thanks for the inspiration! 😊 ps your figure is looking so fabulous!

  3. I have added them to favorites!! We are nearly the same measurements, though I am smaller breasted and 2 inches shorter ….I see they are in the states so that’s great for me! Thanks for the precise review!

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