It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Fluff!

We are fortunate to have several iconic brands among out vast pinup community that spans the globe. Regardless of what makes us all individuals, these icons have truly distinguished themselves by transcending those unique personalities to establish one common niche that everyone can relate with. The journey of becoming an icon is not always without strife. Over a decade ago, an artist by the name of Claudette Barjoud had a vision to create adorable saucy characters inspired by the 1920’s-60’s and from that Fluff was born. Not long ago, we could find endless apparel and accessories with Fluff’s delightful designs we all know and love…but where did they all go? After some very difficult misfortunes, Fluff has now been given a second chance with a new exciting partnership to become bigger and better than ever! With a fresh lease on life, Fluff is relaunching all new designs, products and most importantly focusing on providing quality products to their loyal customers. The very first release from the Fluff relaunch are the fabulous Limited Edition Bowler Bags available in three adorable designs; Suzy Sailor, Molly Mermaid and Cherry Martini.

Available in three limited edition prints ~ MSRP $75USD

IMG_5697 IMG_5700As a long time fan of Fluff, I am no stranger to all of their adorable signature designs like Suzy Sailor and Molly Mermaid. So much so, I have the saucy Suzy Sailor tattooed on my left thigh! Seeing as I have several items from the original collections, it was time add a new face…Miss Cherry Martini! Not only is she one sexy minx, I loved the black and sparkle red colour combination. It was a real treat when my Limited Edition Bowler Bag arrived in a pink Fluff Box, one of only 300 being made. The little hang tag says “Cautions: Use of this bag may cause squeals of spontaneous delight!” and that couldn’t be more true. The Cherry Martini Bowler Bag features exquisitely printed artwork on vegan friendly faux leather highlighted by the sparkly red vinyl, a heavy duty metal zipper closure with signature silver heart charm pull, and fully lined with hot pink satin signature Fluff print with inside Velcro pocket. The outside diameter measures: 11″ wide x 8″ high x 4.5″ deep.

IMG_5702 IMG_5718As the first piece released from Fluff’s official relaunch, the Limited Edition Bowler Bags really proved that great things are in store for everyone that adores Fluff. I was really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the bowler bag; one that can be used everyday and not be used just a special occasion type of purse. The sparkly red accent is reminiscent of the 1950’s classic diner chair vinyl, it truly makes Cherry Martini come to life.Β  Normally I prefer my purses to have a kiss lock closure over zippers for convenience purposes but those often break and are seen as less durable than zipper. The handles are an ideal length to carry on your forearm, always a great way to show off your handbag and often garner lots of compliments. Cherry Martini is sure to turn heads as she’s just so cheeky and darling perched in her martini glass.

IMG_5735 IMG_5742The magnificent part of the Cherry Martini Bowler Bag is that the simple black and red colour scheme is quite versatile to pair with your wardrobe. I find myself wearing reds quite often, whether it be in casual or dressier looks. It was a no brainer to match the Cherry Martini Bowler Bag with my red Fables by Barrie Scarlett Bustier top, Vintage black taffeta skirt, B.A.I.T red Dennise wedges, finished off with my cherry jewelry and red Hell Bunny petticoat.

IMG_5713I think we can all agree on one thing, Fluff personifies that adorable little girlishness in all of us that we never truly want to relinquish. With the Fluff relaunch, we can soon expect to see Cupcake Dolls and Martini Mermaids, currently available for pre-order online. Their new line will featureΒ Wall Dolls, Beach Towels, Barware, Jewelry and more! I personally cannot wait to get my hands on more wall dolls, they are true collector pieces!

Here’s some exciting news…one lucky Pin Up Persuasion reader will WIN a Fluff Limited Edition Bowler Bag of her choice!



Contest will run from Tue. July 7 and ends Fri. July 24.

The winner will be announced right here on the blog, good luck to everyone!


Prizes must be claimed within 7 days of contest end. Any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and redrawn on the 8th day from the existing pool of entrants.


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48 thoughts on “It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Fluff!

  1. Devyn

    Yay! I love fluff so much! I wear a fluff tshirt at least once a week! So glad to hear of the relaunch

  2. What cute bags! Looking beautiful as always, Jessica.

  3. These bags are adorable! My favorite is Suzy Sailor, definitely the one I would choose!

  4. Kaitie

    I love these!! Been wanting to buy one but haven’t had the funds. I love Fluff stuff and I love this blog.

    • Kaitie

      I think I would choose the mermaid bag but I’d be torn between her and Suzy

  5. All the prints are absolutely amazing but I live for mermaids! πŸ˜‰

  6. Thank you for the nice contest. I love Fluff! It’s so difficult to choose because they are all so nice but I would choose the martini mermaids.

  7. jocelyn

    So excited for the relaunch! I have a make-up bag featuring Molly Mermaid, I would love to win the bowler bag to match!

  8. marla

    Cherry Martini is my favorite!! πŸ™‚

  9. daria dot dottie

    Suzy sailor is the most lovely bag I have ever seen πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve been a fan of fluff for so long and I love your blog! Holding my breath for the prize!

  11. Charlotte Rose

    All of the prints are adorable. The bags are now on my lust list!

  12. Estherke

    Oh wow, that Molly Mermaid is such a swell dame, I’d love to stroll dowmtown with het on my arm. PS love hoe you rock your red hair and red in your outfits

  13. Molly Mermaid is adorable. Such a great outfit you are wearing!

  14. Rachel-Anne

    That’s a hard choice! Either Cherry Martini because she looks like me or Molly Mermaid for my love for mermaid & the ocean… Probably Molly Mermaid now that I think about itπŸ’‹πŸŒŠ

  15. Jenny

    The Molly Mermaid is too cute!

  16. Knothere2day

    I love Fluff! Her stuff is the greatest! My favorite is the Martini Doll out of the new collection but I am hoping she brings out a new galaxy girl!

  17. Divine Miss Nic

    Cherry Martini or Molly Mermaid. Both are gorgeous

  18. Oooh I think I would have to go with the Cherry Martini too – so cute!!

  19. Annabel Sheron

    I do like the Molly Mermaid then Cherry Martini!

  20. Maureen

    If I would win, I’d love the cherry martini one!

  21. marisol vargas

    I love you work so much!
    I will definitely be getting a tattoo of one or more of your beautiful ladies.

  22. Love Fluff! I am torn between red hot cherry martini and mermaids!!! Love them all!!!!

  23. Marisol

    Love them all. Molly mermaid is my fav. Super cute!

  24. salazar

    oh the martini ! so cute

  25. Angela Landskron

    So excited for this! I love Miss Fluff. She does the cutest artwork. For reals. If selected I would love to have the bowler bag in the ‘Cherry Martini’ print.

  26. Coralie

    Love fluff! Would love to c a close up of the bag so I could c the sparkly u were talking about

  27. Melanie damtsis

    Oh I love the Susie sailor handbag.

  28. I love FLUFF! I have had my eye on the Molly Mermaid one for a while but this Mama just hasn’t been able to afford it! Keeping my pretty little Pinup fingers crossed!!! XoXo ❀

  29. Cindi

    OMG!! I’m loving the cherry one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. LOL! A friend just told me about the contest. How ironic I have my Molly Mermaid shirt on. I have no Martini Girl in my Fluff collection so I would got with Cherry Martini.

  31. Brittney

    Oh I would pick Molly Mermaid πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  32. danielle wright

    Love the Martina and the sailor one.

  33. Christina Konze

    I adore bowler bags, and I love mermaids! Rhe redhead one is my favorite (because she matches me)!

  34. Vanessa

    They are all so amazing it would be hard to choose. This artwork is so cute yet sassy. I definitely would choose Suzy Sailor.

  35. I have entered. Everything crossed…have had the worst luck lately! Love your photos and reviews…so helpful!

  36. I would choose Molly Mermaid!! I already have her as a coin purse…just getting it out when I need change makes me smile lol, it’s so cute and reminds me of a sexy lil pinup Disney Ariel. She’s also a redhead like me!! I’d love to have her bowler bag!! *_* <333

  37. M. Ann

    So hard to pick a favorite, they are all so divine! I think I would have to choose Cherry Martini.

  38. Jael

    I have a Fluff tshirt I love. I’ve been wanting a bag for a while, it’s on my ever growing to buy list!

  39. I would love the mermaid print bag – I am obsessed with mermaids!! πŸ’ž 😍

  40. I would definitely choose the mermaid print ! i adore the colors and of course mermaiiiiiids *o*

  41. These are so lovely! I’d definitely choose the mermaid print, it would look so nice with my new dress πŸ˜€

  42. I’d love the Molly the mermaid one, I’ve loved the brand fluff since my early 20’s when me and my hubby were first dating. He bought me my first Molly the Mermaid shirt that I still own.

  43. Amy

    I love the Ruby Martini bag!

  44. Alexis

    I would love the Molly the mermaid bag. I am a lover of all things nautical, and it would go just perfect with so many outfits I own. Especially my new Hell Bunny Sea Sparkle dress. ❀

  45. Kirsty Anderson

    I actually adore the Molly Mermaid bag. Beautiful work 😘

  46. Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
    For all your lovely comments and to everyone who participated in the prize drawing. And a very special thank you to Jessica! Thank you for featuring Fluff and doing such an amazing writeup and photo shoot! xxxooo Miss Fluff/ Claudette

  47. Kasey

    I want a new purse pllllleeeaaassse send me one πŸ™‚

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