Swim with Sharks from Kiss Me Deadly

Our little world of vintage reproduction clothing is truly one of the greatest communities when it comes to supporting small businesses. WE are the reason they are making such fabulous fashions and thinking outside the box to give their customers exactly what they want. As some of you may already know, Kiss Me Deadly is a small independent British company making fabulous vintage inspired lingerie. For the past few years, they have expanded into designing equally classic style swimwear. Until now, they relied on stores to raise money to put their designs into production but it appears they (the stores) just want the same designs as before in other colours.  Meanwhile, the Kiss Me Deadly customers are going gaga over the gorgeous new designs…check them out!!!

e10_original 94a_original f7b_original 777_original b657716a2a14382a801fa2a76fcc765d_originalFor the first time ever, Kiss Me Deadly is cutting out the boring middle man and asking for the support of their fans to make these magnificent designs a reality! They have launched a Kickstarter Campaign and your contributions will make this dream a reality. By pledging £69, you’ll have your choice of ONE of the 4 main designs (your choice of style and size). Choose from the Leopard print Deluxe swimsuit, the Leopard Print Cora Bikini, the Lauren Ivory and Black Bikini, or the Flamingo Playsuit with free worldwide shipping. Normally these beauties would retail for £75 plus shipping. If you wish to contribute less or more, there are a variety of rewards like jokes, thank yous, art prints, and even a custom made swimsuit.

The Swim with Sharks from Kiss Me Deadly Kickstarter Campaign deadline is this Sunday, July 12. They are only half way there and they truly need your help to make this a reality.

–>CLICK HERE<– to read more about the campaign and to support one of our lovely vintage reproduction independent retailers! Thank you 🙂



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