Modern Day 50’s Housewife & A Recipe by Ruby’s Musings


I’m a modern day 50’s housewife. I do not work, at least outside of the home. I cook, clean, do the laundry etc and yes, at times sit around eating “bon-bons”. My kids have flown the nest, mostly; they are adults , so I don’t have children to care for. I did for a time return to work, unfortunately life and my body had other plans. I have fibromyalgia and all that goes with it. It makes it hard to work outside the home. Lucky for me, I have a wonderful hubby that earns enough that I can do that. At times I do feel like a little bird in a gilded cage , he does love to spoil me and he helps out on my bad days, though I do tend to get frustrated when he does , as I prefer to do my “job”.

0723151049-1~2Where does the 1950’s come into play? Partially even from early childhood, I had an obsession with I love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver, I wanted to be June Cleaver but am more like Lucy! I love the music, movies and style of era as well. Since my teens I had been dressing on and off as if I stepped out of one of those 1950’s sitcoms, though I do mix in my take on rockabilly and pin up style as well. The main thing that makes me a modern 1950’s housewife, in my eyes, is not just that I stay home, but that I also enjoy being at home, taking care of the house and my husband, it brings me pleasure to have a clean home and to be able to put a hot meal on the table for him; though I shall admit he often does quite a bit of cooking when I have a bad day health wise. I honestly find it all very satisfying and fulfilling…and YES, I do often wear pearls like June Cleaver!

0723151217b-1~2 0430151419e-1-1~2What do I do with my day? Well in a nutshell, the typical housewife duties, I make the bed, once that is done and I have had my toast and coffee, I get dressed, do my make up ( no day is complete without my winged liner and red lips) and my hair , I then run any errands that I might need to do. Typically I walk to “run” my errands, so I fit in my exercise at the same time. I enjoy puttering in the garden and tending my roses. I work on my blog and Facebook page for it as well so, I work on my social media needs for the day. Each day I await for the knock on the back door, as our middle daughter resides behind us in a small apartment, which is when my “grandpuppy” Sir Winston comes rushing in for his banana chips… a brief moment in the day that packs a lot of giggles and smiles. Before I know it, it’s nearly time to start supper. The day really does rush by when you are caught up in “busy work”. It may all sound boring to many, and there are those days, but when you enjoy and make lemons into lemonade, really it is quite fulfilling.

0724151656e-1~2 0722151303b-1~2When I cook, I like to make easy to prepare, healthy meals and just for fun, quite often I draw upon a 1950’s /1960’s twist. Recently while watching The Astronaut’s Wives Club, at a gathering they had, one wife served little meatloaf “muffins” with mashed potato “frosting”. I had seen similar things on pinterest, imagine my delight to see them in a show set in the 1960’s…then I found them in an old 1950’s entertaining cookbook ( now out of print). I prefer Turkey so I simply switched ground beef for turkey, it was that easy. Great thing is, I can freeze them and then defrost and bake as needed; they reheat nicely too. Thursday night is mini meatloaf night here, and they are always a great hit!

PhotoGrid_1437876379822~2Mini Turkey Meatloaf Muffins w/Mashed potatoes

Recipe serves app. 6 if you eat only one a piece.

Mini Turkey Meatloaf Muffins w/Mashed potatoes

*via a really old cookbook and my modern day tweaks

1 lb of ground turkey

1 box of Stove Top or any brand stuffing mix (instead of crackers etc)

1 cup of water or broth

salt and pepper to taste

1 clove of chopped garlic and ½ of an onion diced and sauteed in just a little margarine or butter

1 large egg whisked and dumped onto meat and stuffing

Ketchup for topping (if desired ;I don’t use any)

Mashed potatoes, boxed or homemade


Mix all the ingredients together, form into small baseball size balls put into a greased muffin pan, top with sauce of choice and a nice amount of mashed potatoes that have been put in a zip lock bag, with corner cut off the bag and piped on to the meatloaves. Sprinkle the mashed potatoes with paprika for color

Bake at 350 degrees in a preheated over right in the muffin tin until meat thermometer says they are fully cooked when inserted in the meatloaves..

Typically mine take 25-35 minutes..but check it with that thermometer, depends on meat variety, size of “muffins” and oven.


Pop meatloaves without the sauce or mashed potatoes on top in freezer for 2 hours to flash freeze.

Once flash frozen, pop out of the muffin tin and store in an air tight container separated by parchment paper if making layers.

When you go to bake, defrost overnight, if not making from fresh, preheat oven to 350 degrees f. Place meatloaves in baking dish, no need to put back in muffin pan, they will hold their shape. Apply sauce, potatoes and sprinkle with paprika, bake as instructed.


They will bake from frozen, but if doing that, they will have to bake longer, upwards to 45 minutes or more depending. Cook with sauce only for first half, then apply the mashed potatoes for second half till meat is fully cooked and mashed potatoes hot.


For more fabulous pinup tips and recipes from the delightful Ruby’s Musings, make sure to check out her blog!

9 thoughts on “Modern Day 50’s Housewife & A Recipe by Ruby’s Musings

  1. Ruby, it’s always wonderful to see folks who manage to live lives in alignment with their passions and make that support body needs/disability/ physical limitations. Enjoy your modern ’50s!

    Jessica, I’m often slightly confused for the first few sentences of your guest posts, before I shift gears and realize it isn’t you writing. Would it be possible for you to introduce your guest poster, or put the words “Guest Post” into the headline each time? Thank you!

  2. will the lemons you tried clean a burned popcorn stain on the back of my microwave? you know me….always burning popcorn!

    • I don’t think so Judy…if it is a smoke stain maybe…if you run lemon on it. If it burnt the lining, there is no going back. A little bon ami and elbow grease might be your best bet….
      Oh and I think you meant to leave this on my actual blog.

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