Corsets for the Petite Ladies

After a fun and relaxing vacation visiting my best friend in Minneapolis last week, it’s back to reality! Thankfully we have some fabulous guest writers who are eager to share their helpful tips with the Pin Up Persuasion readers when I need a little break from blogging.

From the moment I started dabbling in the world of waist training, I always yearned for the day we short waist gals would finally have a corset specially designed to fit our bodies without the hefty price tag of a custom piece. The very first corset I ever tried was Orchard Corset’s top selling style the CS-426 underbust; which you can imagine was way too long in the torso for those of us with a petite frame. It was complete heartbreak as this style is perfect for those with extreme curves to create an hourglass shape. Luckily for us, there were other styles like the waspie and CS-411 that worked wonderfully but they did not have the same contouring powers that would accentuate quite like the CS-426. Orchard Corset must have heard our despair as they recently released the CS-426 Short in a full line up of fabrics and colours!

Available in size 18-46 in cotton & satin ~ MSRP $75-89USD

426short 426shortbFor those of you who don’t know, I am not a regular waist trainer and only wear corsets occasionally. If you are looking to start daily corset training, I highly recommend Lucy’s Corsetry as a great resource of information. When it comes to finding the right size in corsets, it’s best to contact the experts at Orchard Corset as there are several different factors that come into place. With my waist fluctuating between 26-27″ lately, I can comfortably wear a size 22 corset. I was utterly excited when mine finally arrived as it had been over 2 years since I tried the original. Considering I am not a regular corset wearer, it does take a little longer to properly season them but this is not a step that you can skip otherwise you’ll compromise the longevity of your corset and/or damage it. The CS-426 Short are specially designed for those with a short to average torso; the front measures only 10.5″ in length which is a full 3 inches shorter than the original. The new shorter design fit my torso impeccably and it had all of the same contouring powers of the original. The spoon busk design (slight curve right at the base of the busk) helps conceal the excess tummy bulge when tight lacing. A helpful tip to prevent back and bottom spillage is to leave a two finger space at the top and bottom when tightening.

426shortf 426shortcThe CS-426 Short truly accentuates the curves in the figure flawlessly. With the flared bottom, it accommodates the hips without too much compression. For those that need even more room in the hips, the CS-426 is also available with hip ties and was designed by Lucy from Lucy’s Corsetry. These ties are fully adjustable to allow for less or more room and doesn’t affect the fit of the corset elsewhere. It took me a couple tries to secure them properly simply because there is so much tension when the corset is already tight laced on the body. Due to my narrow rib cage, it is a challenge to lace my corsets evenly as the top can almost close completely meanwhile my waist and hips can’t take that much compression since I don’t waist train regularly. With more seasoning and regular wear, I could surely lace down further in the waist.

426shortd 426shorteOrchard Corset genuinely listens to their customers and delivers! Finally an affordable off the rack corset for us short waist gals that won’t break the bank! The CS-426 Short will be just as popular as the original; a staple for all those who want to accentuate their curves to create that dreamy hourglass silhouette.

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4 thoughts on “Corsets for the Petite Ladies

  1. Natasja N.

    Just quite lovely.

  2. Maybe one day. A bit out of my budget, but at least I know that it is available. We are the same waist size and mine does the same depending on the week. Whats the comfort factor while wearing it??

    • If you don’t tight lace, the comfort to do everyday tasks is quite easy and helps with posture. Tight lacing takes getting used to and restricts more mobility of course.

      • Thank you …I think it will be in my future. Once I can swing the cost….maybe not daily, but for photo shoots and when my back is killing me.

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