Taking Flight Into a New Era

This year my goal was to wear every single item in my closet at least once since we’ve had one of the most beautiful summers in years. Surprisingly, this adventure allowed me to further develop my style and discover new eras of vintage fashion. We are seeing vintage reproduction clothing design move into a new generation by mixing vintage elements with modern styling to create a fresh contemporary look. Collectif Clothing just launched a whole new line called Bright & Beautiful (B & B), inspired by the 60’s and 70s. Their designs pull from the iconic prints and silhouettes of both decades where we can expect to see shorter hemlines (mini skirts) with some 70’s flare, to create styles for the modern day fashionistas. The collection is being introduced in their Fall/Winter release, but luckily for us there were a couple designs that came a bit sooner. With my love of birds and the colour yellow, the B&B Bird Print Flared Dress was a fine choice.

Available in sizes UK 8-18 ~ MSRP £42

IMG_5886 Although the B & B Collection is brand new, we know Collectif’s sizing should be carried over into these designs as well. I went with my usual size Small (10UK) with my measurements being bust 36″, waist 27″. The fit was excellent overall, a little roomy in the waist which was easy to fix by adding a belt and shortening the adjustable straps. The Bird Print Dress features a soft sweetheart neckline with adjustable spaghetti straps, matching faux buttons and short flared skirt (19″ long). Needless to say, I was hesitant with such a short hemline as I never wear any skirts that fall above the knees and I am only 5′-4″ tall. My reservations were quickly diminished when I saw how cute and fun it truly was, something different from my usual go to. The Bird Print Dress is made polyester and has a double layer of fabric which drapes gracefully over the body.

IMG_5878Sometimes we have to take the plunge to try new things to fully discover our personal sense of style. Although I won’t be giving up my 1950s circle skirts for minis, the B & B Collection has opened a new door in the world of vintage reproduction fashion. The Bird Print Dress is truly a delight as it’s perfect to throw on when you’re heading out for errands or just enjoying a day of summer. The adorable little birds are what drew me to this dress in the first place, they hold a special place in my heart and truly bring a personal sense of joy when I see them. To my surprise, my husband claimed this was one of his favorite dresses to date that we photographed for the blog.

IMG_5899 IMG_5890With the waist being a little loose, I opted to add the Collectif Peggie Pu Belt in blue to give a pop of colour to accent the bird print. The Bird Print Dress can be dressed up or down based, simply by pairing it with flats or heels depending on the occasion. I chose my Biance Latte heels from B.A.I.T to elongate my legs. For a more office friendly look, add a cropped cardigan in contrasting shade to again play up the whimsy of the print.

IMG_5882Collectif has enticed us with a couple fabulous early releases to the new Bright & Beautiful line, which has only made us more excited for the upcoming full Fall/Winter Collection. This will likely bring in a new generation of young women who have yet to discover the timeless designs from decades past.


2 thoughts on “Taking Flight Into a New Era

  1. I just went to a trade show in London and had a peek at their new collections and it just looks stunning! I’m similar, I find it really hard to stray from my standard 50s circle skirts but this dress just looks divine on you. Absolutely loving the colour xx

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