Under The Sea

Novelty prints have made an epic comeback and taking the pinup world by storm. The original vintage novelty prints are becoming harder to come by at reasonable prices as the demand has skyrocketed and left us budget minded gals wanting. Thankfully the vintage reproduction designers have heard our cries and are now delivering affordable alternatives. This past spring, The Oblong Box Shop announced it’s new Palm Springs 2015 Swing Collection full of delightful novelty prints themes that includes Tiki, Space, Ocean, and more…set to debut at the Viva Rockabilly Weekender. I couldn’t have been more excited to visit their booth to see the entire collection in person and meet the lovely designer Denialle. My heart instantly fell for the adorable little Puffer Fish Skirt and knew it was destined to become a part of my novelty print collection.

Available in sizes S-3X ~ MSRP $95USD

IMG_5971Seeing as this was my very first piece from The Oblong Box Shop, I relied on the feedback from other pinups who confirmed the size charts were indeed accurate. With my waist measuring 27″, I fell right in line with their size Small. Since there is no stretch to the waistband, definitely go by your larger measurement if your waist tends to fluctuate up and down. When my Puffer Fish Skirt arrived, I was literally giddy with excitement; my love of ocean theme prints is turning into a serious addiction. The waist fit snugly, there is no wiggle room if I was any larger since the waistband has zero give. Often with vintage circle skirts it’s next to impossible to determine where the zipper placement is intended to sit…at the back or the sides, left or right? Not thinking, I instinctively put mine on with the zipper in the back only to notice the side seam was right in the middle…Oops! If I had only looked at where the label was placed ahead of time, I would have seen that the skirt actually zips on the left hand side. Live and learn right? The Puffer Fish Skirt features an adorable repeating print, side zipper with button closure and measures 26″ in length. It is made from a quality polyester that is fabulous to not wrinkle unlike cotton. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt falls a couple inches below the knees.

IMG_5992 IMG_5987The Oblong Box Shop truly delivered on the Palm Springs 2015 Swing Collection, there was something to please everyone’s palate. It was a treat to see how each person styled the same skirt is so many ways, making it uniquely their own. The vibrant colours in each novelty print makes it easy to mix and match with items already in your closet. I really loved the fact that the polyester proved to be very functional for two reasons; one it doesn’t wrinkle even after sitting all day at my desk and two, the gathered fabric provides enough volume that you do not need to wear a petticoat. Overall, I find the Puffer Fish Skirt to be quite practical when it comes to a busy lifestyle, who has time to iron their skirts after every wear?

IMG_5991 IMG_5975When it comes to accessorizing the Puffer Fish Skirt, you can find a variety affordable options at The Oblong Box Shop to create a complete ensemble without breaking the bank. I paired mine with the Black Lil’ Bow Peek Top ($15), Purple Wide Belt ($15), little teal starfish earrings and black Vogue wedges by Remix. They also have charming brooches and earrings that match the Palm Springs Collection perfectly. I personally prefer not to wear a petticoat but if you like a fuller look, this is definitely an option.

IMG_5973The demand for affordable novelty print skirts has been truly well received by the pinup fashion community; The Oblong Box Shop’s Palm Springs Collection continuously sells out every time they are restocked. Make sure to grab your size while it’s there! For even more savings, sign up for their fan club and you will receive monthly discount coupons in addition to their customer loyalty Rewards Program.

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