Life Comes Full Circle

Lately I’ve found myself very inspired by a couple of fellow pinups that are quite well known within our lovely online community. Their fabulous sense of style has motivated me to venture outside of my comfort zone, finally taking the leap to overcome the notion that I simply can’t pull it off like others do. For one of our last summer shoots, I was inspired by the lovely Miss Amy May’s signature sock bun hairstyle and decided to look up some online tutorial to attempt my very own. To my surprise, it was super easy and only took a couple tries before I was satisfied with the final product. When it came to styling my ensemble, I felt there was some serious influence from Miss Victory Violet as she is known to create bold colour combinations sure to make a statement. With the magical combination of both those lovely ladies, I found myself feeling more confident than ever rockin’ the Deadly Curves Skirt in Cream Rose Floral by Deadly Dames!

Available in sizes XS-4X ~ MSRP $84 on Clearance now $42

IMG_5837 IMG_5860When it comes to choosing the right size in pencil skirts, I always have to succumb to the fact that my waist to hip ratio means I have to size up and invest in alterations. The Deadly Curves Skirt was no exception as it’s made from a non stretch fabric and my waist (27″) is a size Small but my hips (38-39″) are a Medium. It was no surprise that the size Medium fit my hips perfectly but the waist was gaping considerably. Thankfully I have a very skilled seamstress that tailored the waist beautifully without changing to original design. Now it fits like a glove! The Deadly Curves Skirt features sexy curve hugging design with a lovely kick-pleat, back zipper closure, unlined and comes with a wide vinyl belt in black. The fabric is a thick stretch (minimal) cotton sateen therefore you don’t have worry about it being sheer. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt falls a few inches below the knees.

IMG_5840 IMG_5869The Deadly Curves Skirt hits all the right high notes for me as I am absolutely infatuated with the elegant rose floral print. It’s classic and timeless, yet makes such a bold statement. The structure and thickness of the fabric actually permitted me to forgo wearing any shapewear and still have the illusion of a flawless silhouette. For those needing a little more help, the Rago 1294 Girdle would be your best choice. The only downside like all cotton fabric, it requires a good pressing with each wear and will wrinkle if sitting for long periods of time. The Deadly Curves Skirt is versatile for almost any occasion, dress it up or down with coordinating items already in your closet.


With inspiration from Miss Victory Violet, I chose to play up the bold colours in the rose print and create a delightful summer inspired combination. I paired the Deadly Curves Skirt with the Le Bomb Shop Cross Your Heart Bombshell Tank in fuchsia, the DD wide vinyl belt in white and my classic pinup Jane pumps in white by Ellie. Simply by changing the coordinating pieces, you can create a more fall appropriate look using the black vinyl belt that comes with the skirt.

IMG_5850 IMG_5849We are very fortunate to have so many inspiring ladies from around the globe in our marvelous pinup community. Where else can you find a such a large group of women from all walks of life that are sincerely supporting one another and sharing in their passion in a truly positive environment. These fellow pinups have not only inspired me but they have given me the spirit to believe that I too can rock any pinup look! This lifestyle of mine all began because of Pinup Girl Clothing many years ago and it is very humbling to see how it has come full circle.

PS. Don’t delay in snatching up the Deadly Curves Skirts as they are currently on clearance…once they are gone, they are not come back!


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