Unicorns and Rainbows

Unicorns and rainbows might sound like something out of a childhood fairy tale but unbeknownst to many; they hold very special meaning in the world of pinup fashion. When you hear the term “unicorn”, ladies are speaking of a highly coveted piece of clothing that is long discontinued and incredibly rare to come by. It is heartbreaking when you happen upon a design that you fall in love with only to find out that it is sold out everywhere and next to impossible to acquire. For well over a year, I searched endlessly for my unicorn and only came across a couple overseas that were sadly outside of my budget. My unicorn was one of mythical proportions, truly impossible to capture. Literally giving up on all hope, I checked the same retailers over and over for sales to no avail. One faithful day, I finally caught my Unicorn aka The Strawberry Summernight Dress in yellow by Emmy Design that led me to the end of the rainbow and to the “pot of gold”.

Available in Swedish sizes 34-52 in a variety of colorways ~ MSRP €217.60

IMG_6050Seeing as this was my very first time purchasing clothing by Emmy Design, I was at a total loss when it came to their sizing since their clothing is labelled in European sizes and the chart measurements are in centimeters. To begin, I started converting the measurements into inches (divide centimeters by 2.54) to see where I fell on the size chart, my bust (36”) was a size 38 but my waist (27”) was a size 36. The next step was looking for online blog reviews which helped me confirm I should be a size 36 (the equivalent to a small). The anticipation of my unicorn arriving all of the way from Australia was quite overwhelming to say the least. When the Strawberry Summernight Dress arrived, I quickly went to try it on not being able to contain my excitement. The bust and shoulders fit perfectly but the waist was quite loose and needed to be taken in a couple inches, a simple fix by my seamstress. Sizing down would not have been possible as the bust would have been too tight otherwise. The Strawberry Summernight Dress features a wide collar design with embroidered strawberries, a fitted waist with full skirt and hidden pockets, a matching wide fabric belt and concealed back zipper. What was most surprising was the waffle cotton pique fabric, the substantial weight and thickness is one of the highest quality I have ever seen in all my years of shopping online. At 5’-4”, the swing skirt falls a couple inches below the knees.

IMG_5998 IMG_6006Emmy Design truly has some of the most beautiful collections out there but they come with a higher price point as well. In good conscious, I could never have afforded to pay retail price for the Strawberry Summernight Dress but without doubt, it is worth every penny when it comes to superior quality and construction. That said Emmy Design often clears out past season styles at great discounted prices on their website, just don’t wait too long for your size to sell out. The Strawberry Summernight Dress is ideal for those cooler summer days due to the heavier weight of the waffle cotton. A fun fact…the design was based off of one of Barbie’s original dresses, adorned with a row of three roses instead of strawberries.

IMG_6000With the classic style of the Strawberry Summernight Dress, it’s best to keep your accessories simple. I chose a pair of strawberry earrings that matched the embroidery almost perfectly, with my go to white summer wedges and finished off with the Collectif Strawberry Bamboo bag. The full skirt pairs nicely with a petticoat, but there’s enough volume due to the thickness of the fabric to also go without (as seen in my photos).

IMG_6001 IMG_6004When it comes to chasing unicorns, be ready to invest some serious time and effort if you truly hope to apprehend those rare treasures. Persistence is definitely crucial…along with making sure to set a budget on what you’re willing to spend. I was very fortunate to finally capture the Strawberry Summernight Dress on clearance for 40% off at Trash Monkey. The endless searches and waiting was truly worth the fairy tale ending.

3 thoughts on “Unicorns and Rainbows

  1. I do love this dress and I managed to buy it just now (they brought back some of their previous dresses. I brought it in navy blue). I know its getting into the end of autumn/ beginning of winter but I plan to dress it up for the colder weather 🙂

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