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Thrifting Pin-Up Style by Jen from Betties N Brimstone

***Guest Post by Jen from Betties N Brimstone***

Hi, I’m Jen from the Betties N Brimstone ( blog! I’m so excited to guest post today about one of my most favorite hobbies – thrifting! So many people tell me that they never find anything when they go thrifting… but you have to know WHERE and HOW to look! It also doesn’t hurt to go regularly. Some days I score big time, and other times I may walk out with nothing. Here’s a typical trip through the thrift store with me:

I start at housewares.

housewaresI collect Pyrex, so I buzz past there first, just in case…on this particular day, there were two pieces of Pyrex, but they were so dishwasher-damaged that it wasn’t worth it. Pass.

Then, I head over to pictures and frames.

framesI collect religious art, so I sometimes find an awesome gaudy piece for my collection. No such luck today, but there are always a bunch of chunky frames (you can buy these and just pop out the artwork and glass!) that are super cool for brooch display boards and other DIY projects.

Speaking of brooches, I like to wander by the jewelry display case to see what kind of cute brooches or other accessories are available:

broochesCurrently, there are a ton of cute holiday brooches available. I do dream of spotting a Bakelite bangle one day…but it hasn’t happened yet!

Next, I wander through the other housewares and decorative items. Today I found an awesome black cat sculptural ceramic piece that I think I’ll use to hold business cards at art fairs. Score!

Next, I stroll past the skirts, just in case.

skirtsSavers organizes all of their clothing by size, so I’ve developed a pretty good scanning eye for specific fabrics (I once snagged a Hell Bunny dress for $9.99!), and I seem to have most success at finding pencil skirts in vintage-y wool plaid fabrics. I’m always looking for swing or circle skirts, too.

One of my favorite sections as of late is cardigans! I have discovered that it is best not to put yourself in just one size. I’ve found awesome sweaters tagged large, medium, AND small, so you never know. If you have the patience, flip through all of them, and pull out anything that catches your eye. You can try them on later and weed out your faves. It’s amazing how many designer brands you can find on the rack!

bananarepublicI always look for pin-up-ish cardigans with a slightly fitted style to them, which usually means sizing down. Lately, I’ve been scouring for cropped cardigans, as I’m only 5’1” and the cropped style works really great over my vintage repro dresses. Be open minded! I’m always surprised at what works and what doesn’t prior to trying them on! Today I found four possible options that I threw in my cart:

cardigan-choicesI tried them on, and ended up keeping the black cropped cardigan (always a staple piece that one can use!) and the striped tie-style cardigan:

tryonNormally, I don’t go for tie-style cardigans, but I do love me some black and white stripes! I have a black Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing that would be so cute with this! Score!

I have actually built up quite a collection of cardigans from thrifting, both cropped and longer length:

cardigansI actually keep a list of what colors I have, so that when I’m out, I can look specifically for colors that I don’t have, and don’t accidentally re-buy a piece I already have! The best part about thrifting for cardigans is that I typically spend $5-$10 per sweater, sometimes less if there’s a sale or I have a coupon!

Next, I head across the aisle to long-sleeve knits. This section is newer for me. I used to skip over it, until I realized how many awesome boat-neck-style tops I could find for my circle skirts for awesome prices!

boatneck1 boatneck2On the way to the next section, I pass by coats and skim the options. Today there was a super cool faux fur coat that’d be great for a pinup style! I don’t currently need a winter coat, so I passed, but how cool is this?

coatMy new favorite section is the lingerie and nightgowns. I’m on the hunt for awesome vintage nighties and glamorous robes!

lingerieSo far my collection is quite small. Only two vintage nightgowns. But today I found this awesome long sheer black robe/dressing gown that I am so psyched about! I think I’m going to start lounging around the house in this and pretend I’m Dita Von Teese. 🙂 All I need now are some maribou slippers.

My final stop on the thrifting rounds is belts and accessories. This is a great place to find vintage hair scarves! I have a ridiculous collection right now though, so I instead focus on belts.

belt-shoppingI’m kind of collecting a whole rainbow of options at the moment. The best part about thrifted belts is that I typically pay $1-2 dollars each, so if they don’t hold up, I’m not too sad about it. Today I spotted three options:

belt-ideasBut when I tried them on, one was too worn out, and the other two were too big. Whomp whomp. Even though I didn’t get any belts today, I have actually had a LOT of luck finding them. Check out this collection:

beltsEvery single belt in this photo was thrifted!

In the end, I purchased six items: two cardigans (one black cropped, one striped tie-style cropped), a vintage Tupperware canister in green, a ceramic black cat sculpture, the long black sheer robe, and a pale pink nightie. My total was $21. Seriously! Awesome!

whatIpurchasedThis was just one trip on one week to the thrift store. Every week is different from the rest. You just have to keep going and looking, and you never know what treasures you’ll end up with! I hope that this post helped you form a strategy for your next thrifting trip, pin-up style – and feel free to drop by my blog ( and let me know what awesome items you’ve scored while thrifting!

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A Sprinkle of Holiday Joy

With Christmas only being less than a week away, it is time for all of us to get into some holidays spirit whether we are ready for it or not. This is the busiest time of year for everyone and it is so easy to become a Scrooge if you don’t embrace the essence of what makes the holidays so very special. Knowing that my schedule was going to be flipped upside down working long hours and filled with last minute shopping, I found the perfect way to bring a little extra Christmas cheer to my wardrobe…novelty brooches! Erstwilder did it again; their Christmas Collection 2015 was just what we all needed to carry a little holiday spirit with us wherever we go! To top it all off, Erstwilder released a Limited Edition Dear Rudolph Brooch free gift with $100 purchase for their loyal customers…I simply had to have one!

From the moment I laid eyes on the new Erstwilder Christmas Collection 2015, I had an instant crush on Ginger the Christmas Cookie Brooch. He looked absolutely darling with his stylish red striped scarf, it was impossible not to take a little bite out of him since he is full of sugar and spice. Ginger’s rich cinnamon marbled colour makes him versatile to pair with any look; whether it be a casual or formal…he will add the perfect amount of holiday spice to your life. In the essence of Ginger’s creation, I thought I would bake him some companions.

*Outfit Details*
  • Erstwilder Ginger the Christmas Cookie Brooch
  • PUG Peasant Top in red
  • Nicole Katherine Skirt
  • Madden Girl red pumps.

IMG_6849 IMG_6831 IMG_6841 IMG_6839 IMG_6843It is unmistakable, the fact that Erstwilder thought to create the Limited Edition Dear Rudolph Brooch free gift for their clients says so very much about the heartfelt people behind the brand. Seeing as they chose Rudolph as the pioneer to spread their message of thanks, I believe they know us all too well. Although we might be seen as different for our passions of eras past…doesn’t mean what makes us unique can’t be celebrated just like Rudolph’s adorable little red nose. Dear Rudolph got a chance to frolic in the snow covered forest before his big night leading Santa’s sleigh.

*Outfit Details*
  • Erstwilder Dear Rudolph Brooch
  • PUG Peasant Top in white
  • Vintage Winter Forest skirt
  • BAIT Tessa blue wedges

IMG_6797 IMG_6821 IMG_6811 IMG_6814 IMG_6812Whether your family is ultra casual or fancy, you can easily add a little extra holiday cheer to any outfit with these festive novelty brooches. The Erstwilder Christmas Collection 2015 also includes the adorable yellow duck Merry Quack-Mas Brooch, a classic holly wreath Deck The Halls Brooch, the austere owl Senor Santa Hat Brooch and the time-honored Christmas tree Tis The Season Brooch. All these limited edition designs are now sold out at Erstwilder but don’t fret if you didn’t get yours yet…there are tons of authorized Erstwilder Stockists that still have them available. I immediately went to my favorite gal Vintage Pip to nab the Tis The Season Brooch before it was too late and it should be arriving any day now just in time for Christmas. To locate designs at the closest Erstwilder stockist nearest you, email: Don’t forgot to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for a daily dose of Erstwilder and to tag #erstwilder to be featured on their Instagram feed!


xoxo Jessica

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I Found Myself In Wonderland

It has already been a month since our wondrous trip to Walt Disney World but the memories are going to be with us for a lifetime. Seeing as I am a huge Disney fan and this was my first time going…I had to have the perfect outfits to show off my personal style! All the vacation planning was quite tedious to say the least so I was quite relieved to find the most darling vintage inspired Disney skirts months in advance on Etsy. One of my favorite characters is Alice so when I stumbled upon the Alice in Wonderland Vintage 50’s Novelty Border Print Circle Skirt by Shawna Lay Designs, I knew instantly it was meant to be.

Available in custom order sizing ~ MSRP $80-$110USD

IMG_6088With all of Shawna’s designs being made to order, you simply have to select the appropriate waist measurement between 22″-40″. If for any reason your need a size outside of what is available don’t fret, simple send her a message to discuss the option of a custom listing. All of the fabrics listed are available in very limited quantities therefore it is best to purchase immediately to avoid disappointment. This particular Alice in Wonderland Border Print was extremely popular and actually sold out in a matter of days! With my order placed, I waited patiently for my skirt to be made with the lead time being approximately 1-2 weeks based on the store’s policies. It no time, my custom Alice in Wonderland Circle Skirt was at the door and I was truly mesmerized by its beauty. The craftsmanship was phenomenal and very reminiscent of the gathered circle skirts from the 1950’s. The fabric was incredibly thick and gave the skirt so much body, I was quite surprised by the superior quality. The Circle Skirt features a very full gathered design, a wide waistband with button and invisible zipper closure. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt falls several inches below the knees.

IMG_6104Obviously there was absolutely no way I could wait to wear the Alice in Wonderland Circle Skirt with our Disney trip still being months away, I was completely smitten from the moment I laid eyes on it. Maybe that is my inner Disney geek coming out but the print designed by Koko Seki (printed by Lucien) positively captures the essence of Alice in Wonderland. One of my favorite details is the contrasting waistband, I sincerely believe that unique design element makes this skirt truly spectacular. Needless to say, this was an instant hit at Disney World…I had Cast Members and other park goers stopping me all day long gushing over how much they loved the Alice and Wonderland Circle Skirt.

IMG_6100The red, black and white colour scheme makes it super easy to style with separates already in your closet. It was a sure bet that the Scarlett bustier in red by Fables by Barrie was a match made in heaven. For work, I added a simple black bolero and paired it with the Vogue wedges by Remix. The Alice brooch by Tangerine Menagerie was the icing on the cake for this entire ensemble. With the fullness of the gathers and thickness of the fabric, you can add a petticoat for more volume or easily go without.

IMG_6105 IMG_6109At one time, Shawna had more of these Koko Seki Disney border fabrics available and I really regret missing out on the Snow White print as it continues to haunt me to this day. These particular designs are imported from overseas but luckily Shawna sourced several bolts of these fabrics from a US supplier and passed along the savings to her customers by offering affordable made to order circle skirts. Make sure to check out her Etsy Store for more incredible Disney fabrics and vintage inspired designs!


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Be Merry, Be Fabulous, Be You!

When the seasons begin to change, I find myself eager in anticipation to see all of the new designs being released from our favorite vintage reproduction designers. That said, I was personally on the hunt for practical dresses with longer sleeves to wear through the colder months and most importantly…wouldn’t break the bank just before the holidays. Luckily for us, Voodoo Vixen knew exactly what their customers wanted and released the truly classic Tiger Lilly Flocked Houndstooth Flare Dress.

Available in sizes S-4X ~ MSRP £62

IMG_6777In my experience, I find Voodoo Vixen sizing to be rather generous all over therefore I am able to size down to a Small despite my bust measurement (36″) exceeding the maximum by 2″. The Tiger Lilly Dress was no exception, the bust fit splendidly and the waist was a little loose but this was easily fixed by cinching the belt tighter. I was most thrilled that the shoulders  sat perfectly on my petite frame, something that is a constant challenge with these particular styles of bodices. The Tiger Lilly Dress features an asymmetrical wide collar, button bodice detail, elbow length sleeves, a flared skirt with matching belt and zippered back closure. The flocked hounds-tooth fabric is soft to the touch and has a slight stretch which hugs your curves effortlessly. At 5′-4″ tall, the flared skirt falls just below the knees.

IMG_6787 IMG_6770The Tiger Lilly Flocked Houndstooth Flare Dress is one of those classic styles that will remain a go to staple year after year. The subtle black and white check pattern makes it super versatile for a variety of events. If you have never owned something made from “flocked” fabric, be sure to adhere to the wash tags as it takes extra special care to maintain. Whatever you do, don’t use a hot iron because that will instantly melt the flocking, leading to irreparable damage to your new dress. I personally ironed mine inside out and then on a very cool setting to remove the packaging creases. One thing I found a bit odd was that the coordinating belt was ridiculously long, I had to pin mine around the back despite it being labelled a size small. Some of you may have quickly spotted the functional pockets, the black trimming detail makes it even more pleasing on the eyes.

IMG_6778 IMG_6784It has become a personal style fundamental to pair black and white patterns with bright pops of red…I simply could not resist doing so with the Tiger Lilly Dress. Although I wore the coordinating belt, I can definitely see myself switching it up for a vibrant cherry red to go with these Madden Girl Pumps. For a little more unique touch, add a lovely novelty brooch on the collar. The flared skirt is meant to drape naturally, no need for a petticoat this time ladies. This classic design will also look remarkable with bold coloured or monochromatic patterned tights to get you through those very cold winter months.

IMG_6781 IMG_6766If you are looking for a fabulous holiday outfit that can be worn again and again, the Tiger Lilly Dress undeniably fits the bill. Even if your family is super casual like mine, I think this ensemble will be casual enough to not raise an eyebrow from across the room and allow you to show off your personal style. Luckily for the readers of Pin Up Persuasion, Voodoo Vixen is feeling festive and offering an exclusive 20% off discount code PINUP20 valid now until January 31st. So don’t worry if Santa doesn’t bring you everything on your wishlist, Voodoo Vixen has you covered!

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