Paramount Corset Heritage

How often do you see a family owned and operated company that has been in the fashion business for over a 100 years and still one of the leaders in their craft? Simply, it is almost unheard of today and absolutely remarkable. Vollers Corsets began in 1899, when Harry & Nelly Voller established a shop and factory in Portsmouth, England. In the early 1900’s, corsets fell out of style as they were seen as a sign of suppression and as a result the second generation of Vollers began fabricating girdles. For four decades, they were the leaders in their new found craft, but the demand for nipped in waists returned in the early 1950’s. Fortunately for all of us, the next generation of Vollers went back to their origins fabricating high quality handcrafted corsets and still do to this present day. It is with great pleasure and honor to feature the Vollers Waist Hugger – Waist Training Corset in Black Spot Brocade.

Available in sizes 18-38 in black, white, & red ~ MSRP £160.00

IMG_7072For those of you who already own a corset, I would definitely recommend to stay with the same sizing when it comes to Vollers. If you are in the market to make your first corset purchase, it is best to consult the super helpful Vollers Sizing Guide (VIEW HERE) to determine the appropriate size. If your waist measurement is in between two sizes like me (waist 26″-27″), I recommend going down to the smaller size for more waist reduction. In this particular case, I selected my regular corset size 22. When my Vollers Corset arrived, I was quite impressed as it was hand wrapped in a lovely black presentation box; it is the small attention to detail that truly makes your purchase feel extra special. The Waist Hugger Corset is one of Vollers shorter styles which is ideal for my short torso as it measures only 9″ in length on the front/back and 8″ on the sides. Normally I struggle with off the rack corsets due to my narrow rib cage and wide hips but fortunately the Vollers Corset fit was spot on for my hourglass shape. The Waist Hugger Corset features a lovely black dot brocade fabric, 21 steel bones ideal for waist training, cotton twill lining, a wide modesty panel and durably nylon laces. Now if you are new to corsets, the LAST thing you want to do it put on your corset and lace it super tight the first time you wear it. This will not only hurt you, it will also damage the corset. To avoid this, you must begin by breaking in your new corset which is referred to as “corset seasoning”. This seasoning process allows the corset to mold to your body and permits you to get accustomed to wearing one as well. Start by wearing your corset snug (not tight) for short intervals of up to 2hrs a day and make sure to do so daily for at least week to properly season your corset.

IMG_7061 IMG_7060Now I must fess up to the fact that I was in awe for quite a while just holding the Vollers Corset in my hands. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be so fortunate to own a piece with such rich history seeing as the company has been making corsets for over a Century. As many of you know, I do not waist train and only wear corset occasionally so it took me a little time to get back into tight lacing again. The Vollers Waist Hugger Corset is so beautifully constructed and has a truly classic figure enhancing design. The black spot brocade fabric is elegant and one of the slimmest corsets I have ever worn. There was just something unique in the way it molded to my body seamlessly and did not feel like I was wearing a bulky steel boned corset. My waist was dramatically reduced with ease and comfort. This corset would be ideal to wear under your clothing seamlessly to create that jaw dropping tiny waist. The Waist Hugger Corset is actually designed for waist training and would be an excellent quality corset to invest in for beginners.

IMG_7051The wonderful aspect of corsets is that they can be worn under and over your clothing depending on the look you wish to achieve. I loved the way the Waist Hugger Corset paired wonderfully with a classic office chic look. This ensemble was achieved with the Pinup Girl Clothing Sabrina top, a simple grey pencil skirt and my go-to black round toe pumps. For every day corset wearing, I would not tight lace as seen here.

IMG_7068 IMG_7064It is truly magnificent to see a company with such rich heritage that has stood the test of time and continued to flourish through each era of fashion for more than eleven decades and counting. If you are looking for a quality corset that will last you a lifetime (Vollers offers a lifetime guarantee on all their corsets), you will not be disappointed!



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