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Many moons ago I heard whispers of an online retailer that offered the opportunity of customizing all their designs to suit the customer’s size and personal style at affordable price points. Maybe it was lack of timing for me or not being wowed by the current selection at that particular moment but I just moved on not thinking too much of this unique concept in an online retailer. Fast forward to late December, I spotted the most ravishing green retro inspired dress on another vintage lover and immediately asked her where it was from…she responded Eshakti. Instantly I realized it was the same retailer I had heard about before and decided it was time to give them another chance. Sadly the lovely green dress was currently out of stock but their selection of retro dresses were quite nice for the price. The Belted Cotton Check Pleat Neck Dress in Blue/Green and Red/Black both caught my eye and it was difficult to choose which print I loved more but thankfully I didn’t have to with their Buy One Get One Free offer going on.

Available XS-6X (or custom) in a variety of colours & prints ~ MSRP $49.95-69.95USD

IMG_7274 IMG_7250Eshakti offers off the rack sizing as well as custom fit to your measurements on all their designs. Since I opted to take advantage of the custom sizing, I will only be able to provide feedback on how that worked out in comparison to my measurements. If you are not familiar on how to properly measure yourself, definitely ask for help from a friend and use the helpful guide from Eshakti by clicking on the ? icon next to each box. Double and triple check to be 100% certain they are accurate before placing your order. In addition to custom sizing, Eshakti also allows you to modify the neckline, change the style of sleeves, and/or shorten/lengthen the hemline all for only $7.50 (free for first time customers). The creation process goes through several steps before arriving on your doorstep within 12-18 days: Pattern Creation, Fabric & Kit Creation, Cutting & Stitching, Quality Control, Packing & Shipping. By creating an account, you can watch as your order goes through each process and benefit from great multiple discount offers. Eshakti charges all taxes, duties, and shipping on your order so there’s no unexpected surprises when your goodies arrive. At my doorstep in under two weeks, my dresses were very well packaged with a business card indicating the names of each person that helped in the creation process…which I thought was really nice touch.

IMG_7271 IMG_7254In addition to taking advantage of their custom sizing, the only design modification I made to the Pleat Neck Dress was to lengthen the skirt to below the knees (26″) for a more vintage inspired look. I was quite nervous to try them on not knowing if they would be a complete disaster or not. Thankfully my fears were unfounded; both dresses fit very well and I am quite pleased with the overall quality. I did find was that the torso was a bit short but that was solely due to the measurement I provided, a simple revision to be made for the next time I order. Oddly, I did notice that the sleeves on the Blue/Green tartan have a back slit along with being more snug than the red even though they are the same style dress. I will see if there’s any seam allowance to let them out a smidgen for a little more wiggle room like the red tartan. The Pleat Neck Dress features a pleated high boat neck, elbow length sleeves, flared skirt with pockets, fully lined, with contrasting belt and back zipper closure.

IMG_7290 IMG_7252Eshakti is by no means marketing themselves as a vintage reproduction retailer but they do offer a nice selection of retro inspired dresses like the Pleat Neck Dress at affordable prices. After carefully looking over the construction of my dresses, I can honestly say they are very well made and worth the price. Made from quality cottons, Eshakti takes great care in ensuring the patterns line up perfectly at all the seams…something that can easily ruin any dress if not done flawlessly. They are very comfortable and a simple yet versatile design that can be dressed up or down depending on the setting.

IMG_7295 IMG_7263What a love most about tartan prints is that they make a statement and don’t require any accessorizing at all to look polished. The Blue/Green Check Pleat Neck Dress comes with a brown vinyl belt which paired wonderfully with the Remix Malaga Wedges. For a more casual look, I paired the Red Check Pleat Neck Dress with the ultra cute Jessica Simpson Mandalaye Ballet Flat in black. The flared skirt drapes beautifully and I definitely prefer to go without a petticoat.

IMG_7292 IMG_7260 IMG_7284 IMG_7256If you feel a little overwhelmed by all the options available at Eshakti from made to measure sizing to customizing the design of your dress…take a deep breath and start with baby steps. Not everyone needs custom sizing, so maybe choose a style of dress that you love and switch up the sleeves or simply change the length of the hemline. First time customers get a great introductory discount coupon, free customization in addition to the current sale promotions that are being offered.


7 thoughts on “Customize Your Style

  1. I’m glad you got both of them, Jessica! Both greens and reds look amazing on you! They are perfect for casual wear for fall and winter. I’ve only bought from eShakti once–I was very pleased with my order, will definitely shop again in the future when I have more disposable income and the right deal comes along.

  2. They still don’t ship to Europe 😦 That’s really frustrating. I remember getting all excited about their offer some time ago only to find out I can’t buy it.

    • Hopefully that changes soon for international customers. I had a gal from the UK send her order to me & I redirected it her. She found it worthwhile for the deal she got on the dresses and finally getting a chance to order.

  3. I rarely order dresses because they never wind up fitting me correctly (despite being relatively hourglass shaped, I still have odd proportions). Thank you for writing this review and exposing me to such a wonderful option!

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