Bombshell Winter Fashions

It seems like I have been searching for a bombshell knitted wiggle dress forever after selling my Bettie Page Beverly Knitted Dress after some significant weight loss. Sadly the Beverly was long discontinued and no other vintage reproduction brands were making anything remotely similar. The vintage equivalents seem to always be too large in size therefore I have simply succumbed to the realization that it just wasn’t meant to be. Just recently while innocently browsing the new releases by Le Palais Vintage by Winny, I immediately spotted a fabulous knitted wiggle dress with the most gorgeous scarf collar design. For weeks I kept going back and forth to the dress trying to justify paying that much to ship a parcel from overseas but I just could not pull the trigger. It was not until I discovered that the magnificent Dita Von Teese was coming to Toronto in February for her book signing and special performance, that I immediately knew the Le Palais Vintage Retro Scarf Collar Tight Knitting Dress was exactly the most perfect outfit for the occasion.

Available in sizes S-L ~ MSRP $104.99USD

IMG_7162 IMG_7106With Le Palais Vintage being based out of China, the sizing runs very small in comparison to what we are accustomed to here in North America. Miss Winny herself is extremely petite, therefore it is no surprise that her designs follow suit. The size charts are in centimeters and not inches, therefore you will need to use a handy online conversion tool to find the right size. Based on my measurements, bust 36″, waist 26-27″, hips 38-39″ I fell in line with the size Medium but my hips were borderline a Large. After contacting the team at Le Palais Vintage, they strongly recommended to order the size Medium as there is a generous amount of stretch in the knit. I made sure to place my order well in advance for the big event since shipping from China can take upwards of a month to arrive. To my surprise, the dress shipped within a week and was on my doorstep merely 3 days later! This really made me feel much better for spending $25 to ship one dress after all. My Le Palais Vintage order arrived in a lovely blue floral box, with my dress safely packaged in a water tight zip lock bag and a little extra gift…a reusable tote bag! I could not take the suspense any longer, I immediately tried the knitted dress and was so relieved that it fit wonderfully. The shoulders were on point, the lack of visible waist seam allowed the transition from my short torso to hips appear flawless and the length was spot on. The Retro Scarf Collar Tight Knitting Dress features the most exquisite faux scarf collar detail, long sleeves, a curve hugging pencil skirt with rear slit and back zipper closure. The knitted fabric is extremely soft, not scratchy even on my sensitive skin and stretches molding to your body. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt falls just above the knees.

IMG_7136 IMG_7160Now let’s be honest here…I too wondered if Winny’s designs would only look that incredible on her and be a total fail for someone that is much curvier in size. This is primarily the reason why I never placed an order since the launch of her line; I loved so many of her designs but was simply too afraid to risk such an expensive mistake if it didn’t work out. All those doubts quickly subsided when I ordered the Retro Scarf Collar Tight Knitting Dress, it was everything I had wanted in a bombshell winter knitted dress and was unable to find for so long. The detail that I adore most is the unique scarf collar that is conveniently designed to slide into the pre-made cut on the one side and finish off with a large brooch. One thing that had me concerned initially was that the dress was completely unlined unlike my Bettie Page dress and I was scared of it being transparent when the knit was stretched over my hourglass figure. To my surprise, the knitted material is very thick and did not become translucent even when stretched but I still chose to pair it with black stockings to be safe. For a wiggle style, I found this dress to be one of the most comfortable ones yet due to the curve hugging yet forgiving knitted fabric. There is no doubt that this dress is made for the colder temperatures as the plush knitted fabric will keep you very warm indeed. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine when Miss Dita Von Teese told me that she loved my dress when I met her at the book signing!!! That was the highest form of fashion endorsement from the queen herself!

IMG_7145 IMG_7142When it came to accessorizing the Retro Scarf Collar Tight Knitting Dress, I was really inspired with Miss Winny’s choice of styling. I purchased two large vintage inspired brooches on Etsy and dug out a pair of vintage black gloves that were given to me by my mother in law. Mastering the right placement for the scarf collar took a bit of adjusting before attaching the rhinestone brooch. I recommend standing in front of a mirror to figure out what looks best for positioning and use the brooch to secure the scarf in place. Once all that was done to my liking, I added a basic black thin belt, black sheer stockings and black round toe pumps to complete the bombshell look Winny created.

dita Dita2 Dita1Winny is a pinup fashion icon recognized for her beauty and style around the globe. It is no secret that Le Palais Vintage by Winny is designed for the more petite ladies and will not be suitable for all shapes or sizes but we can always hope that they will expand their offerings in the future. If you happen to see a design that you want, do not wait too long as their sizes sell out quickly and they rarely get restocked. A word of caution as a seasoned online shopper,  there are a lot of knock off companies that use Winny’s stock design photos online therefore the only two places you can buy authentic Le Palais Vintage clothing is from their Ebay Store (International) or from their online store (China only).


7 thoughts on “Bombshell Winter Fashions

  1. What an absolutely divine dress – a perfect shape and a lovely material. Somehow it looks cosy, authentic and edgy all at the same time! Karen

  2. Love the dress and you wore it well ;). I recently found Le Palais Vintage Ebay store and was able to place an order which went well. But shortly after wen I went to make a second purchase the store was no more. Do you know any other way to order her clothing? Have you tried Taobao with success?

    • I just checked and it looks like their shop is inactive. This has happened in the past and they returned…but I’m not sure of the reason. Her tabao site is the main one but doesn’t translate to English so I never bought from them there 😦

  3. it looks like the ebay site is still inactive – does anyone have any updates on where to buy? not sure i trust aliexpress!

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