Diversifying Our Personal Style

When you take a peek into my jammed packed closets, it becomes very apparent that I gravitate towards the same styles, prints and colours. What you will instantly see is that I adore circle skirts, floral and novelty prints in bright summery colours. Often it is almost subconsciously that we find ourselves buying these pretties because ours mind instinctively know what is our “jam”. Even though we are known to be creatures of habit, I find myself seeking out new designs to diversify my personal style more and more. Why should we limit ourselves and be defined by one particular style or era? When Emmy Designs released their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, I was captivated by the gorgeous Oriental influences combined with soft feminine silhouettes. The Shanghai Sweetie Dress in Navy Floral was truly breathtaking and so very unique from my personal go-to style.

Available in sizes 34-44, in various colourways ~ MSRP €172.14

IMG_8100Although European sizing might be a little bit daunting, Emmy charts are all listed in centimeter which can be easily converted online to find your proper size. Based on my measurements (bust 36″, waist 27″), I could likely fit in the size 34 but opted to stick to my usual size of 36 since this particular 40’s inspired silhouette is designed to drape off the figure and not be overly fitted. The fit was impeccable, there was ample room for comfort yet it did not look too loose and fit my petite shoulders perfectly. The Shanghai Sweetie Dress features a lovely Mandarin collar with contrasting red knot button closure, cap sleeves, a feminine fluted skirt and invisible back zipper closure. The gorgeous white tiki floral print on navy is truly eye catching, yet so classic. Made from a soft polyester fabric which feels weightless and like silky satin against your skin. At 5′-4″ tall, the fluted skirt falls just below the knees.

IMG_8120 IMG_8118I truly admire how Emmy Designs continually delivers unique and fresh designs in a world of vintage reproduction fashion that often becomes stagnant using the same cookie-cutter patterns. The Shanghai Sweetie Dress won me from the instant I tried it on. The lightweight fabric is perfect for those hot summer days, draping effortlessly and is very figure flattering. This is hands down one of those outfits that will keep you comfortable all day and all night long.  Normally I shy away from styles with high collared necklines as they tend to overwhelm a petite figure but I finally found a gorgeous Mandarin collar with vintage influences that fit me beautifully. Emmy Designs puts an incredible amount of effort into creating quality fitting clothing for their customers; it can be seen in how effortlessly their clothing enhances and flatters the female figure. My favorite design elements are the vibrant red Chinese knot buttons; classic and bringing such a richness to the lovely tiki floral print. The fluted skirt really gives it a more 1930-40’s feel and perfect to go from from day to evening.

IMG_8115From the moment I saw the Shanghai Sweetie Dress in navy floral, I knew it had to be accessorized with vibrant cherry reds. I mixed my vintage red bakelite bangles with white to compliment the tiki floral print, added a thin red belt to add definition my waist and paired it with my staple red Dennise wedges by BAIT. While visiting my best friend in Minneapolis, she styled my hair in a classic poodle updo and added some hairsticks to complete the look as we headed to a fun evening at my first Speakeasy.

IMG_8113 IMG_8117Although we may instinctively gravitate towards styles that are considered “safe”, we must challenge ourselves to diversify our wardrobes every once in a while. What may not have worked for you in the past may quickly become a new favorite once you find that impeccably crafted hidden gem. Each piece that I acquire from Emmy Design instantly becomes a coveted treasure in my collection. They will be admired and adored for years to come; unique yet classic designs and built to withstand the test of time.


10 thoughts on “Diversifying Our Personal Style

  1. Love that you took a chance on this one, so gorgeous! Amber did an amazing job on your hair, you should rock a poodle more often! Just beautiful!

  2. Hey sweetie you look so very lovely!! I love Emmy dresses and this one looks super adorable on you! I love the way you style it too! One thing though, you are not wearing chopsticks. You are wearing hair sticks, which Asians themselves actually wear. Wearing chopsticks with this dress would be racist, but that’s not what you’re doing so I thought I better correct you.

  3. You look beautiful! I love the print and the shape of the dress, it’s very flattering on you. The red in the knots is almost a perfect match for your hair! I think this was an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

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