A Stroll Through The Forest

These past couple months have been truly wonderful, I am so happy to be feeling more like my old self and back to sharing incredible reviews with all of you. I get so overjoyed with each new post and hope you all relish in them as much as I do. Today we are going to spotlight more magnificent frocks from The Pretty Dress Company! They have made such a huge splash this summer in the vintage reproduction world and now available exclusively at Unique Vintage for all us fashionistas in North America. One of their hottest new releases is the ultra-classic Hepburn Dress in Forest Seville.

Available in sizes 8-18UK ~ MSRP £129.00

IMG_8241 IMG_8254The Pretty Dress Company sizing is always very consistent throughout all of their designs; I have never found them to run far off from their size charts. With my measurements (bust 36”, waist 27”) falling closely in line with their size 10 (Small), it takes the guess work out of online shopping. The Hepburn Dress fit beautifully, with ample breathing room for when my waist fluctuates up or down. I was pleased that the sleeves were not overly tight or restricting whatsoever. The Hepburn Dress features a classic high neckline that flows into a “V” shape in the back, mid length sleeves, a nipped in waist with full swing skirt, is fully lined and closes with a back zipper. Made from luxurious stretch cotton sateen, TPDC signature Seville print pops beautifully against the rich forest green background. At 5’-4” tall, the skirt falls a couple inches below the knees.

IMG_8228 IMG_8260The Hepburn Dress is one of those authentic timeless designs that look remarkable on all body types. This isn’t your grandmother’s antique floral sofa; the Seville print is so charming and striking against the deep forest green tone. The scoop neckline that transitions into a soft V in the back is simple, yet very elegant. The intricately placed seams accentuate the body flawlessly while not sacrificing comfort. I instantly feel very “put together” when wearing the Hepburn Dress, a great option when you may be running short on time. The sleeve length makes this beauty versatile for all seasons and occasions. I am never disappointed with the impeccable quality and craftsmanship with TPDC; it can be seen and felt with how their designs accentuate the female figure wonderfully.

IMG_8233 IMG_8232With a rich forest green base to work with, it was a no brainer to select accessories that compliment the soft colours in the Seville floral print. I paired the Hepburn Dress with vintage plastic bangles in shades of pink, peach & yellow, a thin cream belt and my brand new BAIT Ida Fair Pink Pumps. For a little extra fullness, I added a hell bunny petticoat and simply rolled the waistband to shorten the length to match the Hepburn skirt.

IMG_8240 IMG_8245The Pretty Dress Company has seriously brought a new dimension to our little world of pinup fashions with unique and classic designs that appeal to women of all walks of life. I hear nothing but glowing accolades from old and new customers, setting the bar high by creating countless gorgeous new frocks that make us all swoon. The Hepburn Dress is sure to win many hearts and make everyone look utterly fabulous.


4 thoughts on “A Stroll Through The Forest

  1. Three huge cheers that you’ve been having a great couple of months. I hope that things only get better and more enjoyable for you as the summer continues.

    This dress – and the woodland setting that you captured it in – is just stunning!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi! This is a totally random question but I am about to purchase this dress and we have very similar body proportions so this was a really helpful post for me. But I wanted to ask, I sometimes find that arm sleeves run tight on me though (that freaking arm flab lol), I know you mentioned that the sleeves didn’t feel tight, how many inches around would you say your upper arms are? I’m getting this for an upcoming engagement party so I just wanna be sure I order correctly on the first try!

    • Hey lovely! I just measured and my upper arms at their fullest are around 12.5″. The sleeves on this dress are very comfortable and not restrictive at all. It will be so lovely for an engagement party. 🙂

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