What do YOU want to read about???

For the past 4.5 years, Pin Up Persuasion has been going strong with such devoted readers and I plan on continuing for many more years to come. That being said, recently I have noticed that the blog’s traffic has been unusually quiet and I have been racking my brain to figure out why. The only conclusion I have come up with is that I need to ask my readers what content they find the most interesting, helpful and informative.

I recently consulted with the Pinup Community on Facebook and received so MUCH wonderful constructive feedback that has inspired me immensely. I think focusing solely on product reviews since my health break has really limited my audience. I hope to use all of your incredible ideas to bring you more well-rounded content.

Next week I will be taking a short break from everything to enjoy a much needed vacation in cottage country with the hubby and our fur babies. This time will also allow me to brainstorm on great new ideas and subjects to feature on the blog.

Now tell me…What do YOU want to read about???


3 thoughts on “What do YOU want to read about???

  1. hi I love your blog and the style of dresses you show.Maybe I haven’t seen everything and you already talked about the following things but what I’d love to read more about would be
    – DIY on some of the dresses sewing tips and so on. DIY accessories
    -how to pin up your everyday style to go to work for example
    -mix and and match ideas
    hope you get LOADS of readers ^^

  2. I love your reviews, as we are almost the same size it helps…a lot. Blogging is hard, the audience is fickle. I have blogged for 6 years, I have now over 3k fans on FB, over 2k on Instagram, and various amounts in the hundreds from other sources, yet I get only on average 60 to 100 readers on my blog and maybe only 1 or 2 comments. Through the years I have asked this same question and the results is me always changing my spots so to say (they say a leopard can’t change thier spots) to make others happy…with only momentary rewards, so now I simply follow my heart . It makes for more a life blog and less focused, but it makes me happy and in the end that is most important as readers will come and go and readership will ebb and flow ….that being said maybe make up and hair? LOL

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