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Couture for Every-Body!

How often do you find clothing that looks equally as fabulous on women of all shapes and sizes? Pinup Girl Clothing is infamous for their mission of designing Couture for Every Body! They have broken the mold of the fashion world by creating clothing that flatter women from an extra small to plus size. All women deserve to feel incredible and not be limited by their body or size. By celebrating body positivity, we are breaking down the barriers of lifelong stereotypes that should never have existed in the first place. The Pinup Girl Clothing Customer Lounge has been such a positive forum for us to celebrate our love of pinup and demonstrates how Couture for Every Body is sweeping the globe. When PUG released the delightful Ella Dress in Floral Ribbon Print, the forum was all a buzz with gorgeous ladies showing off their love of this magnificent gem. I am pleased to have such beautiful women take part in this extra special collaboration  to showcase “Couture for Every Body!”

Christine G (XS)

“Pinup inspires me to dress exactly how I want and show off all of the aspects of myself. The Ella dress is a perfect way to show off the soft side of myself with its soft colors and delicate floral patterns!”


Vyvyan B (S)

“My PUG pretties have become a staple in my closet. PUG is something I wear on a weekly (almost daily) basis. I wear my Jenny skirts to the work, my Amanda dresses to a day in the park, and my Aurora dresses to the supermarket (there are too many to mention!). PUG is so easy to dress up (heels and a some fancy jewelry) and dress down (cardigan and sandals)! But even more important than the fact that I can wear my PUG almost everywhere, is that PUG has introduced me to some of the wonderful ladies I surround myself on a daily basis. Once you get a little taste of PUG it will creep into your closet and into so many other parts of your life!”


Megan L (M)

“Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG) has become far more than just clothing for me–my interest in PUG has become a powerful protective factor in a long-term battle with anxiety and depression. Having beautiful clothing means that I have added incentive to get out of bed, dress, and leave the house with the confidence that I look my best. Most of all though, my love of PUG has led me to make firm friends and to build a support network of like-minded ladies who truly comprehend, share, and therefore empathize with my struggles. It has been a life-changing interest, and for that, I am truly grateful.”


Roberta D (M)

I found PUG during a difficult time in my life when I wasn’t sure who I wanted to be anymore. It’s taken on a life of its own, and 3 years later, the confidence I’ve found has shaped me into someone whose even more comfortable in my skin than ever.


Heather M (M)

“I work in a middle school library. I’m surrounded by teenagers all day. I’ve been able to wear PUG to work every day and still be totally appropriate. Jenny skirts, Nancy and Elizabeth dresses, you name it. It’s been a culture shock for everyone, since they’re used to me rolling up in jeans and hoodies. New school year, new me!

The pink floral Ella makes me feel so girly. I don’t have a lot of pink in my wardrobe, so it’s a nice addition. It’s comfortable and flattering, and the fabric is beautiful.”


Rachel E (L)

I’m quite new to the PUG scene with my first purchase in April with the Paris Jenny skirt and Bright Blue Peasant. I have bought a few ther tops and skirts since then but this is my first PUG dress! I think it’s perfect for summer as opposed to my Sabrina top and Jenny outfits. I wore PUG to my work at least everyday and got so many compliments on my outfits from coworkers and guests. A lot of people loved the style! I can definitely say I’m PUG obsessed and can’t wait to purchase more of these beautiful clothes!”


Sonia L (L)

“How do I incorporate PUG into my everyday look? By simply mixing and matching with other pieces from their website or non PUG items. Sometimes it will be one of the Jenny skirts with plain vest top, crop cardigan and ballet pumps or a pair of jeans and one of their peasant tops. I always tend to pick out one colour from a patterned dress and pick accessories that match.”


Sonja F (XL)

“PUG is such a huge part of my life. It took me a very long time to learn how to be a person that i like. (a late bloomer you might say) but I’ve always loved the pinup Style so incorporating PUG goes a long way to helping me see myself as that person. when i was 27 years old, i weighed 310 lbs. I was sick, i was tired, and i wasn’t going to make it to my 40th birthday if i continued on the path i was on. So here i am, nearly 7 years later. 115 lbs lighter and living the style i love. Very few days go by where i don’t incorporate some kind of PUG item into my look and i feel better and better every day!”


Rebecca C (XL)

“I work from home, so I pretty much only have two modes of dress: athletic wear and PUG. I’ve always loved vintage style clothing, but fit has always been issue. PUG’s clothes are gorgeous, feminine, and fit my body type so well I see myself as being a lifelong customer.”


Ashley R (2X)

“The way that I incorporate PUG into my everyday lifestyle is easy. When you have an incredible dress, which feels as though it was designed for your body alone, it almost speaks for itself. In the Floral Ribbon Ella, I am able to throw on a cardigan, pull up a petticoat or underskirt and head out of the door. If I am feeling fancy, I may slap on some pearls, mascara and a hair flower and voila! I’m ready AND gorgeous! This particular dress is very comfortable and low maintenance which makes it a simple choice to add to my work wardrobe or in this case, my tea party! Pinup girl clothing has designed separates and dresses to mix and match such a variety of choices that even when you’re not so sure you pulled it off, you actually slayed it! Being able to have so many subtle color choices make it very easy to accessorize as well, and It also allows for a confidence that sometimes can be buried so low you forget it’s even there. Because of PUG, I can be me, in many outfits and many ways! “


Marisa J (2X)

“I work in a courthouse built in 1959. It has the look and feel of an era long gone.  However, because of the nature of my work, I can’t always wear my brightest PUG outfits, however, I always add a bit of flair to my attire with touches of PUG whether it is a Sean Top, an Italian landscape Jenny, or a hair flower.  When my most conservative workwear is required, I carefully plan out my weekend activities so I can wear my most bright fun PUG pieces, especially the Floral Ribbon Ella.  This dress reminds me of the English style gardens and tea parties I experienced when I lived in Oxford England.  So I felt it was appropriate that my first outing in this stunner was at the Rose Garden at the LA Natural History Museum Rose Garden. This is by far one of my most flattering PUG pieces to date and I can’t wait to wear it again!”

marisa marisa2

Taylor H (2X)

“Repro has definitely helped me view my body differently. I’ve always been bigger but had a lot of issues with plus size fast fashion. Buying wrong sizes to compensate for having a larger chest or sizing up in jeans because of bigger legs. When you have that much trouble with ill fit clothes you end up hating shopping. Once I started buying into PUG I stopped hating my body that never seemed to work for the clothes available to me. These were clothes that totally did work and dispelled that my bust or big legs were problematic. Also bonus points, I hate having to deal with matching tops and bottoms so dresses really take the guess work out of it. I personally wear it with the light yellow crop cardigan with it. I’ve been really thrilled it matches the light blue bait dennise wedges that I’ve owned forever. For reference in a 36f 36.5″ waist 49 hips and took a 2x.”

taylor taylor2

Christina S (3X)

“I incorporate PUG in my everyday lifestyle.  I wear it to work, on the weekends to run errands or just to feel pretty around the house.  I have given up pants and embrace dresses rain or shine.  I love the feeling I get when I wear my PUG dresses.  I may not always get the nicest stares but I feel good and I know I look good!”

christinaPinup Girl Clothing is breaking down the barriers and empowering women to embrace their bodies. “Couture for Every Body” is not just a company slogan but a powerful message that is bring body positivity to the forefront. Thank you to all of these lovely ladies who shared how PUG inspires them and for rocking their Ella Dress in Floral Pink Ribbon!


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How to Look Fabulous for Under $100.

It is no secret that our love of vintage and pinup comes with a hefty price tag. With the rising prices of vintage reproduction clothing, many of us have to cull back our shopping habits and/or seeking more affordable alternatives. Let’s get real…most people cannot afford to spend upwards of $150 on one dress but we all know that our style costs substantially more than the “fast fashion” that is readily available in our local malls. We “collect” quality made clothing that will last for many years unlike the disposable nature of retailers like Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, etc. Today, I will showcase two fabulous ensembles that cost under $100USD and share helpful tips to find great savings to stretch your dollar even further!

Look # 1 – $100

Dress ~ Dolly & Dotty $43USD (£32.99)

Shoes ~ BAIT $32USD (Clearance)

Brooch ~ Luxulite $25USD

IMG_8487 IMG_8489 The Vanessa dress is a great staple that can be styled in a variety of ways to create versatile looks all year round. With this being my first dress from Dolly and Dotty, I was unsure of their sizing and found my measurements (b36w28) to be in between the 10 and 12. Taking a risk, I went with the smaller size 10 since the 12 would have been quite big in the waist. With the fabric not being stretchy at all, I found it to be quite snug all over, especially in the bust (this style appears to run on the smaller side of the size chart) and I definitely recommend sizing up on this one. Tip: Sign up for the Dolly & Dotty newsletter to save 10% off your order.

IMG_8498 IMG_8494Since I always love a pop of colour, I opted to switch out the check belt with a nice cherry red that I had from another dress. Tip: Mixing and matching accessories is the key to creating a variety of new looks with your wardrobe no matter the size. The BAIT Dennise Wedges have always been my favorites since they are super comfortable and coordinate with pretty much everything including vintage and reproduction. Tip: BAIT is now available on Zulily for insanely low prices. You can also nab their end of season styles on Black Friday for double the savings. Adding a novelty brooch to any outfit really adds a little pizazz and ties everything together. Luxulite is available on Etsy and at some of your favorite online retailers so you can nab them with other items to save on shipping. Tip: Check out your local Antique Stores & Thrift Shops to find old brooches for under $10.

IMG_8481 IMG_8480

Look # 2 – $92

Dress ~ Dolly & Dotty $52USD (£39.99)

Shoes ~ BAIT $40USD (Sale)

IMG_8518 IMG_8514 Originally I really wanted the Darlene dress in beige and green but it sadly sold out in my size as soon as they were restocked. The mint/coral was a great second choice seeing as it’s a fabulous and unique colour combination. Tip: Branching out from your go-to favorite colours helps to diversify your wardrobe. The Darlene appears to run more generously in comparison to the Vanessa and the fabric has a little bit a stretch as well. The size 10 fit me well with room to spare in the waist. The medium weight fabric makes this dress perfect for the cooler seasons and comes in a variety of colour combinations that are flexible to wear year round.

IMG_8537 IMG_8513The Darlene is a great style that can go from day to night. Tip: Simply change your accessories and shoes to transition your daytime look to evening glam. Thanks to the unique colour blocking below the bustline, it creates the illusion that is a two piece ensemble. Once again, I found that my BAIT Demi Wedges matched perfectly and I got them at PUG during their Black Friday Sale in 2013. Tip: Make a wishlist of items that you can mix & match but don’t often go on sale (make sure they are stock items available year round). Have your wishlist ready when planning Black Friday purchases and make a point of prioritizing the retailers that only ever have a big sale once a year. You’ll save a lot more money! A fun and inexpensive way to accessorize any outfit is with costume jewelry. Plastic bangles, fun charm bracelets, chunky necklaces and earrings can all be found at any local thrift shop, tween stores, Etsy, etc. for under $10. Tip: Check out local estate or garage sales, often you can buy costume jewelry in bulk for super cheap.

IMG_8522 IMG_8525Retailers like Dolly and Dotty are creating affordable vintage reproduction designs, while not sacrificing quality like in “Fast Fashion”. With more budget friendly options, we are able to grow our wardrobe and also offer a great starting point for the ladies just beginning to dip their toes in the pinup lifestyle. I am all for finding the best deal and supporting local thrift shops recycling old treasures. There are endless ways that we can look fabulous on a limited budget. My everyday look consists of minimal makeup (ie: liquid black eyeliner, mascara), hair tied up or occasionally straight, with full emphasis on my outfit (dress, brooch, costume jewelry and cute shoes). Pinup is not just about fashion but how one carries herself and exudes confidence.  I hope these little tips and tricks help you look fabulous for less! 😉


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