Pinup Fashion For All Generations ~ Part One: Teens & Twenties

For as long as I can remember, society and the media have always dictated what fashion trends are suitable for each generation. A few month back, the article “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After 30″ made quite a stir online with its foolish expectations of what the author deemed inappropriate for those of us over 30.  In this day in age, we have the freedom of self expression and no one should pass judgement on those who choose not to conform. A fellow pinup blogger Jessica from Warning: Curves Ahead penned the best response to the article and you should all definitely check it out “24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear”. What I adore the most about the vintage/pinup fashion community, there are no limitations of age and the diversity of ethnicity is boundless. Today marks the debut of a fabulous mini-series “Vintage/Pinup Fashion For All Generations”. This series will showcase remarkable women ranging in age from teens in their sixty’s and how they embrace this lifestyle at any age.



“I got into pinup a few years ago when my mom discovered PUG. I’ve always loved history and old/vintage stuff and when my mom started getting vintage clothes I was totally into it. (Although at the moment my collection is extremely small) 🙂
Getting into vintage taught me that no matter how you like to dress, there’s probably someone out there who likes it too.”





“I’m 14 years old and I really love the pin up style. I grew up listening to rockabilly, psychobilly and etc. My inspiration is my mom because she’s dressed like this for a very long time. So does my Tia so I kinda just grew up around the style and when I was little my mom would dress me up and put makeup on me and just do the full bazam. As I grew older I understood the style more and everything is just so pretty. If I could I would probably dress pinup all the time, the era is just so beautiful.”




“I think the burlesque and pinup industry have very much influenced my style. As a 27 year old living in the Los Angeles area I feel I’m able to experiment with a menagerie of different looks. My style is eclectic. Often I ask myself who I want to be today rather then what I want to wear. I’m also a bit of a magpie I think that comes from my Burlesque side! Volume, soft feathers, rhinestones that sparkle like diamonds eye catching prints? You can bet Ill be interested! Luckily my current job allows me to wear pretty much whatever I want so I usually take that and run with it!! I do have my favorite modes I switch between however! The most frequent looks I like to switch between are “vampy pinup”, “chic goth” and female dandy. I love the feminine and flirty look of a vamp, the spooky and mysterious whimsy of a goth and the strong silhouette of menswear. Sometimes my looks just start with once piece, a brooch, a hat a, pair of shoes and I build from there. I really love being able to express myself through fashion its a great creative outlet! My next move is to create my own blog! Till then you can follow me on IG @ashleeta !”

ashleeta4 ashleeta2 ashleeta3 ashleeta1 ashleeta


“My name is Christine and I am currently 22 years old living in Southern California. Right now I am an Illustration student in my last year of college and also work at a vintage clothing/costume shop. I grew up around antiques since my grandmother was an antique dealer, but vintage style wasn’t something I truly started to get into until my high school years and has evolved ever since and has become both a huge part of my life and a way I dress each day. It’s definitely not something I just woke up and decided to do one day, it’s many years of trying things out, breaking out of my shell, gaining confidence to wear what I liked, and learning about about vintage style. After that it was years of building my wardrobe, practicing doing my hair over and over again, and just making this my everyday life. Despite having a full schedule being a full time student and having a job, I aim to show off my personal style each day even when I’m in classes. Luckily I have the opportunity to express my style at my job and especially in my free time. I’ve been fortunate enough to make friends with so many other vintage loving people and become part of the vintage community. It’s become more than just a style of dress but a way of life for me that lets me express who I am and what I love.”

christine2 christine3 christine5 christine4 christineI wish to thank Yesmine, Lillian, Ashleeta and Christine for sharing a little about their lives and personal style with the readers of Pin Up Persuasion. These stunning young women are setting the bar high for their generations; exuding poise, beauty and self confidence. Stay tuned for Pinup Fashion For All Generations ~ Part Two: 30s!!!


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