Be A Flamingo in A Flock of Pigeons

Each year we all get super excited when our favorite vintage reproduction brands show us sneak previews of their upcoming collections at the bi-annual tradeshows such as MAGIC and London Edge. The anticipation is profound but also torturous. We are seeing new sample designs that are not due to be released for several months since designers are always planning two seasons in advance. Last winter, Collectif Clothing showcased a show stopping dress that made many of us swoon with delight. To make the wait even more gut wrenching, this dress was delayed in production until the end of the summer season. Although she will have to stay tucked away in my closet until spring, the Vanessa Striped Flamingo Dress deserves to take center stage for all to see!

Available in sizes 6-22UK ~ MSRP £129.00

img_8754Luckily Collectif sizing remains very consistent to their size chart and it is easy to find the right size every time. Lately my waist measures 28” so I opted to go with the size 10UK (Small) seeing as there is no stretch to the fabric. When my parcel arrived, I was very surprised at how heavy it was for one summer dress but I had no idea how special the Vanessa Dress truly is. The fit was phenomenal, ample room for comfort and zero gaping around the straps which is such a relief for us petite ladies. The Vanessa Dress features a boat neck with scooped back, full box-pleated skirt with….get this…a built in petticoat and contrasting white satin sash. Made from a luxurious satin fabric, featuring the most gorgeous flamingo border print and accented by the light blue/white stripes. At 5’-4” tall, the hemline falls several inches below the knees.

img_8752 img_8770There is no doubt that the Vanessa Striped Flamingo Dress is for those of us who love to make a statement when walking into a room. Now I know many customers were very put off by the high price tag in comparison to Collectif’s usual designs but I can attest that the investment can be clearly seen in the gorgeous satin fabric and detailed construction which was used to create the Vanessa Dress. Bespoke prints like the magnificent flamingo floral border take extreme precision for proper placement to ensure the design looks flawless. Another point to make mention, the satin will be quite wrinkled out of the package due to how delicate the fabric is and requires a bit of patience to steam it to be silky smooth again. The Vanessa Dress is not your basic everyday basic summer dress; it deserves to be worn for special occasions and appreciated for its unique charm.

img_8759Sometimes I find less is more when it comes to accessorizing especially with the gorgeous flamingo print that deserves to take center stage. I simply paired the Vanessa Dress with complimentary plastic bangles and the Pleated Toe Wedges in white by Remix. Since there is a built in petticoat, there is no need to add one unless you wish to create a more voluminous look.

img_8757 img_8756The old saying “good things are worth waiting for” rings true with the spectacular Vanessa Dress. Although I hate to tuck her away for the cold winter months, I know it will be one of the first dresses I reach for once summer arrives. Now we can start counting down the days until the upcoming London Edge Expo to see Collectif’s Collection for Spring/Summer 2017.


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