A Time Capsule Is Opened

This season, I am really focusing on finding new ways to incorporate vintage fashion year round and no longer taking the easy way out. We must challenge ourselves to break out of old habits and discover classic styles that we may of never considered before. It is often said that vintage fashion is very “dressy” with very few “casual” options but that does not mean casual options do not exist, they are simply more rare to come by. Fortunately there are a very select group of designers like Atomic Swag, who are preserving the integrity of the past and reproducing authentic designs that we could only dream of owning today. Although it may take them years to reproduce these designs, they are dedicated to recreating nothing short of vintage purity. We all know good things are worth waiting for and the Atomic Swag Crazy Rock N Rock Sweater is out-of-this-world impressive.

Available in sizes S-XL ~ MSRP $89.99

img_8743Although I own several Atomic Swag tshirts, I had a feeling the sizing for the knit sweaters might run a little differently so I decided to consult their team for guidance. Based on my measurement (bust 36″, waist 28″) they recommended the size Medium as these sweaters are designed to be worn fitted, not loose or baggy. The fit was good, the knit hugged me in all the right places and the length was perfect with high waist jeans but I likely could have stuck with my usual size Small. The Crazy Rock N Rock Sweater features the most delightful music note design accented with a rich red ribbing along the cuffs, neckline and hem, with long sleeves and cropped length designed for high waist bottoms. Authentic to the 1950’s, the music notes are knitted right into the sweater pattern itself and is made from a incredibly soft knit yarn.

img_8720 img_8724Atomic Swag has done the impossible, they have gone back in time and brought the Crazy Rock N Rock Sweater to modern day. For those of you who are unfamiliar with vintage, these types of sweaters are incredibly rare and often sell for upwards of $300-500 if you are fortunate to find one in fair condition. It is unbelievable how Atomic Swag worked so long and hard to reproduce these sweaters true to their era meanwhile keeping the price tag very affordable for their customers. In all of my years wearing vintage and reproduction, I have never found casual clothing that come close to the quality of Crazy Rock N Rock Sweater. The craftsmanship is impeccable and so ridiculously comfortable!!! The soft cream accented with the rich red and black make this a great staple piece in any wardrobe.

img_8717The Crazy Rock N Rock Sweater is versatile to pair with a variety of high waist bottoms; whether it be jeans, cigarette pants or a sexy pencil skirt…you can mix and match endless possibilities. I personally keep accessories simple with casual styles and use this opportunity to pair colourful flats for a cute comfortable look.

img_8730 img_8729No longer do we have to lust over what can’t be, Atomic Swag has found their very own time capsule to recreate the Crazy Rock N Rock Sweater. Just like their vintage counterparts, these sweaters are limited releases and will never be restocked so grab them while you still can!


5 thoughts on “A Time Capsule Is Opened

  1. I love the sweater! Have you done a post about these jeans? I have a hard time finding jeans that fit properly given my waist to hip ratio, especially with high-waisted styles. I love the look of these and am in the market for a new pair so I thought I would ask!

    • These are no name jeans from a local Canadian store called Dynamite. They are unfortunately not a brand that is widely available so I am not able to post about them sadly. I do recommend the Rebel Kate jeans from Collectif, I’ve reviewed those in the past 😉

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