Pinup Fashion For All Generations ~ Part Three: Sixties

What a better way to finish off the year with the final installment of “Pinup Fashion For All Generations”. Each lovely dame has shared how they embody their love of vintage fashion everyday. They demonstrate how to transcend the pressures of the media to dress or act a certain way depending on your age. Today’s lovely dame is such an inspiration in our pinup community and I couldn’t be more honored to have her guest post for Pin Up Persuasion. We can only dream of looking this fabulous when we are in our Golden Years!


Ingrid “Pinup Granny”

“How to pinup as a granny

As a child of the fifties PUG is memory lane for me. I still remember what a 1958 Cadillac looked like when it was brand new. I’m a 64-yo granny and live with my husband in Helsingborg, a small seaside town in Sweden. We have a house, two cats and a very happy life. Hubby works from home with tech support and I play housewife.  I totally blame Nigella Lawson for my PUG addiction. I love her; have almost all her cookery books and anyone who has seen the iconic photo of her wearing a red wiggle dress know what I’m talking about. That dress got me looking and I found a few sites on the net.

What I love most about the designs from Pinupgirl Clothing is the quality and versatility. PUG offer garments that are casual, work appropriate, elegant, edgy or outright sexy af. Whatever I want to do and wherever I plan to go there is always something fit for the occasion. As a retiree I usually do house and garden work in the morning. In summer that means casual shorts and a top. After that I shower and put on something nice like the LB high-waisted shorts or a dress. I have a few skirts, but I’m not a skirt girl. Dresses and pants feel more comfortable.

The PUG fan page on Facebook is very encouraging and a great source of inspiration. I never thought I’d dare to wear a wiggle dress or shorts in public, but now I do and feel fabulous. I was on the fence with the Jenny dress for a long time, but the Paris Jenny was a hit and is now one of my favourite summer dresses. PUG brings sunshine to my golden years.”

2015-07-24-tiki-20 2016-06-28-denim-shorts-1 2016-06-26-havet-2



There are very few fashion communities that embrace women of all ages, shapes and sizes like our pinup family. I say “family” as that is what we truly are. There is so much love, respect and support among women from around the globe, all brought together by their passion for vintage fashion. Let us end 2016 celebrating our incredible pinup family! Don’t forget the past, EMBRACE it! Thank you all for your continued support and see you in 2017!!! Happy New Year!!! ❤


4 thoughts on “Pinup Fashion For All Generations ~ Part Three: Sixties

  1. This interview honestly made me tear up a little bit. Ingrid is such a beautiful soul (just like you, Jessica!) and her words really captured what I love most about the pinup community. Thank you for this wonderful series! I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds ❤.


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