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Viva Rockabilly Weekend 20 Outfits Round Up!

As many of you know, the one thing I truly look forward to when attending the Viva Rockabilly Weekend is getting all dolled up. The guarantee of beautiful hot and sunny weather always makes it the best place to step up my game and really go for it especially at the car show. This year,…


Pin Up Persuasion Viva Meet Up!

Hey everyone! A few of you asked me to arrange a meet up at Viva with my readers and I wanted to see how many of you were interested before setting a date/place. Seriously, I am humbled at the thought of my readers wanting to meet little old me. If you see me at any…


Vintage Restoration ~ Velvet Flocking Part Two

After taking a week off working on this lovely restoration project, I am excited to bring to you Part Two. If you missed Vintage Restoration ~ Velvet Flocking Part One, please click HERE to read it now. Seeing as this beauty needed a good cleaning and there was some residual velvet fibers in some areas…