Vintage John Wolf Torri Gate Scenic Print Skirt

If you have not gotten a chance to have a look see, the blog got a long overdue face lift recently; I hope that everyone likes the new less cluttered layout as much as I do. More changes will be coming soon, I am working with a local artist to create a fresh new logo seeing as the blog has evolved so much over the past 5.5 years. Please stay tuned…

With summer quickly coming to an end, I am taking advantage of the unseasonably warm days in September to squeeze in as many more summery outfits as possible. Screw the old faux pas of not wearing white after labour day…enjoy each day to its fullest! My Vintage John Wolf Torri Gate Scenic Print Skirt has been by far ones of my all times favorites to wear when the sun is shinning and the flowers are in bloom.

  • Skirt: Vintage John Wolf Torri Gate Scenic Print
  • Top: Fables by Barrie Mauve Bustier
  • Shoes: Remix Pleated Toe White Wedges
  • Belt: PUG White
  • Jewelry & Handbag: Vintage

The Torri Gate Scenic Print Skirt is the one that started my adoration for John Wolf Scenic Prints, they are hands down some of the most stunning scenery you will ever see on wearable canvas. Although they are becoming increasingly harder to come by, there are still many available in a variety of colourways and landscape sceneries. Most are handmade by the 1950’s housewives as the John Wolf Textiles were sold by the bolt during that era. I acquired mine from the Novelty And Border Print B/S/T (Pre-1965) Facebook Group.

This vintage treasure has been a part of my collection for a few years now and it is definitely not one I intend to let go of any time soon. The Torri Gate Scenic Print Skirt was one of the first scenic prints skirts I acquired and it was the beginning of another obsession wanting to collect them all. The gorgeous Torri Gates are set upon a striking blue/turquoise sky surrounded by the lake with blooming cherry blossom trees and mountains in the distance. Luckily the Torri Gate Print can also be found in 2 or 3 other colourways, but I have to confess that I love this particular colourway the most.

With so many gorgeous colours in the print, it allows me to create a variety of outfit combinations for just about any occasion. Of course I had to show you my all time favorite look…the Torri Gate Scenic Print Skirt paired with the Mauve Bustier from Fables by Barrie, white Pleated Toe Remix wedges and vintage white barrel handbag. Needless to say, these unique sceneries are great conversation pieces and often garner lots of attention wherever you go.




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