Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

When things don’t go as planned, it can really dampen your spirits instantly. This is exactly what happened for our long awaited autumn blog photoshoot. I had meticulously chosen my favorite autumn  themed ensembles to showcase in the most magical picturesque setting surrounded by the rich autumn colours only to arrive on site to find all the trees were still green! Honestly, mother nature is quite out of sorts these days…I have never seen so many green trees still full of leaves in late October. Despite my disappointment, the hubby drove around our little town and found a lovely little park for us to take photos for the afternoon. I quickly forgot our rocky start, embracing my love of autumn to not disappoint my readers.

More and more, I find myself pairing vintage reproduction with authentic vintage to create practical everyday looks. They are two worlds that can easily compliment one another; just imagine the possibilities. Where does one start? Find versatile vintage reproduction that can be mixed and matched with just about anything. One of my go to staples for autumn and winter are the Emmy Design Ice Skater Cardigans, they are the bees knees! If you haven’t heard of them before, you will wish you had long ago.

First things first, yes they are probably the most expensive cardigan on the market but they are worth every penny! I refer to them as investment pieces, seeing as they will become staples in your wardrobe for years to come. Second, they sell out FAST every season…be ready to buy them right away, even consider pre-ordering them from Emmy Design authorized retailers. Lastly, select the colour that will coordinate the most with your current wardrobe since you will likely only buy one to start.

This year, I knew that I had to own the gorgeous Ice Skater Cardigan in Cinnamon and therefore stalked the Emmy Design website waiting for them to be released. I learned from previous years, do not procrastinate as they will sell out in most sizes almost immediately. This would be my second Ice Skater Cardigan, previously purchasing the fabulous Mustard from one of their online resellers in 2016. I will get to why I love them so much but here is a list of potential shops that may have still some in stock:

Now let’s talk about what makes the Ice Skater Cardigan is so fabulous! We can all see that they are a beautiful cable knit design, reminiscent of the vintage sweaters from the 1940s. But what you cannot see is that they are made from 100% quality wool that is NOT itchy WHATSOVER and will not lose it’s shape over time. The impeccable craftsmanship is nothing like the knits currently available on the market, these will last for years possibly decades if well cared for. Since they are made from non synthetic yarn, they are breathable while keeping you toasty warm. I wear their smallest size 34/36 comfortably, it’s a little loose but perfect for layering.

The Ice Skater Cardigans are the quintessential staple that pairs beautifully with repro and authentic vintage.  They can be worn with trousers, skirts, denim, or layered over dresses…the possibilities are endless. With the cooler autumn days upon us, I am pairing them with my favorite vintage novelty print skirts like this darling Robin Circle Skirt. The warm shade of cinnamon compliments so many colours and has already proven to be very versatile. They can be worn buttoned up or left open layered to complete your ensemble.

This Vintage Robin Circle Skirt is rather rare, likely sewn by a homemaker from the 1950’s using a Make-Your-Own-Novelty-Print-Skirt Kit that were available through popular catalogue stores. It is made up of two different prints of alternating 12 panels to create a full circle skirt. It looks pretty spectacular with the Ice Skater Cardigan in Cinnamon.

I have heard many ladies question if the Emmy Design Ice Skater Cardigan is worth the high price tag but one thing that is certain, not one has ever said they regretted their purchase afterwards. How many cardigans at $20-30 have you purchased each year only to see them pill and fall apart after a few wears/washes? Quality knits are hard to come by these days and I have learned that it is best to invest in quality wardrobe pieces over fast fashion every time.

Outfit Details

Emmy Designs Ice Skater Cardigan in Cinnamon

Vintage Robin Circle Skirt from Victory Girl Vintage

Vintage Bakelite Jewelry

Mandy Retro Mary Jane Shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes








4 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

  1. I would love one of these cardigans from Emmy, but yeah they’re a bit over my price range at this point in time and as you said they do sell out pretty quickly! I love how you have style it with this gorgeous skirt though! xo

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