Setting the Caged Bird Free

What a challenging week it has been, first coming down with the worst flu/cold and then the hubby had a terrifying accident on his way to work one morning. We are counting our blessings that he walked away with just a few bumps and bruises, but the Pumpkin (Murano) didn’t make it out unfortunately. Luckily vehicles can be replaced.

I cannot even begin to express how excited that March is here and winter is almost behind us. Longer days are starting, the snow has melted and the temperature is slowly climbing into plus digits. Looking at the upcoming forecast, I am already planning to break out my pretties from their winter lock down. Of course the newest additions are on the top of the list to take for a spin. One of those treasures is the incredible Vintage 1950s Felt Bird Applique Circle Skirt from Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing.

Some of you may recognize this stunning vintage design, famously owned by the iconic Dita Von Teese. Up until recently, I had only ever come across the 1950s Felt Bird Applique Circle Skirt in tiny sizes and/or in very poor condition. Maybe call it fate but I just happened to be scrolling through Instagram when I spotted this beauty at Ballyhoo Vintage and it was my exact size. I will admit, rational thinking went out the window as I hastily went to their website to see if it was still available and if it was in my budget. The vintage gods were smiling upon me as the answer to all those questions was YES!

As I impatiently waited for my new to me vintage 1950s Felt Bird Applique Circle Skirt, I wondered if wearing a skirt made out of felt was going to be a practical or not. Any doubts that I had were quickly diminished as this treasure is in pristine condition (it honestly appears unworn) for its age and was made from the thickest quality of felt that creates the most lovely skirt draping. The darling pink and blue bird appliques jump right off the skirt and the birdcage is made from a rich gold embroidery.

Surprisingly versatile, the vibrant colours in the appliques allow for a variety of options of tops to mix and match. I was taken back by how incredibly comfortable it is to wear a felt skirt; there is a fair amount of give in the fabric and actually very lightweight. Since I do have sensitive skin, I opt to wear a slip underneath to prevent any possible irritation from the felt.

As a passionate vintage collector, my desire is always to give these treasures a new lease on life by wearing them and not simply hoarding like unfortunately so many collectors do. I truly believe they should have a life full of love and deserve to be showcased, rather living a life as a caged bird never being able to spread its magnificent wings for everyone to admire. My hope is that there are more vintage felt skirts out there to collect as they are so unique and utterly exquisite.

8 thoughts on “Setting the Caged Bird Free

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been sick and about your husband’s car accident – how absolutely terrifying! My husband was in a car accident a few years ago on Boxing Day and it was so scary. It took a long time for him to recover from it, even just emotionally. Being in an accident like that can definitely be traumatizing, for both the person who was in the accident and the people who love them. I’m sending you both so much love.

    Of course, I can’t write this comment without mentioning your absolutely beautiful skirt – it looks like it was made for you! What a lucky find! And I’m glad it was here to perk you up during such a difficult time!

  2. Hi Jessica! I hope you feel better soon. I am so sorry about the accident your hubby had but so very relieved to know he is ok!
    You look amazing in the felt bird skirt.
    I love it!
    XO Claudette ❤︎  (Miss Fluff)

  3. So gorgeous sweets! Really excited you snagged this…is it JLC? It looks absolutely stunning on you. I’m super excited to be introduced to a new vintage store! Never heard of Ballyhoo Vintage before this post and I can’t wait to check them out. 🙂 (and very relieved that you’re on the mend and that the car was the only thing hurt in that accident! The photos on IG looked pretty scary.)


    • Surprisingly no it is not. I have yet to get my hands on a true JLC masterpiece. Yours are simply divine and I have such vintage envy. Ballyhoo is one of those understated best kept secrets 😉

    • I would rather not have my photos posted elsewhere than my blog. They are all copyrighted and usage is reserved solely to the right of me sponsors. Thank you.

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