Eyebrow Microblading

While we are vacationing up north in cottage country and miraculously have Wi-fi, I thought it would be a great time to share a quick post about my experience with Eyebrow Microblading. For those of you wondering what that is, in a nut shell it is a very natural option of semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement. Gone are the days of horrible tattooed eyebrows, Microblading creates very lightweight natural strokes that simulate real eyebrow hairs. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself getting such a procedure done but I was convinced after seeing the amazing work of Sandy Serpa. Sandy and I have known each other for many years and I was super excited when she started her own business offering Eyebrow Microblading. This was no light decision on my part, I researched extensively and followed Sandy’s work for quite some time before mustering the courage to book my appointment.

Still a bit nervous, I booked my appointment a couple months in advance for this past May. Sandy’s work spoke for itself; creating very natural and gorgeous eyebrows with many of her clients who had very little to work from. Luckily my eyebrows are not all gone but years of over plucking left the underside too thin and they always needed to be filled in. When I arrived, Sandy explained how Eyebrow Microblading works, the treatment process and gave a very cute cartoon that depicted the healing process. We spoke about my expectations and what kind of brow I had envisioned; nice full brows. She would have to create hairs on the undersides which were non-existent and create the look of fullness in the rest. The most time consuming part of the process is creating the outlines; cultivating the map of your new eyebrows. Since I had a solid arch and shape already, we had a good base to work from.

Eyebrow Microblading healing process.

When I asked how painful the process was, she warned me that some people find it worse than others but the numbing cream should help. Famous last words “I’ll be ok, I tolerate tattoos no problem”. Yeah, I was SO wrong!!! Sandy was very patient but I turned into a blubbering mess. My allergies were in high gear, sneezing uncontrollably and eyes watering getting eyeliner everywhere. We quickly found out, the numbing cream didn’t work on me…just my luck! We got through the process painstakingly one stroke at a time. Beauty is pain right!?! When we finished, I couldn’t wait to see how they looked. Sandy warned me they look unusually thick due to the swelling but would would shrink down to the normal shape once healed. Instantly I was super pleased with the reflection in the mirror and was so glad I got them done. We booked my follow up touch-up appointment 6 weeks later.

Before & After my first session.

The healing process was a bit nerve racking after seeing some real scary photos online (seriously avoid looking them up if you can). I applied the ointment Sandy provided and let my eyebrows heal without picking at the scabs. They flaked off naturally, I just kept checking in the mirror to make sure none were hanging off to scare people away. Lol I was super pleased with how they healed and was really looking forward to the touch-up session, minus knowing how painful round two would be.

First session completely healed.

Great retention after first session.

At my follow up appointment, Sandy asked me to remove my makeup and I told her I already had. Her response was “so you don’t have any filler makeup on your eyebrows” and I replied “nope!” Apparently my pigment retention was the best she had seen, especially with her younger clients. Not everyone’s body retains the pigment well after the first session and often some require a complete second session. In my case, she just needed to add minimal fullness to finish them off. Bracing myself for a repeat of last time, Sandy mentioned she had started using a new numbing cream recently so we’d give it a go. Well hallelujah…this time it worked like a charm! I barely felt her working and it was over before I knew it. The healing process the second time around was much quicker and my new eyebrows looked like they had always been there. YAY!!!

Touch-up session complete.

I definitely recommend Eyebrow Microblading if you were thinking of taking the plunge but make sure to do your research before choosing who to go to. Not all technicians are created equal and just because they charge more does not mean they are better. If you live in South Western Ontario (Canada), I highly recommend going to Sandy but for those of you in the rest of the world please read reviews, follow the person’s work on social media and take the time to choose the most qualified in your area. So many people are offering Eyebrow Microblading with no real training, at a spa along with dozens of other services…don’t be fooled as this can be a costly mistake that is even harder to fix in the long run.

*Here are a variety of inspiring Before & After examples of Eyebrow Microblading by Sandy. As you can see, many of these lovely ladies started with little to no eyebrows before their treatments and now have beautiful natural results.







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Curlettes vs Foam Rollers

It has been a little under two years now since I learned how to wet set my hair with foam rollers by my best friend Amber. Evidently, I am far from an expert but with the basics in hand I have slowly improved over time. The one thing that has remained the same, foam rollers are very uncomfortable to sleep in overnight. We suck it up in the name of beauty but what if we did not have to? Several months ago I heard one of my online friends Celeste had started her own business, Curlettes: The Comfy Curls for Vintage Girls. Immediately I reached out to her asking if I could give them a try and write about them on the blog. The wonderful gal that she is, Celeste was super excited to share her handmade curlers with the readers of Pin Up Persuasion. Now I must apologize to her and all of you for taking so darn long to write about Curlettes, I waited until I was feeling well again to experiment with a new product to make sure I got it just right.


Medium Curlettes & Jane Carter’s Wrap & Roll foam.

To be completely honest, I was a little skeptical of trying a new technique to setting my hair as I had only ever worked with foam rollers and I was petrified it was going to be a complete failure. When I use foam rollers, I always find that they not only pinch when you sleep on them but the smaller ones towards the bottom tend to flatten out. But, they allowed my hair to dry completely overnight and created a tight overall curl that held up through a tough brush out. Since I have a lot of hair, I knew the pack of 14 Medium Curlettes wouldn’t be quite enough so I had to use a couple large foam rollers on the top and small ones at the end.


Curlettes wet set complete.

With my Jane Carter Wrap & Roll setting foam in hand, I grabbed my custom red Curlettes and proceeded to start rolling exactly how I did with the foam ones. The first thing I noticed was that the Curlettes held their shape well and did not compress down nearly like the foam rollers when rolling each section tightly. Secondly they were surprisingly easy to fasten by pushing the one end through the loop, unlike the foam rollers plastic clips that often fall off…totally frustrating. If anyone is like me, I just want to get the rollers in quickly and go relax before bedtime. I was initially concerned the Curlettes might not hold securely like the foam rollers but was pleasantly surprised they stayed firmly in place after each section. Once all sections were rolled, I secured my set with a silk scarf to sleep on overnight.


Curlettes freshly removed.

Now here’s the thing, when you are sleeping with rollers…no matter which ones they are, you are going to feel them. The difference with Curlettes vs foam rollers, Curlettes do not pinch or pull uncomfortably since they are made from 100% knitted yarn. Also, unlike the foam rollers none of my rolls flattened out overnight whatsoever. That was definitely a positive sign already. When I unrolled each section, they were completely dry and resulted in the most lovely soft tight perfectly rounded curls. Remember, this was my very first time using anything other than foam rollers and I was immediately blown away at how much better my wet set turned out.


Added a little Suavecita pomade.

I broke up the curls with my fingers while applying some Suavecita pomade to the ends. Through the brush out, I found it took much less effort for a nice smooth style. Normally I have to work through twice as long with the foam sets. Needless to say, Curlettes instantly won me over and I’ll be retiring the foam rollers effective immediately! Since I need some more Curlettes for my thick hair, I think I’ll look into their new size large to use on my bangs along with a few additional mediums to ensure there are always enough.


Brush out complete.

Everyone has their own favorite products, tools and ways to set their hair so I cannot guarantee what I use will work for everyone but I can confidently say that Curlettes beat foam rollers hands down in comfort, ease of use and performance. Use code PinupPersuasion10 to get 10% off everything except multi-buys and seconds (they’re already discounted). Valid till April 30, 2017.


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Guest Post: Pinup Hair 101 by Miss Lark Bahar

Hey guys and dolls!

Miss Lark Bahar here! I’m a Turkish-American gal who loves all things vintage, from the fashion to the culture. I recently created my own blog where I like to post hair tutorials, product reviews, outfits, music, and anything else I can think of. As someone who adores everything vintage but doesn’t really have anyone to talk about it with in person, blogging and Instagramming has been an amazing way to connect with like-minded people.

While I’ve been at it with the Instagram game for quite awhile, I’m so new to the blogosphere that I was terribly excited and flattered when Jessica contacted me asking for guest posts! As someone who’s self-taught in every aspect of vintage fashion who particularly enjoys playing with hair and gets questions on the topic all the time, we quickly agreed on my post involving hair tutorials.

So without further ado, I present to you two video tutorials and a pictorial that I hope will help you with achieving that authentic vintage look and give you ideas for ways to play with your hair.

The Wet Set

I’m a firm believer in the power of a good set. Any 1940s-1960s do you want to execute is going to require the right kind of set, and I personally find that this is the one that both lasts the longest and is the most versatile.

As someone with naturally curly, coarse, and very thick hair, I find that wet setting my hair with a combination of standing and flat pin curls works best and gives me a softer, fluffy look while still producing nicely formed curls that don’t frizz. While I’ll occasionally use foam rollers if I want a ’60s look, these sets never last as long and give me more of a heat set look which is a bit too smooth for my tastes. I’ve also found that wet sets work on the widest range of hair types, so if you have the time and are looking to leave behind the damage of heat styling or just looking to try something new, I highly suggest wet setting with pin curls!

Products You’ll Need:

1. Setting lotion (I personally alternate between Lottabody and Garnier Fructis Spray Gel – the latter having a firmer hold)

2. Plenty of bobby pins

3. Spray bottle full of water to spray hair when it dries out too much

Collage_FotorStart with damp hair and make sure the ends are saturated or they’ll

frizz when you brush your hair out. Follow the pattern shown below these photos by creating two rows of two standing pin curls on the top of your head facing away from your part, and then one on each temple, facing down, and secure them with at least one bobby pin. These curls should be rolled as close to your scalp as possible. The larger you make them, the larger your wave will be! The standing pin curls help give volume.

Collage_Fotor2Start to create flat pin curls in alternating rows around the head (see diagrams below), making sure not to roll the top row of curls all the way to the base – you want a flat area along the crown of your head where the hair is pulled taught, and making sure not to twist the hair around as you roll it. You can either criss-cross two hair pins over each pin curl, or just do one, whichever secures your curls the best, and the number of rows you incorporate just depends on how much hair you have! If your hair is shorter, you’ll want to create larger pin curls with a higher density of hair (as shown in the first photos), and if your hair is longer and so heavier, needs help forming a true curl, or if it’s an area that you know droops faster (as I know my bottom two layers do), form much smaller, thinner pin curls to compensate.

Once you’ve finished your rows, go around the crown of your hair and place hair pins framing the pin curl row on top in order to pull the hair as taught and flat as possible to keep it smooth when you take your set out to brush.

Collage_Fotor4Lastly, feel around your head and find any loose curls or un-tucked ends, secure them in place, and voila! A wet set that’ll do you good. My hair, being quite welcoming to curls, can last up to 10 days (though I generally only go for 7 days). This same set will last about 2-3 days on someone with thick stick straight hair.

Here are some pencil drawings I created a month or so ago of my set so you can see direction more clearly:

IMG_1430_Fotor2 IMG_1429_Fotor1 IMG_1426_FotorIf you’d like to see how I brush out my wet set, you can take a peak here.

And the end result looks something like this:

Collage_FotorWhile this set lasts a long while, it does start to droop after awhile, so I personally spend about 3-4 days with my hair down before starting to opt for some kind of up-do.

I recorded two of my easiest go-tos for you guys to take a peak at. Sadly, the sun was not cooperating with me, so the lighting’s a bit funky and difficult to work with with my black hair, but hopefully you’ll be able to see well enough to get the idea!

The 1940s Snow-White Do

The first of the two is my casual 1940s up-do that’s very reminiscent of Snow White and gives a fun, youthful feel to my look! I prefer to accessorize this look with a scarf, but also love throwing a hat on the back if I want a little something extra.


The 1940s Lucille Ball/Betty Grable Do

The second is a fun poodle half up-do that emulates 1940s Lucille Ball and Betty Grable that looks a little something like this (hat optional):


Getting a pin-up, retro, or vintage look involves many little steps that lead to an overall put together look. While I love collecting vintage and reproduction clothes and accessories, I found that hair was what tied everything together for me. While I’d dabbled in wearing retro skirts and dresses before, it wasn’t until I began wet setting every week and playing with my hair for fun that vintage truly became an all-encompassing lifestyle for me. While the wet set I showed you definitely takes time, I personally think it’s worth it; however, the two videos I linked can be executed with any kind of set, whether heat, foam, or pin curl! And they’re incredibly fast and easy when you can see what you’re doing.

I hope this has all been helpful for you all and gives you some ideas for new ways to play with your hair.

Thanks again to Jessica for inviting me to write for her blog! It’s been a pleasure working with you to write for one of my favorite blogs out there.


Miss Lark Bahar


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Retro Glam: Your Three Beauty Essentials

We all know one of the key elements to achieve the ultimate vintage look is the perfect winged liner, rosy cheeks and cherry red lips…but what about those of us that are not at all skilled in makeup application? I have always envied the ladies that seem to have a natural talent in this regard, since I was completely clueless even in my late 20’s. Over the past few years, I have gradually learned the pinup basics with lots of patience and most importantly…PRACTICE! I strongly believe that the key to the perfect vintage look is finding the ideal beauty products to fine tune your skills. When a cosmetics line strictly designed for the vintage dame in mind recently launched online…I was super excited to sample Le Keux Cosmetics products in hopes of finding great staples to add to my beauty regime.

There are three beauty essentials to achieve the perfect vintage pinup look:

  • Fierce Eyebrows
  • Bold Winged Eyeliner
  • Cherry Red Lips

With those fundamentals in mind, I could not resist Le Keux Cosmetics’s Secret Weapon Brow & Liner Paint, Black Cadillac Eye Liner, and Whistle Bait Lip Paint.

IMG_7651 IMG_7661Le Keux Cosmetics was founded in the United Kingdom by Lynsey Le Keux in partnership with Creative Director Diablo Rose. This dynamic duo listened to the needs of their customers and used their vast experience in the beauty industry to create bespoke formulas that also looked elegant on display. Never have I seen such exquisitely designed beauty products that I want to proudly display on my vanity and not hide away in the black hole of my makeup drawer. The outside packaging embodies the glamour of the 1940’s-1960’s showcasing the charming beauty pots with lovely vintage pinups and simple product instructions. Each beauty pot is designed like dazzling crystals in gorgeous shades of translucent blue and pink. It is easy to see that these ladies know how to woo their clientele with elegant packaging but now the true test was how well the product formulas performed on application.


Click on Photo to Zoom

Secret Weapon Eye Liner & Brow Paint ~ £12.95

The Le Keux Cosmetics Secret Weapon Eye Liner & Brow Paint is designed for a range of colours from soft blondes to dark bold browns, or in my case…a fiery redhead. Now I will have to admit, the brow paint was the most intimidating of the three products simply because I have only ever used a brow powder to define and fill my eyebrows. Since less is always better when you are using a new beauty product for the first time, I slowly and sparingly applied the brow paint with a brush to gradually build up my brows. The Secret Weapon Brown Paint went on so effortlessly creating the appearance of very full natural yet fierce vintage eyebrow. My husband normally doesn’t comment or even notice my eyebrows but he quickly remarked the major change in the definition saying it made a striking difference in my facial appearance. I honestly cannot get over how easy the brow paint was to use and happy to replace my go to powder in a heartbeat. Diablo Rose created an extremely helpful and simple YouTube tutorial on how to create the perfect pinup brow, watch it HERE.

IMG_7614 IMG_7626 IMG_7616Black Cadillac Eye Liner Paint ~ £12.95

When I first opened the Black Cadillac Eye Liner Paint, I was expecting a very creamy gel eyeliner but was surprised to see it was a very dry formula that needs to be activated by swirling the application brush for a minimum of 30 seconds. This step is absolutely necessary to soften and thoroughly coat the brush. (This was the big mistake I made initially and I truly thought something was wrong with the consistency) Since the formula is very opaque and meant to be built upon as you line your eyes, I would recommend using a fine brush like the Le Keux dual Lip & Eye Liner Brush. The Black Cadillac Eye Liner Paint took a bit of getting acclimated to create a strong and crisp winged line since I have been using a very liquid formula for a while. The Le Keux Eye Liner Paint is wonderful for beginners to seasoned beauty experts due to its very opaque texture that doesn’t bleed all over like a liquid and allows you to line your eyes gradually by building the weight of your line. The formula did not flake throughout the day and please bear in mind that all makeup reacts differently depending on your skin type. Seeing as I have very dry skin, I would much prefer a liner that is a bit oily to remain moisturizing over drying and flaking off.  For more helpful application tips, be sure to watch Diablo Rose’s perfect winged eyeliner tutorial HERE.

IMG_7619 IMG_7620Whistle Bait Lip Paint ~ £12.95

Is it frowned upon to wanting to devour your lipstick? Le Keux Cosmetics’ Lip Paints smell like a fruity heaven and are very alluring for delicious kisses. They go on as silky smooth lipgloss with the Le Keux dual Lip & Eye Liner Brush; allowing for full all over control and creating a precisely defined cupids bow. It is so easy to apply with a few brush strokes to layer for a bold cherry lip. The formula has extremely high pigmentation that is non drying (just like a gloss) and holds strong for all day wear with a quick occasional touch up. With any red pigment, it is always best to use a lip primer to avoid the dreaded colour bleed or feathering around the outer area of the lips. After a long 8 hour day wearing Whistle Bait Lip Paint, I was thrilled to not experience any drying, flaking or colour bleed. If you are looking for that perfect shade of pinup red lips, Whistle Bait is hands down going instantly become a go-to staple just like it has for me. The convenient pots design allows you to use it to the very last drop, there’s no needs to waste any of your favorite lipstick anymore.  If you’re looking for simple way to achieve the perfect pinup pout, make sure to check out Diablo’s tutorial HERE.

IMG_7642 IMG_7646What I love most about Le Keux Cosmetics, is that they are designed for the every day pinups like you and me. They are extremely highly pigmented and most importantly…simple to use even for all skill levels. Le Keux Cosmetics’ formulas are Paraben Free and Cruelty Free; a beauty line made by two incredibly talented women with a love for vintage glamour that truly know what their customers want.


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