Making Our Hearts Happy & Healthy

It seems like only yesterday we were heading into 2017, this year truly flew by before we knew it. There were lots of highlights and challenging moments but all in all, it was a fairly positive year. I know for me, I really contemplated continuing on with Pin Up Persuasion or throwing in the towel. Thankfully the hubby talked some sense into me; he made me realize that I should not let the trivial stuff dampen my spirit of sharing what I love with my readers. Sometimes we just have to dig down a little deep to rediscover what motivates us in order to refocus on our passions when life gets hectic.

As I am not one that believes in New Year’s resolutions, I have sat down and put some serious thought of what my personal goals will be in 2018. It is so easy to lose ourselves in the day to day craziness of work, family life, health struggles, and all the other curve balls life throws our way. Over the last few years, I feel that I have lost sight of doing things that make me happy, creative, relaxed and simply not taking any time for myself. Occasionally we have to force ourselves to stop and think about our own mental well being, instead of always worrying about everyone and everything else. Over the next year, I intend to focus on myself and I really hope that you will all do the same!

What does that entail? For me, it means focusing on my health…physically & mentally,┬árediscovering my love of being creative, and actually taking the time to do the things that make me happy. In January, I will be signing up for a 10 week beginners sewing class, something that I have always wanted to do but never made time for extra curricular activities that I would enjoy. It is also high time I get off my butt and stop being lazy. Working at a desk job all day, I lead a very sedentary lifestyle…meanwhile I am fortunate to have a decent home gym setup in our basement. No more excuses, it is time to start lifting some weights and getting active again. Personally I really enjoy working out, but I have let all the stress and depression drag me down for far too long. We all know it becomes a vicious cycle, the only person that can break it is ourselves.

With two very big goals that I fully intend to achieve, I hope all of you will concentrate on the things that make your hearts happy over the next year. I would love to hear all about your goals, ambitions, resolutions or just a note to say hello.

From our family to yours, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!

May 2018 bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness.

Reminiscing in Autumn’s Beauty

Everyday, my long commute home from the city can be quite daunting and stressful. Luckily as I get off the busy highway, I am able to enjoy the lovely scenic drive through the rural country roads and completely immerse myself in the beauty of my favorite season…Autumn. The trees stayed green much longer through the warmer September days but they are quickly turning to gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, and red. It is incredible how quickly I find myself unwinding from a stressful day as I take in all the picturesque scenery around me.

With a bunch of fabulous new releases and vintage items to share, I am hoping the weather cooperates this weekend for our Autumn blog photoshoot. For now, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the past (Michigan Oct.2015) that really capture why Autumn is my most favorite time of year.

Photos by Dave Melges Photography.