Picture Perfect

With the explosion of social media in the past few years, there is a rampant trend that public figures are creating an appearance of a picture perfect life and their fans/followers are left with a false sense of what reality should be. This leads to feelings of constant disappointment, anxiety, depression, etc. It is easy to “fake” perfection in photos but impossible to know what an individual may be struggling with emotionally and/or mentally. Now more than ever, we all need to be talking about mental health and how it is a much bigger problem than society realizes.

I have been struggling a lot mentally feeling completely overwhelmed; with work, life, and everything in between. The effects of a harsh cold winter are really getting me down and filling me with constant anxiety. It wasn’t until my husband said to me one day, “you are depressed” and immediately I retorted “I am not!”. In my mind he was way off base because none of my tell tale signs of depression were present. But in all honesty, it slowly crept up on me over the past few months as the depression manifested in ways I never experienced before. I found myself often angry, irritable, short, annoyed, ill-tempered, etc. which is definitely not me in the slightest. Before I met my husband 7.5 years ago, I suffered from bouts of severe depression for most of my life and I knew those obvious cues (becoming severely recluse, crying, loss of appetite, social anxiety, etc). Since 2010, those bouts disappeared and I thought maybe I had finally beat it. Then in 2015, I got really sick as some of you know and the feelings of depression returned. Obviously it never truly went away but it lay dormant until life took some unexpected turns.

It is hard to put into words, but it is a daily struggle trying to do normal every day things. From getting dressed for work or always reaching for loose fitting yoga clothes, to not tidying up after myself at home…I do not feel like putting any effort into myself or do much of anything these days. Doing the simplest of tasks feels like being asked to climb the tallest mountain…utterly impossible. On my days off, I often wake up already feeling defeated and have zero motivation to do anything. If my husband asks me one more time to go downstairs to work out together, I think the overwhelming feeling of anxiety will eat me alive. My biggest struggle is keeping all these emotions inside and not letting it show on the outside to those around me. I too am guilty of “faking it”; a shield used to not let people in and a double edged sword. The one thing that keeps me going is knowing in time it will pass but I have to push through each day no matter how futile it may seem to do so.

The only way to overcome the overwhelming sense of darkness is to keep pushing through and leaning on those who love us the most. We have to look after ourselves and focus on the little things which result in small victories. Recently as you all know, I signed up for weekly sewing classes, something I have wanted to do forever but I always let anxiety and stress hold me back. It is hard to find the motivation to go to class each week but once I am there, I find myself in very a happy place. Hopefully once I learn more about sewing, it will become a bigger pass time to keep me busy doing another endeavor that I really enjoy.

In an effort to alleviate some of these paralyzing emotions, I focused on performing a massive closet clean out in hopes of re-homing lots of vintage pretties that simply do not get enough love these days. It was an eye opening exercise to say the least. I had quickly amassed a huge pile of clothes to list, realizing many of them had been a part of my collection for several years already. It felt so amazing to find new homes for the vast majority right away and I do intend to continue pulling items in the weeks to come. It is a truly rewarding form of therapy to declutter our lives and find peace with letting go of the things that we no longer need.

I am sharing my story in hopes to end the stigma surrounding mental health and bring awareness to those who find themselves wishing they had a picture perfect life like they see on social media. Instead of just stepping in front of the camera to “fake it”, now you can see the real person and the conflicts she is battling on the inside as well. Each step forward is one in the right direction to winning the battle of depression.

PS. I am sorry if this post was a bit all over the place, I tried my best to collect my thoughts in an organized manner but felt it was rather difficult to write while controlling all the mixed emotions.






Debt is Beautiful Only After it is Repaid

Happy New Year to all of the Pin Up Persuasion readers! It appears to be a bitterly cold start to the year for many of us in North America, especially in the North Eastern parts. Please stay warm everyone and we shall ride it out like we do every winter. 2018 marks a huge milestone for us as well…6 years since Pin Up Persuasion began! I never thought this little labour of love would become what it has today. A lot has changed over the years in the world of blogging and I am very thankful to still be here due to your loyal readership. There are times that I truly thought it was time to pack it in for various reasons that I will not bore you with but my heart has always guided me back to my senses.

As many of us have set new goals for 2018, I wanted to bring attention to a very serious topic for those just starting out or long term collectors of vintage and vintage reproduction clothing. Over the years, especially as I became more entrenched in the vintage community a very scary trend has emerged…people prioritizing buying vintage clothing over basic necessities like paying rent/mortgages, car payments, bills, etc. If you are saying who does such a thing, I can tell you that there is an incredible amount of people that fall into this group and it is becoming a bigger problem as prices of vintage and vintage reproduction increase.

First things first, I am not here to pass judgement on anyone’s spending habits as I personally have gotten sucked into a bad pattern of spending money I did not have (ie: on credit, Paypal pay after delivery, etc.) as it has become all too easy to click “buy” and worry about the financial repercussions later.  My reality with our low Canadian dollar vs the American & Euro/British currencies, makes it even less affordable to purchase clothing these days. The average vintage 1950s day dress or novelty print skirt currently starts at $150USD which is over $200CAD; not yet factoring in shipping and customs. So this is why the buy now, pay later attitude quickly leaves my bank account seeing red after paying our monthly bills first, leaving a growing debt for my “luxuries” that I simply cannot pay off.

Let’s be honest here, buying vintage and vintage reproduction clothing is NOT a necessity, it is a luxury. Unfortunately all too often we see individuals purchasing luxuries with no means to then pay their monthly bills. Now if you are wondering how I know strangers financial situations, it is all too easy to see in the world of social media. These individuals are often buying some of the most coveted collectors items that are insanely expensive only to turn around posting those same items for sale months or weeks later to “make rent” or not lapse on their mortgage payment. The reality is that their passion has become an obsession of hoarding/impulse buying. Honestly, it is all too easy to fall into this trap with how competitive the vintage markets have become in recent years. Prices are soaring with vintage being so popular and unfortunately some people will pay ANY price. It is definitely sellers market in 2018.

Although I cannot help those individuals personally, I wanted to bring awareness to this growing trend that is only going to hurt us all in the long term if we do not start to make changes now. Now let’s review some helpful tips on how you can still indulge in your love of beautiful clothing but remain financially responsible.

A) Identify your monthly “luxuries” budget – The key here is MONTHLY. Many of us are online for several hours each day and it is easy to buy multiple items that add up very quickly in a month. By setting spending budget each month, you immediately know if you can afford that item or already reached your limit. If you absolutely do not want to pass it up (ie: rare vintage items), you have to have a plan B or C, or even D to stay in the green.

B) Alternate payment options – This is where you have to be very careful, this too can lead you down a dangerous black hole if you are not mindful of keeping track of pay later options. Many vintage sellers on Etsy will offer layaway (payment plans) on items over a certain amount, check their shop policies section or contact them directly to discuss possible payment terms. Again, take your monthly budget into account when establishing the installment amounts to coincide with your pay days. Paypal occasionally offers “Pay After Delivery” when using your bank account as the method of payment. This gives you 21 days grace period before the payment is withdrawn from your bank account. So if this brings you into the allotment for next months luxuries budget, keep track. There are other services online merchants offer like “Afterpay” (in Australia), that are similar to layaway that you can take advantage of to defer payments into the future to stay on track with your spending budget.

C) Clean out your closet – The most effective way to stay on track is selling items you no longer wear to replace them with new to you pretties. Whether it be to sell one item to replace it with another, or making a huge closet clean out to amass funds for future purchases…this is a excellent way to always remain in the green. I personally leave these funds in my Paypal account and utilize them the next time something I want comes along. Honestly, it usually isn’t too long before the money is spent but at least it does not come of my monthly spending budget.

D) Have a back up plan – Sometimes life happens and unforeseen expenses arise (car repairs, illness, vet bills, etc.) and no matter how much you budget, there is not enough funds in the reserve to cover them. Make sure you have a plan on how to cover your bills and put the luxuries on the back burner. There is no shame in selling some items to amass funds quickly, just be careful not to be rash on what things to part with as you will have severe regret after the fact. Select things that you have not reached for in several months, pieces that do not fit (be honest with yourself, holding onto these items will not result in your losing 2″ off your waist) and projects that you just never get to fixing.

E) SPENDING BAN – If you have exhausted all those recommendations and your bank account is still in the red once all your monthly bills are paid….DO NOT BUY ANYTHING! Establish a self imposed spending ban until things improve financially and make sure to stick with it. I see all too often people claiming to be on a spending ban, only to turn around sharing on social media they just HAD to buy another luxury item. DON’T DO IT!!! Go back to options A-D and if those don’t result in extra funds for luxuries, you CAN live without it. TOUGH LOVE!!!

In the end, only WE can control our spending habits and are ultimately responsible for our own financial welfare. Practicing self control and making changes is not easy but they are essential to ensure our passions do not result in an obsession surrounded by severe debt.

Making Our Hearts Happy & Healthy

It seems like only yesterday we were heading into 2017, this year truly flew by before we knew it. There were lots of highlights and challenging moments but all in all, it was a fairly positive year. I know for me, I really contemplated continuing on with Pin Up Persuasion or throwing in the towel. Thankfully the hubby talked some sense into me; he made me realize that I should not let the trivial stuff dampen my spirit of sharing what I love with my readers. Sometimes we just have to dig down a little deep to rediscover what motivates us in order to refocus on our passions when life gets hectic.

As I am not one that believes in New Year’s resolutions, I have sat down and put some serious thought of what my personal goals will be in 2018. It is so easy to lose ourselves in the day to day craziness of work, family life, health struggles, and all the other curve balls life throws our way. Over the last few years, I feel that I have lost sight of doing things that make me happy, creative, relaxed and simply not taking any time for myself. Occasionally we have to force ourselves to stop and think about our own mental well being, instead of always worrying about everyone and everything else. Over the next year, I intend to focus on myself and I really hope that you will all do the same!

What does that entail? For me, it means focusing on my health…physically & mentally, rediscovering my love of being creative, and actually taking the time to do the things that make me happy. In January, I will be signing up for a 10 week beginners sewing class, something that I have always wanted to do but never made time for extra curricular activities that I would enjoy. It is also high time I get off my butt and stop being lazy. Working at a desk job all day, I lead a very sedentary lifestyle…meanwhile I am fortunate to have a decent home gym setup in our basement. No more excuses, it is time to start lifting some weights and getting active again. Personally I really enjoy working out, but I have let all the stress and depression drag me down for far too long. We all know it becomes a vicious cycle, the only person that can break it is ourselves.

With two very big goals that I fully intend to achieve, I hope all of you will concentrate on the things that make your hearts happy over the next year. I would love to hear all about your goals, ambitions, resolutions or just a note to say hello.

From our family to yours, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!

May 2018 bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness.

You Cannot Fake Chic But You Can Be Chic and Fake Fur

After a much needed vacation in the sunny California state, driving up the west coast from LA to San Francisco for a little R &R with my wonderful friend Mae I am back to reality…WINTER!!! They are calling for snow all week with temperatures dropping to highs of a whopping 17℉ which means it is time to pull out the winter frocks for the long cold months ahead. I absolutely love the esthetics of faux fur along with its functional aspect of looking spectacular and keeping you toasty warm. As soon as I spotted the Patrice Faux Fur Collar Dress in blue by Collectif Clothing, I knew it was the perfect mix of classic elegance and warmth.

Available in sizes 6-22UK Blue & Wine ~ MSRP £74.50 On Sale £52.15

I have been wearing Collectif Clothing for over 6 years now and can attest to their impeccable quality and fit. Seeing as the Patrice Faux Fur Collar Dress is a curve hugging design, I knew it was essential to be mindful of my measurements (bust 36″, waist 28″, hips 41″) for a comfortable fit. Luckily the website details recommends  sizing down if your hips happen to be in between sizes which was exactly my case therefore I ordered the size 10UK (Small). The result was a mind blowing curve hugging wonder, I couldn’t have been luckier that the Patrice fit like a glove. Featuring a marvelous detachable faux fur collar and cuffs, with 3/4 sleeves, a sleek fitted pencil skirt with velvet black belt and back zipper closure. Made from an exquisite flocked material featuring swirling black brocade on a divine petrol blue base with ample stretch. At 5′-4″ tall, the hemline falls a couple inches below the knees.

Collectif Clothing has really captured the epitome of classic elegance with the Patrice Faux Fur Collar Dress. It is refreshing to find a chic pencil dress that works for the office and can easily transition into formal attire while not sacrificing comfort. I personally love that the Patrice Faux Fur Collar Dress is made from a luxurious stretchy flocked fabric, it allows for ease of movement and is not constricting. The faux fur accents are totally removable, allowing you to choose from two fabulous looks in one dress. My only hiccup with flocked material are the small velvet particles that seem to always end up under your nails but that just comes with the territory. The Patrice Faux Fur Dress is sure to turn heads where ever you go, people will think you walked straight out of a vintage fashion ad.

Classic glamour such as the Patrice Faux Fur Dress calls for the finishing touches to be just right. I felt compelled to pair it with vintage black crochet gloves, green/blue confetti earrings, WKD seamed stockings, vintage black lucite handbag and round tow patent black pumps. In order to create a sleek hourglass silhouette, I wore the Rago 1294 girdle as my foundation garment.

Winter does not feel as daunting with marvelous fashions like the Patrice Faux Fur Dress to keep us looking delightful and warm. Completely vegan friendly, the lovely fur accents are sure to please. Collectif has a variety styles with faux fur accents to choose from, be sure to also check out the Christiane Pencil Dress along with their cardigans and jumpers.



Winter Tartan Chic

The one thing I am not fond of living in Canada are our cold and snowy winters but luckily they are becoming slightly milder in recent years. As the chillier temps set in, I am quickly reaching my frocks with long sleeves to keep me warm and still looking fabulous. When I heard the news that Miss Victory Violet collaborated with Voodoo Vixen for their Autumn/Winter collection, I knew we would be in for a real treat. Her love of  tartan was the inspiration behind the beautiful monochromatic designs that are perfect for the season. I must admit, I could not resist buying several pieces from this magnificent collaboration including the spectacular Veronica Tartan Pencil Dress.

Available in sizes S-2XL ~ MSRP £55.00

Being a longtime customer of Voodoo Vixen, I find their sizing to be quite consistent with each design. Normally I wear a size Small but knowing the Veronica Pencil Dress had little stretch, there was absolutely no way my hips were going to fit. Based on my current measurements (bust 36″, waist 27.5″, hips 41″), I rolled the dice and ordered a size Medium as the size chart still said the hips maxed out at 38″. The true test was shimming in and trying to sit without feeling crammed into a sardine can. Thankfully the size Medium fit well in the bust, waist and shoulders with a little shapewear help needed for the hips. If you are not prepared to wear a girdle, I definitely recommend sizing up to fit your hips comfortably. The Veronica Pencil Dress features a square neckline with shoulder bow detail, 3/4 length sleeves with contrasting cuffs, a sexy pencil skirt with dipped pleats on the back hem and zipper back closure. The monochromatic grey tartan print is a true classic and very chic. At 5′-4″, the hemline falls a couple inches below the knees.

The Voodoo Vixen and Miss Victory Violet collaboration is truly one of my favorites to date. Ella and I share similar tastes which is sure to result in fabulous new frocks that I simply adore. Normally I instinctively shy away from wiggle dresses but the Veronica Pencil Dress had such exquisite design details that made it simply irresistible. The back dipped kick-pleat is my favorite element of the dress. The  combination of beauty and functionality, suitable for the cold winter days ahead. I did find the sleeves to be a bit loose for my liking but I know many ladies would surely appreciate them not being overly tight. In order to feel more comfortable and have a little more room in hips, I paired it with the Rago 1294 girdle. The Veronica Pencil Dress can easily transition from daytime work wear to evening attire.

In keeping with the monochromatic scheme, I felt any accessories should be a basic black or grey to not take away from design. I paired the Veronica Pencil Dress with silver  confetti earrings, bangles, vintage 40s handbag, the matching grey belt, seamed stockings by WKD and black round toe pumps. The thick tartan fabric conceals your underpinnings and shapewear flawlessly.

The Veronica Tartan Dress is a classic with subtle flair that really gives you an air of confidence to make you want to strut your stuff. I highly recommend checking out the entire Miss Victory Violet collaboration with Voodoo Vixen, you are sure to fall in love with one if not all designs. I simply could not resist the Ella Tartan Flare Dress and the Celine Black Top as well.

The DIY Vintage Fashionista

As Autumn is quickly coming to an end, we are only weeks away from Winter being upon us. Of course I wanted one last hurrah for my favorite season of the year before transitioning into featuring winter essentials. Recently we showcased the fabulous Ice Skater Cardigan in Cinnamon from Emmy Design (Click Here in case you missed it) and now the infamous mustard is making an appearance on the blog. Today’s feature is for those of you who struggle to find clothing online at affordable prices, let’s talk about handmade clothing!

With prices of authentic vintage clothing going through the roof and reproductions clothing also on the rise, a lot of fashionistas are seeking out affordable alternatives. The answer: Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Homemade vintage 50’s inspired clothing is quickly making a comeback thanks to talented women like Gretchen “Gertie” Hirsch. Gertie has launched her own line of vintage inspired patterns and fabrics along with offering Charm School sewing classes. I love following her on Instagram and seeing all the gorgeous handmade designs by everyday women like you and me. Many ladies are now starting to sew their own clothing and sourcing fabulous prints from local fabric stores like Jo-Ann’s, vintage thrift shops, online at Fabric.com, Spotlightstores.com, etc. For beginners (like me), start by picking up a couple basic vintage swing skirt patterns on Etsy or Ebay. Tip: Circle, gathered skirts are easiest and practice on scrap fabric to build your confidence behind the sewing machine. If you are fortunate to live in an area that offers sewing lessons, I highly recommend you check them out. I will be signing up for classes in the New Year.

Last year, I was frustrated at the lack of colourful autumn leaf print designs so I enlisted the help of a friend to source fabric from Jo-Ann’s to have a skirt made to measure. She sent me photos of the various prints available and we both chose this gorgeous all over maple leaf print. For extra savings, sign up for online coupons and shop at the end of the season to pick up fabric by the yard at ridiculously low prices. Luckily my friend is super talented behind the sewing machine and whips up gathered swing skirts like a boss. Until I start dabbling on my own handmade designs, I will rely on her amazing skills to make affordable one-of-kind designs for me.

Many people do not realize that most of the authentic vintage that has stood the test of time 6 decades later were handmade by housewives from the 1950’s. Fast fashion is not made to last more than a season and forces the consumer to spend much more year after year on clothing. Not to mention, Fast Fashion is filling our landfills with more trash that won’t break down for decades sadly. I highly encourage everyone to take the plunge to learn a new skill and fill your closets with oodles of handmade clothing. This is one of my personal goals to discover in the new year.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2017

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