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Vintage Long Stem Roses Dress by Roy H. Bjorkman

One thing that I know for certain, my adoration for all things floral came at a very early age. My mom dubbed me a natural green thumb as she always knew where to find me when I was a kid…out in her gardens planting and watering the flowers. Every year I would find new species that I would fall in love with, they are all so beautiful in their own special way. The memory that I will never forget is the anticipation her only rose bush to be in full bloom; it had the most beautiful rich deep pink roses I have ever seen. It should come as no surprise that my love of floral prints has only grown over the last few decades and can easily be seen in my vintage wardrobe collection.

  • Dress – Vintage Long Stem Roses Dress by Roy H. Bjorkman
  • Shoes – B.A.I.T Tessa Wedges in Cornflower Blue
  • Jewelry – Vintage rhinestone bangles

The greatest thing about collecting vintage floral prints, is that there are endless possibilities out there to discover. It is no surprise that the classic rose was very common in the 1950’s. Fashion designers captured their beauty by making them center stage in their designs. Often we will see the same prints being used by different designers, each one utilizing their creativity to make theirs unique.

In recent years, I have come across the Vintage Long Stem Roses print in red and yellow in a variety of styles but they always eluded me as they were much too small in size or WAY over my budget. This past May, I stumbled upon an IG sneak preview photo from Swanee Grace of the most elegant Vintage Long Stem Roses Dress but this time in purple, blue and yellow roses! I was even more excited when I saw the size was my exact measurements but expected a very hefty price tag. Luckily the shop owner posted the exact time it would be listed on Etsy so I was refreshing every 10 seconds in anticipation. Needles to say, I didn’t hesitate when I saw it was withing my budget and sped through the checkout process like a madwoman.

Never before had I seen this stunning colourway and I truly adore it more than the red/yellow version. The Vintage Long Stem Roses Dress by Roy H. Bjorkman is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I didn’t even realize the background colour is a soft powder blue, usually you only see it in white. This definitely made the dress even more unique and extra special. The bodice features gorgeous diamond rhinestones scattered throughout. Miraculously, the dress is in pristine condition…barely worn over the past 6 decades.

When it comes to collecting vintage, the best piece of advice that I can pass along is to be patient. Vintage can be an incredibly frustrating passion at the best of times but those who are patient, often find the most amazing treasures when they least expect it. Do not lose hope…those special treasures will find you when the time is right.





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Vintage Seaside Scenic Border Print Skirt

Over the years, my love of vintage has not only taken over my closets but it has become such a huge part of my everyday life. The wonderful people that I have met through the online communities…sellers and fellow collectors have truly enriched my inner circle of friends. It is incredible how fellow collectors and sellers will genuinely go out of their way to help you find those special treasures, spreading good vintage karma among one another. I have been very fortunate to build my collection full of breathtaking vintage pieces through endless hours of scouring of the interwebs, hands me downs from collectors and developing wonderful relationships with some of the greatest vintage sellers. These rare treasures deserve to be showcased for all to appreciate, so I will start featuring my vintage collection one piece at a time! Be warned…this may take a while 😉

  • Skirt – Vintage Seaside Border Print
  • Top – PUG Peasant in mint
  • Shoes – B.A.I.T Demi mint wedges
  • Belt – PUG white
  • Jewelry – Vintage Weiss

With the 1950’s being the epicenter of one of a kind circle/swing skirt designs, it is no surprise that they quickly became an obsession to collect them all. Personally I gravitate towards novelty prints, scenic prints, border prints and of course floral prints…plain is boring! One of the places I find many of my most treasured pieces is on Instagram; either from Vintage sellers or fellow collectors. The most important thing is to be quick, these pieces often get snatched up the moment they are posted. Luckily I was able to acquire many pieces before IG sales became mainstream, now it has really become ultra competitive and often disappointing.

Ages ago, I came across this magnificent Vintage Seaside Scenic Border Print Skirt on IG where the seller mentioned it was a wounded bird but still had lots of life left. Remember, most of these skirts are over 60 years old; often homemade from the 1950’s and passed down over the decades with several different owners. Immediately I got in contact with the seller (sorry, I don’t remember which one this was from) to get all the particulars on the condition and of course, price. There she mentioned the skirt had some rust stains and a few holes in the fabric but they were easily lost in the fullness of the skirt sweep. Because of the condition, she was only asking a mere $60…UM WHAT!?! Luckily there was only one gal ahead of me in line and she decided to pass on it…her loss was definitely my gain!

When the Seaside Scenic Border Print Skirt arrived, I immediately assessed the condition and reinforced the small holes with iron on mending patches. The seller mentioned she had already washed and treated the staining the best she could so I did not attempt to do so myself. Most of the rust marks were on one side of the skirt, so the trick was simply to rotate that to the backside when worn and it indeed gets lost in the fullness of the skirt.

Although there is no known designer information available on this print, it is referred to as “Seaside” by vintage collectors. In this series, there is also Switzerland and Dutch Windmills, all available in various colourways. It is always fun to see the different variations of prints in the various colours since I find they really make each one truly unique. I am the first to admit, I sometimes own the same print in two different colours because I simply cannot resist.

*A special thank you to the lovely ladies Kelly and Mary of the Novelty & Border Print Group for helping me with the history on the Vintage Seaside Scenic Border Print Skirt.*




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Enchanting Our Hearts

It is always exciting to showcase new fabulous brands here at Pin Up Persuasion. Fortunately for all of us, online shopping is an endless gateway to shop around the globe discovering some of the finest fashion in vintage reproduction. One of those remarkable brands known for fun, whimsical prints combined with classic 1950’s vintage inspired silhouettes all the way from Australia is none other than Pigtails & Pirates. They began creating children’s clothing in 2011 and most recently have catapulted themselves into ladies fashions. Pigtails & Pirates has something for everyone; Disney, Marvel, fairy tales, floral, fruity, timeless classics and so much more! This fiery redhead is instinctively drawn to all shades of green and truly mesmerized by the beauty of floral print. The Sweet Melody Dress in Green was a match made in heaven.

Available in sizes 6-18, also in blue & yellow ~ MSRP $199.99AUD

IMG_8313 IMG_8285When shopping with a new brand for the very first time, finding the right size can feel like a daunting task. The Pigtails & Pirates size guides are all in centimeters but super easy to covert to inches either using an online calculator or simply dividing the measurements by 2.54. One thing to remember, this is not North American sizing and I suggest following the size charts closely. Based on my current measurements (bust 36″, waist 27-28″), I fell directly in line with their size 8 (Small). There is so much anticipation with the arrival of new pretties coming all the way from the other side of the world and the Sweet Melody Dress did not disappoint. The fit was so spectacular, fitting me like a glove in every possible way! The straps were the perfect length, the bodice contouring my shape beautifully…I truly feel like this was custom made to my body. The Sweet Melody Dress features a delightful sweetheart neckline with wide straps, a lined bodice, full circle skirt and back zipper closure. The lovely pink floral print is set on a soft mint green background, made from a high quality cotton. At 5′-4″ tall, the hemline falls just below the knees.

IMG_8300 IMG_8308Pigtails & Pirates captivates our inner essence through their use of whimsical and delightful prints combined with soft feminine designs from the 1950’s. Instantly I was blown away at the phenomenal craftsmanship of the construction, this was not your run of the mill basic cotton dress. The bodice is impeccably lined, the attention to detail is easy to see with how well it contours the body flawlessly. It is extremely rare to find off the rack sizing that fits as if it was custom made for you. The beauty is in the simplicity of the pattern; allowing the lovely floral print to transform this dress into timeless design. The Sweet Melody Dress is so fabulously comfortable and figure flattering. One feature that I personally relished in were the very practical wide straps that permit us to wear our favorite bras with no fuss. This classic style is great for many occasions and I even find myself reaching for it for a trip to the grocery store as it give you a put together look with minimal effort.

IMG_8314 IMG_8307The wonderful fact about floral prints, they are super easy and versatile to accessorize. With the softness of the mint background blended with rich pink/blue floral prints, I felt compelled to showcase both elements in my styling. To maintain the classic elements I chose a thin belt with vintage wedges both in cream, added plastic bangles in yellow/pink/white and a yellow vintage wicker handbag for pops of colour. When I wore the Sweet Melody Dress to work, I switched up my jewelry with soft pearls which looked equally as enchanting. With a true full circle skirt design, adding a short petticoat makes for a perfect pairing to showcase its elegance.  IMG_8297 IMG_8311 There is no doubt that Pigtails & Pirates delivers impeccable quality and craftsmanship in their designs. Using delightful prints to enchant our hearts and showcase our individual style. Don’t see your size or need a different length skirt? …they also offer customization! With each print being available in limited release, make sure not to wait to long as you will risk being heartbroken when they sell out.



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The Dawn of a New Generation by Naomi

Hi! I’m Naomi, a self-proclaimed teenybopper. I love writing about 1950’s culture and fashion on my blog, Just Teeny Boppin’ Along. As a teen myself, the American teenage culture of the 50’s is especially relevant and interesting to me, and wonderful Mrs. Jessica has allowed me to share a bit about it with you!

In the early 1900’s, there was no such thing as the “teenager”. Young people, especially young women, were extremely limited as to what they could do independent from their families. Cars were still luxuries, so there was no driving around with your friends, or picking up your date to the movies. Things changed in the 20’s, when women gained the right to vote. Many girls emulated the popular flapper’s style, as well as their independent attitude. As you can imagine, this did not go over well with their conservative, 19th century parents! While teens were still not recognized as completely separate from both children and adults, the rebellious attitude teenagers are known so well for today came to be.

High School FormalDuring World War II, childhood was cut short for many. Some young teens dropped out of school and enlisted early, or got jobs in the factories. Dads were overseas, Moms were working full time to help the war effort and support their families. Older children had to take care of their younger siblings. Adolescents had more responsibilities than ever before. When the war ended, fathers came home, and mothers took their work trousers off and put their aprons back on. Teens, however, had come to love the freedom they had during the war, and didn’t want to give it up! They found new jobs, or got allowances from their parents, and spent their money on records, clothing, and movies. Businesses caught on and began marketing towards “teen-agers” and “Juniors”. The teenager was born!

Teen Boys and Their CarSo we’ve finally gotten to the 50’s. Though it doesn’t seem that way today, the 50’s were a boundary pushing time. Elvis came out with his Rock and Roll music, and obscene (for that period, anyway) dance moves. Teen drug use and sexual experimentation shot up, but so did high school attendance. The media influenced youth like never before. Movies like The Wild One and Rebel Without a Cause came out, and the news went wild, constantly warning of the rising rate in juvenile delinquency. Greasers and teenage gangs were often glorified, but so was the family unit, with wholesome, family oriented television shows like Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best being very popular.

Teen Girls at a Record PartyMusic was a huge part of 50’s teenager culture, and a great source of great conflict between teens and their parents. Before the late 40’s, parents had a lot more control over what sort of music came into their homes. The radio played safe, conservative music, and if a child wanted a record, they usually had to ask their parents for the money to pay for it. Once teens began getting their own jobs, they spent a significant portion of their paychecks on music, often the records of Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and the Comets, and Jerry Lee Lewis. The heavy, throbbing beats and slightly risque lyrics of these musicians were a far cry from the soft swing and pop that adults had grown up with, and most parents didn’t want their children listening to what many called “the devil’s music”.

Teenagers at an Elvis concertAs I mentioned earlier, businesses began to pay more attention to teenagers in the 1950’s than they had before. Advertisements targeted the “teen-ager”, with all sorts of products just for teens. Junior clothing sizes came out in the 50’s too, with styles exclusively for girls and boys. Magazines like ‘Teen and Seventeen were full of articles on how to be popular and more attractive.

Teens at the JukeboxCars made a huge difference in the lives of teenagers. By this time cars were no longer a luxury but a necessity, and many kids were able to save up enough to buy one. This new mobility enabled teens to go to dances, take dates to the drive-in, go parking (ooh lala!), or even drive to the local “juke-joint” and buy a drink.

Teens in AdvertisementsWithout the teenagers of the 50’s, so much of what we have today would be unavailable to us. The music we listen to, TV shows we watch, and the clothes we wear would probably never have existed. The teenagers of the fifties–our parents and grandparents–refused to conform to the standards of earlier generations, eventually resulting in the “generation gap” and the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s.

Typical Teen BoysI hope ya’ll enjoyed reading this, as I loved writing it. Thanks!

Please visit Naomi’s blog for more fabulous and informative history lessons at

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