The Body Image Problem & How to Fix It by Denise Delany

beauty in every shape and size

Photo by: Vonnie-Seiyuki-Chan.

Growing up I never had a problem with my body and how it looked. I never thought about trying to be like the superstars on screen or the models on television. I can safely say that I haven’t had many issues with how I look I have always liked what I see in my reflection. Oh sure sometimes I wish I was prettier or taller but never thinner, fatter or slimmer. Then one of my friends said that I had a male’s body image, in short, I think I look good in anything.

Then I went through a horrible illness that rocked my world and I had a taste of what my friends were going through. I hated what I saw in the mirror and just couldn’t keep up with my wildly swinging and bloating body. The dresses from Pin Up Girl gave me my confidence back and once again I looked “normal” (even though I was going through a lot). I am on the road to recovery now and my confidence has returned full throttled. So I have decided to share my secret with all the women out there.

When I see women, I see perfection regardless of size, colour or shape. What I do see are people wearing clothes that simply do not flatter their bodies. Designing is an art form but lets face it, it’s a moneymaking industry. Many designers either have a lack of understanding in regards to the female form (as they are males) or it’s easier to design clothes that do not compensate for curves because it’s easy to mass-produce and there is little skill required.

Now here’s the best trick that these people have played on us, they have somehow blamed their inability to design clothes that flatter our bodies on us! Its some how our bodies fault that their clothes don’t flatter our body shape. This is classic blaming the victim mentality, its somehow our fault that their designs look like garbage on us. That’s as good as me writing a report that consists of garbled sentences that look like it should make sense but just doesn’t, and then blaming my boss cause she/he didn’t understand it.

So if a designer can’t design something that looks flattering on me its THEIR fault not my body’s’. I would rather spend my money on quality brands like Pin Up Girl Clothing, who understand women and their curves than throw away cash on a Ralph Lauren T-shirt made in china in some production factory that looks like a sack on me. Why throw away good money on cheaply made and terribly designed clothing just because its got a well-known brand associated with it?

My other secret is confidence. Yes that C word that most of us lack when we look in the mirror. A little bit of ego and not caring what other people think goes a long way. You could wear a potato sack and still look glamorous because you’re confident, your body language changes, your smile changes in short you radiate beauty and THAT’S what people find attractive. So if your feeling down about your body don’t change it, change your clothes I guarantee it will help.

So women of the world unite and rejoice in your body, as it’s a glorious piece of art. Don’t let designers inability to design clothes that flatter you get you down, simply give them the flick and patronize designers that know how to design for your body shape.

Its time we stopped blaming ourselves (and trying to make a square fit through a triangle). Blame the designers poor design do not for one second blame yourself.

Remember that you are PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

– By Denise Delany