Guest Post: Fight for individuality by Pattie

Hello everyone!
At the outset I want to thank that I can take part in this collective venture for Pin Up Persuasion and that I can write something form the depth of my heart. It means a lot for me as the regular reader of this blog and I’m proud as hell of being here!
My name is Pattie and I come from Poland. You have to know that my country is quite conservative, but it’s not only about politics. That’s mostly about people. All those who are into any kind of alternative fashion usually become the Internet celebrities, because diversity isn’t the natural feature of our society. It’s hot and sapid to look at the online profiles of extraoridinary attractive people, who are self-confident, ingenious and who are able to create the unconventional image of themselves. But it’s not the real life. We are a nation that loves the uniqueness when it is far away, somewhere online. The everyday life of “real people” is full of pointing fingers, mockers and furtive pictures.
4243724_open-uri20150109-31090-8uz8bsMy friends and family support me in creating my own effigy. My granny always says “Patrycja, look so everyone gets speechless. If anybody hates the way you are – just let him envy”. That sounds amazing, really, but…  What about my job? What about all the serious affairs I ever get into?
4103912_costamI’m going to work with intellectuallly disabled people for the rest of my life (hopefully!), that’s why I took the oligophrenopedagogy studies. But let’s be honest: would anybody want their children to work with SUCH A CRAZY-LOOKING THERAPIST?
11All the centers for the disabled people in which I had the pleasure to  remain yet, strictly reserved that there is no place for beauty among therapists. We teach female proteges how to comb, how to do their make up, how to be themselves and be beautiful! And that’s wonderful! But therapists who find their beauty in any subculture associations are highly undesirable.
4815072_collageThe area in which I reside has a real cultural closure. Sometimes I’m scared of saying that I’m an entrant burlesque dancer. No one cares if I’m able to sew my costume, do my hair and makeup, set up the entire show (“Well, she’s just a retro stripper…”). For that reason I hardly ever talk about burlesque: my biggest love and infatuation! Why, oh why!? Because there are too many discrepancies between the  respected intellectual worker and  dancer dressed in sequins and feathers, wearing lace panties and shaking her butt the funny way in the front of camera.
gI’m a Gothabella, I’m a burlesque enthusiast and entrant performer. I wear piercings and tattoos. I love fishnets and red lipstick. And I simply can’t imagine helping any other persons to find themselves without the prospect of expressig myself.
pin2This is my everyday appeal to all the ones who easily criticize the unusual appearance of the common people: follow my passions, skills and competences first, because only coherent picture of me allows you to judge whether I am a valuable employee, therapist and helper, or not. I crave making the one, appriopriate and complete effigy at the same time. I don’t want to choose, don’t want to divide myself on the courteous therapist and crazy performer. I’d love to be just as proud of the professional career as the artistic successes.
pin1Dear gorgeous gals, if any of you have a similar daily issue, just remember to be always  self-confident and sure of all your capabilities and powers. It’s hard to reconcile two different people in one, but I truly believe it’s possible. One day I’ll go ahead and proudly tell about my scientific and artistic successes.
From this place I want to thank my marvelous partner in love and crime, Arkadiusz, because he’s the one who makes every move worth of making for me. He broke all my doubts and now I’m here to break yours !
2I am about this fight for my individuality and you, sweet creatures, fight for it too!
With all the intent love,

Viva 18 Recap ~ Part One

Viva 18 marks our third year attending the Rockabilly Weekend and it was definitely the best one yet! Although the event is four days jammed with non stop events to attend, we found it very relaxing and so much more enjoyable in comparison to previous years. Normally, you would be lucky to run into someone you know maybe once during the whole weekend but this time we were able to interact much more with everyone since it appears the overall attendance was much lower than usual.


The Weekender officially starts on Thursday, with many attendees arriving throughout the day. Since the official kick off wasn’t until later in the afternoon, we went shopping with our friends Amber, Lucas, Julie & Lisa from Minneapolis. We hit Glam Factory Vintage and the Charleston Antique Mall before meeting up with Mae & Shawn for lunch at Roxy’s Diner located inside the Stratosphere. The service was a little lack luster but the 1950s Diner atmosphere along with the good food and delicious milkshakes more, than made up for it.

Viva18a Viva18 Photos by: Julie Abnet (

After lunch, we headed back to the Orleans to attend Sweetpea’s Hooch and Smooch, the official Viva kick off party. The festivities were well underway, with bands playing back to back with everyone mingling and having a great time. We only stayed a short while as we arrived towards the end of the party and decided to wait for the vendors to open at 5pm. Needless to say, it was shopping hysteria…almost like Black Friday but thankfully no one got trampled.

Viva18bOnce the events begin, we don’t venture away from the Orleans as there’s just so much to do at all times. We got dolled up for the evening and met our friends for a quiet dinner at the Courtyard Cafe. Afterwards, we just walked around upstairs and enjoyed running into some familiar faces before turning in for the night. Luckily for me, Amber offered to give me a one on one tutorial on how to do a sponge roller set the night before so I was on my own for the first time. It took me a bit to do, but I was pretty confident it would turn out in the morning.2015-04-19 16.02.03_resized 2015-04-19 15.55.17_resized


I was up early as usual and so was my friend Missy, so we went for breakfast just the two of us. Afterwards, she gave me a lesson on how to create a vintage poodle up-do. I’m truly lucky to have such skilled friends to help me out with the thing I suck the most at…hair! Amber, Lucas & Julie were attending the Vintage Pajamas Party Brunch so we planned to meet up with them a little later on.

PhotoGrid_1429474268616This was the day we were most looking forward to as we had our own Cabana at the Pool Party. I entered the draw months before on the Viva website and still can’t believe I got picked. Although it’s not cheap at $250 for the day, divided amongst our 10 friends it was only $25 per person. Honestly, having the cabana was such an incredible treat…I would do it again in a heartbeat. We met tons of new people throughout the afternoon, it was like having out own private party by the pool. Plus, the girls from What Katie Did came by with goodie bags and I won a $100 voucher!

viva18c Viva18f Viva18d Viva18eWe took a little break before transitioning into our formal attire and joined our friends this time at the Koji restaurant. Afterwards, the hubby and I attended the Burlesque Showcase…one of our favorite events of the weekend. The performers never disappoint and I adore the MC, Cora Vette who knows how to entertain her audience to say the least. With Saturday being the BIGGEST day at Viva, we headed to bed after the showcase to ensure we would be ready.

2015-04-19 16.17.05_resized 2015-04-19 16.21.07_resizedStay tuned for Part Two…the Viva Car Show and Sunday Pool Party!!!