Vintage Seaside Scenic Border Print Skirt

Over the years, my love of vintage has not only taken over my closets but it has become such a huge part of my everyday life. The wonderful people that I have met through the online communities…sellers and fellow collectors have truly enriched my inner circle of friends. It is incredible how fellow collectors and sellers will genuinely go out of their way to help you find those special treasures, spreading good vintage karma among one another. I have been very fortunate to build my collection full of breathtaking vintage pieces through endless hours of scouring of the interwebs, hands me downs from collectors and developing wonderful relationships with some of the greatest vintage sellers. These rare treasures deserve to be showcased for all to appreciate, so I will start featuring my vintage collection one piece at a time! Be warned…this may take a while 😉

  • Skirt – Vintage Seaside Border Print
  • Top – PUG Peasant in mint
  • Shoes – B.A.I.T Demi mint wedges
  • Belt – PUG white
  • Jewelry – Vintage Weiss

With the 1950’s being the epicenter of one of a kind circle/swing skirt designs, it is no surprise that they quickly became an obsession to collect them all. Personally I gravitate towards novelty prints, scenic prints, border prints and of course floral prints…plain is boring! One of the places I find many of my most treasured pieces is on Instagram; either from Vintage sellers or fellow collectors. The most important thing is to be quick, these pieces often get snatched up the moment they are posted. Luckily I was able to acquire many pieces before IG sales became mainstream, now it has really become ultra competitive and often disappointing.

Ages ago, I came across this magnificent Vintage Seaside Scenic Border Print Skirt on IG where the seller mentioned it was a wounded bird but still had lots of life left. Remember, most of these skirts are over 60 years old; often homemade from the 1950’s and passed down over the decades with several different owners. Immediately I got in contact with the seller (sorry, I don’t remember which one this was from) to get all the particulars on the condition and of course, price. There she mentioned the skirt had some rust stains and a few holes in the fabric but they were easily lost in the fullness of the skirt sweep. Because of the condition, she was only asking a mere $60…UM WHAT!?! Luckily there was only one gal ahead of me in line and she decided to pass on it…her loss was definitely my gain!

When the Seaside Scenic Border Print Skirt arrived, I immediately assessed the condition and reinforced the small holes with iron on mending patches. The seller mentioned she had already washed and treated the staining the best she could so I did not attempt to do so myself. Most of the rust marks were on one side of the skirt, so the trick was simply to rotate that to the backside when worn and it indeed gets lost in the fullness of the skirt.

Although there is no known designer information available on this print, it is referred to as “Seaside” by vintage collectors. In this series, there is also Switzerland and Dutch Windmills, all available in various colourways. It is always fun to see the different variations of prints in the various colours since I find they really make each one truly unique. I am the first to admit, I sometimes own the same print in two different colours because I simply cannot resist.

*A special thank you to the lovely ladies Kelly and Mary of the Novelty & Border Print Group for helping me with the history on the Vintage Seaside Scenic Border Print Skirt.*




More Bang For Your Buck ~ Wardrobe Staples

There are a very few things in life that make me giddier than a school girl but my adoration for peacocks always brings me such joy. From the colors, to its graceful elegance…there is nothing more regal than the mighty peacock. When I happen upon the most incredible vintage inspired clothing, I must have it! Last year I reviewed my first Custom Skirt from Betty Le Bonbon in peacock feather print and it quickly became a personal favorite. This past fall, BLBB introduced the most elegant peacock fabric; even more stunning than the feather print. There was no doubt it was soon to join my collection.

BLBB Circle Skirt – Available in custom sizes ~ MSRP Starting at $90AUD

Hell Bunny Paloma Cardigan – Available in sizes XS to XL; BLK, GRN, Red ~ MSRP $39USD

BLBB1What I love most about BLBB is the fact all skirts are made to measure so there is no guessing needed about sizing. If you know how to measure yourself, then you are sure to get a perfect fit (they will also provide guidance if needed). When ordering a skirt from BLBB, you can choose from a 1” or 2” thick waistband and specify the desired length. Since I love my other custom skirt so much, I kept the same 2″ wide waistband and length (26”). When me new BLBB skirt arrived I was over the moon in love with the print, even more so than before. To my surprise, the length seemed a little longer than I remembered and after checking I saw that it actually measured 28”. This was definitely not a big deal as the length is more period specific to the 1950’s circle skirts and not too long on me at 5’-4” tall. The BLBB skirts are all handmade with a metal hook and zipper closure located at the back. The quality is impeccable and well worth the investment for a custom made piece.

BLBB2Owning versatile separates is the key to any wardrobe; having choices to mix and match makes your money go much further. Who doesn’t want that? I am certain you have all seen dresses in the same beautiful peacock print, but there is nothing more advantageous than owning a skirt that can be paired with almost anything. One of my personal resolutions was to purchase more separates since I have more than a closet full of pretty dresses. The BLBB skirt was an easy choice to make and I cannot believe how many outfits I can create for both winter and summer. Being that we are in the coldest time of year right now, pairing it with a cardigan is a must. Since there is a variety of a color in the lovely peacock print, it was easy to choose the ideal coordinating pieces to pair it with.

BLBB3One of my favorite colors to wear is green, seeing as I am a self-proclaimed redhead. When JBR Clothing posted the new arrivals including the Hell Bunny Paloma Green Cardigan, I quickly grabbed one before they were all gone. Cardigans are perfect for year round and really help make most outfits’ workplace appropriate. Since most knits are known to run small and I also wanted to be able to button it closed, I ordered a size Medium which fit wonderfully. The cropped length is perfect to pair with your retro clothing, or even a simple tank top and jeans for a casual look. Coordinating the Paloma Cardigan with the BLBB Peacock Skirt was a no brainer. Needless to say, I received many compliments when wearing the duo together.

IMG_2030It is refreshing to see an independent retailer that focuses not only on beauty but incredible quality for your money. BLBB is not mass produced and you are sure to fall in love with every piece you purchase. My two custom skirts get the most wear out of my entire closet and I always receive oodles of compliments wherever I go.