Luxury is in Each Detail

One element that I love most about blogging is the opportunity to showcase small independent artists that contribute such creativity in our world of vintage reproduction. I personally relish in the fact we wear unique clothing and accessories that are not readily available to the mass population like shopping at the mall. Many moons ago, one of my readers told me about this incredible Australian based handmade jewelry designer, Lucy Luxxe. From that moment, I was in total awe of her unique creations and wished to someday wear some of her designs. Well that day is finally here! The creative gal behind Lucy Luxxe, Renee was so kind to send one of her Atomic Starbust Brooch to feature on the blog and I also snatched up the Hand Painted Leaf Brooch with Yummy Berries being too delicious to resist.

IMG_3849Let me start by saying, there are a plethora of independent artists out there creating vintage reproduction jewelry but not all are created equal. Many people think, well I could make that or that looks easy enough to do so I’ll ask a friend to make them for me. Being crafty is one thing, being an artist with talent is another. Renee from Lucy Luxxe is an artist with an incredible talent creating quality handmade jewelry at affordable prices. When my brooches arrived, I quickly saw they were exceptional quality and made from superior craftsmanship which I haven’t come across in a long time. Both pieces have incredible substance in their manufacturing and the attention to detail is phenomenal.

IMG_3795The Atomic Starbust Brooch can also be converted into a necklace with the built in loops and the included silver chain. Made from handcrafted confetti resin and finished with tiny crystals, it is sure to add a little sparkle to your look. The soft mint green and baby pink combination is such a wonderful compliment to almost any outfit. I chose to pair it with a vintage pink novelty dress and white cropped cardigan, ideal for work or an afternoon at the park. A word of caution, the points of the stars are quite sharp and may snag your knits if you aren’t careful when securing it on yourself.

IMG_3824 IMG_3819Being an October baby, I absolutely love fall colours and everything that reminds me of the most colourful time of year. The Hand Painted Leaf Brooch with Yummy Berries encompasses the richness of fall and its breathtaking beauty. The wonderful colour combination of red, orange, and yellow is sure to become a versatile accessory for a myriad of ensembles. Seeing as these are some of my favorites colours, I had several outfits to pair together. Seen here, I thought the PUG Sean top in gold and vintage rose floral skirt with bakelite bracelets was total perfection with the Leaf Brooch and matching red metalflake stud earrings.

IMG_3783 IMG_3765I will be the first one to say, why on earth did I wait so long to own some Lucy Luxxe jewelry? Yes, they come from the other side of the globe but they are so worth the long voyage. Most Lucy Luxxe designs are one of a kind, so you will be a very lucky gal to own a genuine handmade collectors item. Follow Lucy Luxxe on Instagram to be the first to see sneak peeks and get your hands on these beauties once they hit the website.








Transitioning With the Seasons

One of the most common question I get asked is: How do you wear the Pin Up look year round? Well I am about to learn with all of you! In previous years, I locked all my beautiful dresses away in the closet during the cold winter months and simply succumbed to wearing pants. This year, I have vowed to transition my retro wardrobe into winter and not give in to taking the easy way out. If some of you don’t already know, I reside in Canada; known to be very cold, with lots of snow during our winter months. With this new mission in place, the first item on the agenda was finding Outerwear. Not just any coat, it has to be designed to flatter our swing dresses and not cost a small fortune. The H & R London Brocade Coat from JBR Clothing fit both of those requirements perfectly.

Available in sizes XS to 2XL ~ MSRP $60USD

IMG_1923It is no secret that H & R London designs run rather small compared to the size charts therefore I always consult with the team at JBR Clothing for direction. To my surprise, they stated the Brocade Coat was running about two sizes small which would mean ordering a XL. With caution, I ordered a size Large since I have rather narrow shoulders and the XL would have been too wide for sure. Outerwear shopping has always been difficult because I have to be cautious of the shoulders being too wide but find a cut that will fit my hourglass shape (aka wide hips). That being said, if you have broad shoulders or are quite busty definitely order up by two sizes. The size Large JUST fits and I would not be able to wear too many layers underneath. I have to say, the photos do not do this coat justice, the brocade fabric is simply stunning in person and no one would guess it was so affordable. The Brocade Coat has a slight Goth inspired design with the corset laced back detail, flared sleeves and rounded hemline detail. Although the corset back is lovely, I found cinching the laces too much was not very flattering. With the flared sleeves, there is ample room for those with large arms like myself. The Brocade Coat is fully lined and ideal for the Fall or Spring like temperatures.

IMG_1934IMG_1938First, I must apologize for not ironing the creases before taking the review photos as I had no idea until we were already out shooting. As I mentioned earlier, the corset laced back is more for looks than function. Mine still requires some minor adjustments; it was in “test mode” as you can see in the photos. The Brocade Coat works fabulously with the fullest swing skirts since the rounded hemline has enough flare and length not to crush your dress. How did it fair on a cool Fall day? Well the answer is…it blocked the cool wind and is perfect for those days where you just need an extra layer or two to keep the chill out. This is by no means a winter warmth type coat, it is perfect for Fall and Spring.

IMG_1931There’s not much to note about accessorizing the Brocade Coat since it is an accessory in itself. The solid black brocade fabric pairs wonderfully with any color and I would even fancy pairing it with jeans for a more casual look.

IMG_1929The H & R London Brocade Coat is not only a great price but a win when it comes to converting your pin up wardrobe for the Fall and Spring months. Be sure to follow the sizing guidelines so you won’t be disappointed!