When the Flower Blooms

One of the best things about the pinup community is that no matter how large it grows, it doesn’t lose that small quaintness of knowing all the household names. For as long as I can remember being on social media, I always saw endless pinups wearing NicCoco Creations at all of the major events and in their photoshoots. How did one small independent artist become a household name among the pinup elite? I’m not sure exactly when it happened but one faithful day, NicCoco Creations went from a brand that I admired from afar to a lovely new relationship with the creator Nicolle. For several months we discussed different ideas for a collaboration and it was a no brainer that the Viva Rockabilly Weekend was the perfect setting to showcase her creative talent.

For the moment I saw the Idda’s Tropical Storm, I knew I had to have it! Being a sucker for tropical flowers and real-look silk flowers, it was an ideal pairing. Since I didn’t have any outfits in that particular colour combination, Nicolle custom made my very own Idda in orange and green hues to coordinate with my vintage sarong dress. When she sent me photos of the piece in progress, we decided to add a little more orange to the cluster and it turned out so beautifully.

NicCoco NicCoco1 NicCoco2The next piece was a complete custom design that would take center stage with my key outfit for the car show. Nicolle suggested the rich red hibiscus flowers and I wanted to incorporate my love of starfish which pulled from the adorable sea life print in the playsuit. As the design was coming to life, we decide to add a few seashells which tied it all together marvelously. Needless to say, it was a HUGE hit with everyone as I received so many compliments that day. The icing on the cake was when I finally met Nicolle at the car show, she is just as lovely and wonderful in person. She is a TOTAL sweetheart!

NicCoco8 NicCoco7 NicCoco6For the last hair flower, I left all creative freedom to the artist and simply showed the outfit that it was to coordinate with. The dress is a vintage Alfred Shaheen Sarong, in a rich green with bold tropical flowers at the hem. Nicolle seriously hit it out of the park with her artistic flair on this one, it was love at first sight. Orchids are one of my favorite flowers and the vibrant green hues are just splendid. I have a feeling I will be wearing this one any chance I get this summer since it’s such a lovely tropical staple.

NicCoco5 NicCoco4 NicCoco3Not only does NicCoco Creations have incredible artistic talent, but they set a high standard for quality craftsmanship. Each piece is hand sewn onto durable hair comb, which stays securely in place unlike more commonly used alligator clips. For the first time I wasn’t constantly fussing with placement and slipping throughout the day. These babies stayed put! There is by all means a plethora of handmade hair flowers on the market these days but I can say from experience that very few are as wonderfully made as these and at such affordable prices. It’s no wonder she’s made herself a household name among the pinups that we all know and admire.


Quick How To Guide ~ Flower & Fascinator Placement by Vintage Box 1947

Creating my hair accessory business for over 5 years, I feel I’ve ironed out problems here and there; figured out ways to make something look and feel better and made sure my hair accessories look amazing when worn.

My ultimate “no-no” is a clip protruding visibly from any hair accessory. I won’t create anything that I feel won’t sit correctly and elegantly in my clients hair.  There is nothing worse than a hair accessory cheapening an outfit or a piece not sitting right or of poor quality. Go without if you don’t have the complimentary accessory. From choice of fabrics, attaching techniques to overall design and color pallet the final creation should showcase your outfit, not be so distracting as to notice nothing else…compliment each. Don’t let your hair accessory cheapen your outfit…I’d rather go without!

With all of that said here are four simple steps to get your hair accessory fixed to your hairdo and look fabulous:

Step 1.

Hair accessories, adornments (veils, fascinators, flower, bows etc) are not made to hold up your hairdo. This is not an uncommon idea but these are created to adorn your overall look. You want to first style your hair completely. Once you have the look you are after, let’s go to the next step.

Step 2.

Invest in quality hair bobby pins. I find the ones at Sally’s Beauty are the best. I buy by the 100’s and have always had success in having my accessories hold well. I have found the bobby pins purchased on cards are cheap and have no grip. The best way to see if your “bobbies” are good; do the “snap” test, if they bounce back and don’t stay open, they are good and will hold in your fascinators.  If they stay open with the bit of pressure on a “snap” test, they will fail miserably in your hair.

Step 3.

Crisscross the bobby pins in the location desired in your hair. One bobby over the other is a great foundation for your flowers or feather pieces.

Step 4.

ALWAYS place your flower or feather fascinator’s clips facing DOWN onto the already placed crossed bobby pins in your hair. This will eliminate the clip showing in the front and will always stay in longer as your fascinator; flower etc., is anchored down and won’t slip. I always place my clips in “upside down” as I feel it looks better. The pieces may not be easy to put in, but with a little practice, you will get it!


Nina Barton

Vintage Box 1947