The Eternal Rose ~ Part Deux

With the excitement of the 19th Viva Rockabilly Weekender in Las Vegas well underway…I wanted to mention that we are taking a little break this year but definitely planning to attend the 20th Anniversary in 2017. Fret not; I have enlisted the help of my best friend Amber who will recap the highlights of this year’s event for all of us that could not attend. In the meantime, let the rest of us continue shopping until our hearts content! Last week I introduced to you a fabulous Etsy designer, Hearts and Found. Seeing as one can never have too many rose prints in their wardrobe, I could not resist ordering a dress in each striking colorway. From the moment I saw the Penelope Dress, I knew it would look stunning in “Tea Time in the Rose Garden” in Buttercream border print.

Available in sizes XS-4X ~ MSRP $78.00 – 82.00USD

IMG_7380Before placing my order, Marjorie was kind enough to send me a digital rendering of the Penelope Dress in the Tea Time in the Rose Garden border print fabric to give me a clear visualization of the final design. It is needless to say, seeing the real dress in person was much more incredible of course! As mentioned in my first review, Hearts and Found offers off the rack sizing in addition to customized to your exact measurements. Seeing as my measurements (bust 36”, waist 26-27”) fell between two sizes, I opted to get the Penelope Dress made to measure. One word of caution, if your waist size tends to fluctuate like mine…it is always best to go with the larger measurement for comfort. The fit was quite snug in the waist since I mistakenly went with my smaller waist measurement of 26” (my own fault) but still comfortable regardless and motivation to lose those few pounds of winter weight. It is always a relief when dress straps are adjustable to accommodate all torso length; mine being quite short, I had to tighten them to the smallest point. The Penelope Dress features a classic scoop neckline with adjustable spaghetti straps, a boldly low plunging back, a full gathered skirt, fully lined with hidden pockets and back zipper closure. At 5’-4” tall, I ordered the skirt length as Knee L (Tall) 26” to fall a couple inches below the knees.

IMG_7398 IMG_7395Hearts and Found recreates the most classic designs from the 1950’s whilst improving them to be versatile for the modern day fashionistas. With prices of vintage novelty prints and border prints skyrocketing, it is a blessing to find gorgeous alternatives that won’t break your wallet. The quality and construction of the Penelope Dress is impeccable for the price. I might add that it is wonderful to see that no corners are being cut with important elements like a fully lined interior on a light cream coloured dress. With such a classic design, it is easy to make the Penelope Dress transform from a casual outing like running errands to a very chic summer wedding. There is no doubt in my mind, I’ll be wearing the Penelope Dress to work and just about anywhere all summer long since I adore rose prints so much.

IMG_7406The possibilities to embellish the lovely rose print are endless; pearls, jewelry in just about any shade of pink, greens, etc. My favorite accessory to make summer dresses suitable for work are the super versatile MAK cropped cardigans as they come in all shades of the colour spectrum. Seeing as the Penelope features a very full gathered skirt, you can add a petticoat for extra fullness or go without depending on the look you wish to achieve.

IMG_7379 IMG_7376Taking a chance on new brands and online shops can definitely feel like a gamble at times. I was not hesitant at all when placing my first order with Hearts and Found, thanks to their remarkable online customer reviews on Etsy. Customer’s feedback speaks louder than any pictures or price tag when your hard earned money is on the line. The stellar customer service from Marjorie made the whole experience wonderful from start to finish which instantly made another loyal customer out of me.


The Eternal Rose

One of my favorite places to shop for Vintage Clothing is on Etsy; a vast network of independent shops from around the world where I have acquire some of the very best treasures that are now part my collection. While browsing for vintage novelty skirts, I came across a really amazing shop by the name of Hearts and Found that was based in Vietnam making incredible vintage reproduction clothing at very affordable prices. I had heard the name before and quickly realized that I actually followed them on Instagram since they post some of the most incredible old photos from the 1940-50’s of what we often refer to as vintage fashion porn. Seeing as the reason I discovered Hearts and Found was while searching for gorgeous rose border print skirts, I quickly messaged to inquire about custom ordering dresses using those very same fabrics. This lovely dress doesn’t have an official name as it was one that Marjorie fully customized to my vision but today we shall call her the Jessica Dress “Tea Time in the Rose Garden” in a Black Rose Floral Border Print.

Available XS-4X ~ MSRP $72.00 – $82.00USD

IMG_7479 The wonderful thing about Hearts and Roses clothing being all made to order, you can choose from their standard sizing or have it customized to your exact measurements in addition to selecting the length of the skirt. Seeing as my measurements (bust 36″ waist 26-27″) fell in between two sizes, I knew that custom sizing was the best option for me. If you decide to select custom sizing, contact Marjorie before placing your order and she’ll send you detailed instructions on how to properly measure. Incredibly, my order was ready in lightning fast 4 days from start to finish! Shipping took approximately two weeks to arrive, and is very reasonably priced at $20USD for two dresses ($15 for one). It is not too often that I tear into a package like a child, but I could not contain my curiosity and excitement to see my custom designed dress become reality. The Jessica Dress fit wonderfully, the tie straps are perfect to make adjustments for varying torso lengths. I might have my seamstress take in the underbust at the sides a very small amount simply because I have a very narrow rib cage compared to most. The Jessica Dress is designed based on a vintage 1950’s silhouette with high straight across neckline, tie shoulder straps, pleated swing skirt, is fully lined and has a back zipper closure. Seeing as I prefer my skirts longer in length, I chose the option of Knee L (Tall) 26″ to fall a few inches below the knees.

IMG_7454 IMG_7461Let me begin by saying that Marjorie made the whole custom order process absolutely wonderful from start to finish and she is truly a delight providing the best possible customer service experience. The Jessica Dress was based off one of Hearts and Found custom designs with slight modification to the neckline and request to have the border rose print incorporated into the bodice. I could not be more pleased with how my custom design turned out better than I had envisioned. The quality and craftsmanship is impeccable, the attention to detail can be seen throughout the construction and stitching. With the dress being fully lined, the extra layer in the skirt creates more fullness and drapes beautifully. The magnificent pink roses border print make a bold statement against the crisp black background; very reminiscent to the vintage border prints from the 1950’s. With such a classic high neckline front and back, the Jessica Dress is perfect to wear to for any occasion.

IMG_7478There is nothing more elegant than classic vintage inspired roses to brighten any ensemble. Letting these beauties have all the limelight, I kept my accessories simple and classic to compliment the Jessica Dress. I simply chose a black beaded bracelet, black thin belt (I really need to get one in pink for a pop of colour) and my Chelsea Crew T-Strap heels. For those of you who like the look of more fullness in the skirt, you can easily add a petticoat but it is not necessary.

IMG_7482 IMG_7462Who says you can’t look fabulous on a budget? Hearts and Found makes their customer’s dreams a reality by offering customized Mid Century designs at affordable prices. If there is a vintage design you wish to replicate, they will happily work with you to make it a reality. Stay tuned to hear all about my second dress from Hearts and Found…coming very soon!